Season 1 Episode 13

Evil Spirit of the Ring

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 26, 2002 on The WB
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Bakura has revealed his true intentions and now he wants the Millennium Puzzle. Yami steps in and prepares to duel Bakura for the greatest prize. The only setback, Yugi, Tea, Joey, and Tristan are inside their favorite cards! If they are destroyed, their very souls are! Can Yami win?moreless

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  • Definitely a highlight of the series for me.

    I actually quite enjoyed this episode and to this day it remains one of my favourites of the series. I love Yugi and his friends becoming their favourite cards while the ancient spirits of the millenium items battle it out. Not an episode passes without at least one funny one-liner from Joey and this episode is no exception. His explanation of the 'two Yugi's' made me laugh as well as the real Yugi's response to it. Though it was incredibly cheesy (I'm talking aerosol spray cheese here) I also loved when Ryou, as Change of Heart, turned on Yami Bakura and takes over the card on his own side, allowing Yami to win the duel.moreless
  • This is very cool episode for severl reason but one of the best reason is that Yugi is finally realizing he being used as a time share space!

    I love this episode! It just very funny and thrilling at the same time! and it begining to set the stage to just what is Yugi destiny and how he and the right now nameless pharaoh are connected! While Joey was so dead on the laughs with how bad he was cracking up and Tea looked cool in her costuma and seeing how tight the gangs is all fine. But what I like right now is how Yugi is finally realziing that his body is now a time share space! He and now "Yami" aka Atem are finally becoming aware of the other. It also kinda shows us that Yugi is a little sentivy in how he precived. It was like Joey was saying Yami was super cool and Yugi was lame and puny. So I'm guess Yugi is a little senstivey about his lack of height and how people see him because he want to show everyone he can be so smooth and cool. It also shows that what people all over the world say is true that it does seem Atem does care about Yugi a lot more then just a friend if you saw just how upset he got at the very thought of Evil Bakura trying to hurt him. So I think its safe to say it a really possbilty that Yugi and Atem are in love. I mean given that they share the same body all I don't with that kinda of intimcay you won't fall in love! GO Yugi and Atem you guys are so super sexy!moreless
  • I love this episode!!!

    Okay. Over in this episode, Bakura and Yami begin to duel. Yami he gets Cyber Commander in his hand, Tristan's favourite card. He summons it on the field. When he summons it, a 6inch Tristan in the cyber commander costume comes out and is confused. He then gets killed by White Magical Hats. Yami then draws Flame Swordsman, Joey's favourite. He summons it and a 6 inch Joey pops out confused too. See:

    "Hey what the-Hey Yugi! AHHHHHHHHHHH! You're a giant! Aw man I finally cracked." After that Yami explains to him what is going on (I love this part!):

    Yami: "No Joey, listen, your soul has been sealed inside your favourite card. You've become the Flames Swordsmen." Joey:"I'm the who?" Yami: "And if you are defeated in this duel, you will be carried off to the card graveyard just like Tristan was." Joey: "Graveyard?!?\\\\\\\" Yami: \\\\\\\"In order for me to restore you back to your body and get us out of the shadow realm, I\\\\\\\'m going to need your help.\\\\\\\" Joey: \\\\\\\"You want my help, you\\\\\\\'ve got my help!\\\\\\\" Yami: \\\\\\\"Are you sure you\\\\\\\'re OK with it?\\\\\\\" Joey: \\\\\\\"well I\\\\\\\'ve figured I\\\\\\\'ve lost my mind, but I\\\\\\\'m gonna go with it. So who wants a piece?”:: turns around to Yami Bakura:: \\\\\\\"AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Giant Bakura. Now I know I\\\\\\\'m nuts. I\\\\\\\'m like six inches tall, wearing a dress, about to fight my giant friend?!?\\\\\\\" Yami: \\\\\\\"That\\\\\\\'s not really Bakura; an evil sprit from his Millennium Ring has taken him over!\\\\\\\" Joey: \\\\\\\"Well, I have no idea what you\\\\\\\'re talking about so here goes nothing.\\\\\\\" (Joey attacks) When Joey attacked the card made yami\\\\\\\'s hand completely useless so he had to discard it and draw 5 more. His new hand had Dark Magician (Yugi\\\\\\\'s favourite). This was also Yami\\\\\\\'s favourite so he wondered if he summoned it would there be a 6 inch him on the field too??? Before he used that he used Monster Reborn and reborned Tristan (why???). Then when he summoned Dark Magician, a 6 inch Yugi was on the field. Joey attacked making Yami\\\\\\\'s hand discard again. His new hand had Magician of Faith (Tea\\\\\\\'s favourite). He summoned it in defence mode. Tea pops out and has no idea what\\\\\\\'s going on. Joey explains it to her and well...he called Yugi puny which Yugi didn\\\\\\\'t seem to like so he decided to go on and attack. He attacked electric lizard and so he got electrocuted. Yami Bakura sent out Man-Eater Bug which destroyed Joey who then went to the graveyard. Everyone is upset and all and Joey is about to be gone by Reaper of the Cards but Tea\\\\\\\'s special effect allowed it to get a magic card from the grave and use it. With Reborn the Monster, Joey was back (Yay!!!)Yami Bakura sends out Change of Hearts (Bakura’s favourite). Yami Bakura explains its effect but yugi says he won\\\\\\\'t do any of it. Anyways...6 inch Bakura pops out which take control of Yami Bakura\\\\\\\'s card. He says he wants to help. Yami then thinks that his Millenium puzzle might be able to switch the souls and everything(Which is weird cuz they don\\\\\\\'t seem to do that in future episodes)Now Bakura is in his own body and Yami Bakura is in the costume of the monster on the field(he looked so funny!!!)Well they all get their souls back in their body and everything would be back to normal but they hear Mai\\\\\\\'s scream and go check it out. END. Oh but it shows Yami Bakura in the graveyard about to be gone by Reaper of the Cards. He\\\\\\\'s like screaming!! Well...that’s what happened in this episode!! I LOVED it!!! And OMG Yami Bakura looked soooooo funny in the monster\\\\\\\'s costume thing. That card was like a girl y\\\\\\\'know....Well I liked this episode a lot and I found it hilarious. LOL!!! I even put in my favourite quotes in it and I\\\\\\\'m sorry if it\\\\\\\'s kind of long but I couldn\\\\\\\'t help it....Anywayz I give this episode a 10!!!moreless
  • Joking right?

    The Episode starts out with Yugi asking Bakura why he is doing this. Bakura explains that he is not Bakura anymore but an evil thief out to gather all the Millennium items to gain unimaginable power. The battle then start with Yugi going first and putting down Tristan's favorite card the Cyber Commander. But instead of coming out as the real card it comes out as Tristan dressed like the Cyber Commander. Bakura laughs and then plays the White Magical Hat and without knowing it Tristan is knocked out of the fight. Bakura then explains that Tristan is now in the Graveyard.

    Yugi after learning what happens to his friends plays Joey's favorite card the Flame Swordsman. Joey then appears dressed up as the card. Yugi explains to Joey what is going on and Joey easily takes out the White Magical Hat. Bakura then plays a card face down and Joey being to overconfident attacks the card which ends up being a Morphing Jar which makes both players put their entire hands into the discard pile. Yugi praises because lucky Tea card was not in his hand. Yugi then draws the Dark Magician which is his favorite card and places it on the field which puts him also on the field and then uses the card Reborn the Monster and revives Tristan. Yugi is then confused to how he is on the field and also is playing at the same time. He then says that when he is playing he feels an ancient power running through him and says that they can trust him. Bakura had placed another Morphing Jar face down and Yugi (as Dark Magician) attacked it without knowing. Yugi then Draws Tea's card the Magician of Faith but Bakura then places another card face down and places a trap card which takes 500 life points from each of Yugi's cards out. Yugi worried that Tea's card isn't safe in his hand plays it face down and Tea's comes out from under the card wondering what's going on. They explain to her what's going on and the duel goes on. Yugi (as Dark Magician) attacks Bakura's card that he laid face down but before he can stop the monster is killed. Yugi (as Dark Magician) then starts to go numb because the card that he attacked was the Electric Lizard which stuns the card that attacked it. Yugi then Plays another char face down then Bakura puts down another monster called the Man-eater Bug. The Man-eater Bug automatically destroys a card when it is flipped up. Yugi then says the only way that he can beat it is to use the card that he placed face down which is Horn of Heaven which sacrifices one card on the field. Joey Stops Tristan from attacking and Joey decides to be sacrificed.

    Tea starts to cry and her tear activates her cards magic affect. That magic allows Yugi to bring back one card back from the discard pile. Yugi chooses Reborn the Monster and brings back Joey. Bakura says Yugi is wasting his time saving his friends then places down Lady of Faith in attack mode and uses the change of heart card hoping to have Yugi (as Dark Magician) to turn against his friends. Bakura places the card but it comes out as the Real Bakura. The Real Bakura takes over the Lady of Faith and then Yugi switches the souls from the real Bakura to the evil Bakura putting the Evil Bakura in the card. Yugi (as dark Magician) then easily destroys the card.

    Yugi asks Bakura where he got his Millennium ring from. Bakura says that his father gave it to him. His father saw it at an Egyptian mart and bought it saying that he thought Bakura was destined to have it. They then hear a scream in the woods and go to see what it is.moreless
  • 1 of my favourites.

    i luv it!! this is 1 of the 1st episodez where you properly see that there are 2 yugiz.itz gd but the graveyard thing is kinda random. if u hav seen this once u will still luv it l8er. 1 thing though how cum wen the freaky mutant lizard thing zaps yugi his attak points should hav been cut in half???? wat wz that bout but w/e. also wen tea is activ8ing her special ability shez standing on yugiz card (dark magician)which is kinda random. ok bi 4 now guyz luv ya lotz Chess xxx (god how much is 100)moreless
Amy Birnbaum

Amy Birnbaum

Téa Gardner

Frank Frankson

Frank Frankson

Tristan Taylor

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Bakura, Spirit of the Ring

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Joey Wheeler

Dan Green

Dan Green

Yugi Moto, The Pharaoh/Yami

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • After they're all out of the shadow realm.
      Tea: I just had the strangest dream.
      Joey: Man,last time I sleep with duelin' cards under my pillow.

    • (After the first Morphing Jar was activated)
      Yami Yugi: (draws Dark Magician, thinking) The Dark Magician! He is my favorite card, but is he also my soul card? What happens when I play it?
      Yami Bakura: Hmhmhm, with a new hand, comes a whole new perspective(then puts one card in faced down defense mode), the game evershifting(then puts one card faced down), new dangers surround every turn.

    • Bakura: With this card I can turn you against your comrades, the very friends you sought to protect you will now destroy.
      Yugi: No, I refuse!
      Bakura: You won't have a choice in the matter. The Change of Heart card allows me to control any opposing monster, and I choose you Little Yugi, hahaha!
      Yugi: Leave the young one out of this!
      Bakura: Why should I? By simply destroying him might defeat you as well. You are here to guide and protect him! Then protect against this!

    • Yugi: Huh? Why did he play that face down?
      Joey: Because he is afraid of what Joey the Swordsman is going to do to him. I am going in!
      Yugi: No! Wait, it could be a trap!
      Bakura: What a dolt!

    • Bakura: Helpless on the field, easy prey for my Man-Eater Bug!
      Tea: Man-Eater Bug? Glad I'm a girl...

    • Joey: Shush. Bakura and Yugi are big dueling giants and are fighting for our souls.
      Tea: But Yugi's right here.
      Yugi: Yeah, well, the big guy's not really me, well he's not really not me....
      Tea: Huh?
      Yugi: I know it sounds complicated, but it has something to do with the Millennium Items Bakura and I have. It's some kind of magic.
      Tea: Magic? So I'm not crazy.
      Yugi: Not unless we're all going crazy.
      Joey: Just think of it this way, Tea. There's two Yugi's. The cool one up there, and the puny one down here.
      Yugi: (sweatdrops and falls over) Oh, that's not how it works at all!
      Joey: Just a joke, man...
      Yugi: You forget that here, I have the powers of the Dark Magician! I'll show you who's puny around here. (raises staff)
      Joey: Oh boy...
      Yugi: Dark Magic Attack!

    • Yugi: Bakura, what have you done? Why have you taken us to the Shadow Realm?
      Bakura: Bakura... Bakura is no longer here.
      Yugi: If you're not Bakura then who are you?
      Bakura: I am a thief and a stealer of souls. And I have done terrible things in my quest to obtain all seven Millenium Items.

    • (After Yugi is shocked and is doubling over in pain)
      Bakura: No one destroys the Electric Lizard without getting some rather shocking feedback.

    • Yugi: In order for me to win this duel, restore you all back to your bodies, and get us out of the Shadow Realm, I'm going to need your help.
      Joey: You want my help, you got my help.
      Yugi: Are you sure you're OK?
      Joey: OK? I figure I've lost my mind but...I'm gonna go with it.

    • (Bakura comes out dressing as the Change of Heart)
      Bakura: Well, it's better then being enslaved by an evil spirit.

    • Joey: A giant Bakura! Now I know I'm nuts. I'm like six inches tall, wearing a dress, about to attack my giant friend?
      Yugi: That's not really Bakura, an evil spirit from his Millennium Ring has taken him over.
      Joey: Well I have no idea what you're talking about, so here I go.

    • Téa: What a weird dream...
      Joey: This is no dream, this is me goin' insane.

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