Season 1 Episode 18

Arena of Lost Souls (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 23, 2002 on The WB

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  • FUNNY!!!!

    Arena of Lost Souls part 2. In the beginning its the continuation of the previous duel. It looks bad for Joey. Meanwhile the others are still looking for Joey. Bakura accidentally steps on a swith which triggers a boulder (like Indiana Jones). Everyone starts running and screaming and Bakura is like yellng and saying:"I'm sorry!I'm sorry!I'm sorry!"
    The boulder ssems to run over Bakura. The others keep running and meet a dead end. tristan turns around and punches the boulder which pops....turns out that the boulder was just a balloon. It had a speaker inside it making boulder noises. They help bakura up who was like found laying on the floor. Meanwhile things still look bad for Joey. Bonez sends out Pumpking the King of Ghosts. Joey uses time wizard but it lands on a skull. All of Joey's monsters are destroyed. Finally Yugi and the others find Joey. Tristan gives him his wallet in which there was a picture of Serentity in. Sooner or later Joey wins. BK gets very angry. He and his cronies leave. He makes them block the exit and then takes there starchips and goes to Pegasus's castle. The others have no way to get out of the cave (stupid Bandit Keith...if it weren't for him, Yugi and Joey would not have had to duel the Paradox brothers....(the most boring duel of the season)....arrrggghhh) The others push the boulder but it isn't working.THE END. Well that's the end...this episode was really funny too. When Bakura stepped on the switch and they got chased by a boulder made me laugh soooo much.....I give this episode a 9.3.
  • Bakura-chan had a bad day...

    Poor Bakura-chan getting frightened out of his wits! And what was with the shot of his booty when he was falling?! Was that really necessary as he was falling in slow motion? Ayaa...
    Anyway...so, Bandit Keith is a jerk. We all knew that. Randomness with the boulder?? Much was Scary Movie meets Indiana Jones.