Season 5 Episode 21

Birth of the Blue-Eyes

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 26, 2005 on The WB

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  • Blue Eye meets Seto

    This gets more and more intresting with Seto meeting a a girl white hair and blue eyes I think she looks cool in the show, really coolThe girl is attacked and seto saved herc it shows that he's nothing like Kaida, It loved everyone suprised reaction to Seto's appearnce classic
  • This epsiode is about how Blue Eyes was crate

    The high priest Seto began his quest to find extremely powerful shadow creatures. Him and Shada find this girl with white hair and blue eyes and shada looks into her mind with the Millenium Key and finds the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Meanwhile, Yugi and the gang enter the realm of Egypt and meet Bobasa an odd new character.
  • Wonderful!

    This episode, was slow, but good.

    Key Points:

    - Seto was raised as a peasent(a good looking one at that!) even though mot know by now, he's Yami's cousin.

    -Kairia and Seto met before

    -Yugi finally reaches Egypt.

    It was nice to see how Seto in the past, lead a life very much like Kaiba's in the future. Orphaned and poor, yet rose to greatness in the face of mountable odds, by their own merit.

    The best scene, was when Yugi & Friends, came face to face with Seto. I was wondering how they'd take it. Especially Joey, who hates present day Kaiba, but liked Seto.

    And Seto seems headed down a dark path, the his father is tring to stop.
  • The birth of Blue-Eyes.

    This episode was pretty good.

    The gang is now in Egypt (finally) but the bad part is: they can't talk or anything to anyone! Because the gang is not part of Yugis memory.

    Bakura lives! Now, with the Millenium Ring is after the last five guardians. Kaiba senses Bakuras spirit and knows he's still alive.

    Kaiba ruthlessly goes around the town and captures everyone with evil inside!

    The man that Kaiba captured told Kaiba about the Blue Dragon and Kaiba seemed somewhat, scared?

    Joey and Tristan were funny in this episode. Joey and Tristan and there food problem. They just make me laugh.

    The serious part starts to come when Kaiba finds the girl with Blue eyes and White Hair. A flashback begins and Kaiba when he was younger looked really cool! The artists of this episode did a good job on Young Kaiba.

    Bakura secretly and cleverly enters the Pharoahs temple and attacks the old man with the Millenium Eye!

    Along with Kaiba development and some Bakura action this episode was great!
  • Just kill him already! Revenge!

    Aknadin needs to be killed. Yami Bakura doesn't get to finish the job, but he adds some torture to the guilt trip that's already in place. Seto's becoming just like his father that he doesn't know is his father who is Aknadin. The gang finally arrives in Memory World, and Yugi looked like he was having fun jumping out of the Millennium Puzzle while the other three thought he was nuts, but at least they all landed on their feet. And Bobasa's cooler than I thought he'd be.