Season 5 Episode 7

Down in Flames (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 17, 2005 on The WB
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As the duel continues, Zigfried summons his powerful Valkyrie monsters to the field to attack Joey, but Joey manages to survive the attack. Zigfried is undaunted, and plays his three Goddess sisters, Urd, Verdande, and Skuld. He also plays Nibelung's Ring on Joey's field. He uses all these cards to slowly destroy all of Joey's monsters one by one. Joey tries to turn the tables, but things look even worse as Zigfried summons his most powerful Valkyrie monster, Valkyrie Brunhilde. Joey tries to depend on luck but each turn Zigfried takes away one monster and is able to see his cards!moreless

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  • Joey VS Zigfried

    Joey do good at his duel with Zigfried his plan was good his cards are also good. Zigfried deck is good his plan and cards are powerful. I wish they show the other duels and the duel ends Joeys lose to Zigfried and Rebbecca win her duel and advance to the next round.
Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson


Recurring Role

Kerry Williams

Kerry Williams

Rebecca Hawkins

Recurring Role

Pete Zarustica

Pete Zarustica

Zigfried von Schroeder

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • (Plays Dangerous Machine Type-6)
      Joey: Come on, no Whammy, no Whammy, Stop!

    • Zigfried:...And now I summon the three goddess. The Goddess Urd, the Goddess Verdende and the Goddess Skuld.
      Three Goddess appears in the field
      Zigfried: And now it's one underdog versus three diva!
      Joey: You mean four (add Zigfried) divas?!

    • Duke: (after Joey lost) This just wasn't your lucky day.
      Téa: Guys, Joey wins his duels with talent, not luck.
      Tristan: I get it. Joey didn't lose this duel because he has no luck. He lost because he has no talent.
      Joey: This is how you cheer someone up?!

    • Joey: (about Ziegfried) It's official. He is the most annoying opponent I've ever faced.

    • Joey: (after playing his Silver Dollar Trap Card) I love it; a rich snob gets stopped by a measly dollar.

    • Joey: (about Valkyrie Brunhilde) Why wasn't she destroyed?
      Ziegfried: It's called a special ability.

    • Yugi: Sooner or later, he's [Joey] going to learn to control that temper of his.
      Yami: Probably later.

  • NOTES (0)


    • When Joey says, "Come on big bucks no whammies. Yes!" after playing Dangerous Machine Type-6 this refers to the phrase used in the 1980's game show "Press Your Luck."

    • Zigfried: Nibelung's Ring
      Siegfried was the name of the hero of an opera, Ring of the Nibelung based on Norse mythology, who rescued the leader of the Valkyrie's, Brunhildr from her prison behind a wall of fire in a mountain. (This duel takes place in a volcano exhibit.)

    • Zigfried's Three Divine Sisters: Urd, Verdande, and Skuld

      These three sisters are actually from the Norse Legend know as the Fates of the Valkyries. These three cards are also refered to the main characters of "Ah! My Goddess" who are Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld.

      Note: Verdande is the actual name for Belldandy. The "V" sound was replaced the less harsh "B" sound. So, the name went like this:
      Verdande to Beldande to Belldandy.