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    [1]Dec 6, 2008
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    tell me 60 cards that you want in your deck(MUST BE THEMED)


    1.4 starred ladybug of doom

    2.8 claws scorpeon

    3.acid crawler

    4.ant lion larva

    5.basic insect

    6.black scorpeon


    8.chainsaw insect

    9.cacoon of evolution

    10.des mosquito

    11.drill bug

    12.giant scorpeon of the tundra

    13.great moth

    14.big insect

    15.flying karmaki 1

    16. flying karmaki 2

    17.empress mantis


    19.hunter spider

    20.insect queen


    22.metal armored bug

    23.aztekipede the worm warrior

    24.brain crusher


    26.cross sword hunter

    27.insect knight

    28.chainsaw insect

    29.neo bug

    30.aresonel bug


    1.gaia tree

    2.insect imitation

    3.insect barrier

    4.multiplication of ants

    5. great sea of trees

    6. rising air current

    7.cell division

    8.laser cannon armor

    9.level 2 power boost

    10.reckless parasite

    11.parasite worm


    13.DNA surgery


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    [2]Dec 6, 2008
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    Oh hell no.

    You're not finding out the secrets of my deck! D:
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    [3]Apr 12, 2009
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    This shall be called my pummelling force deck that I'd like to build in real life and in EDS:

    Normal Monsters

    Vorse Raider x3

    Gemini Elf x3

    Skilled Dark Magician x3

    Skilled White Magician x3

    Dark Magician x2

    Effect Monsters


    Hane Hane

    Cyber Jar

    Wall of Illusion x3

    Buster Blader x2

    Fusion Monsters

    Dark Paladin

    Spell Cards

    Book of Secret Arts x3

    Horn of the Unicorn x3

    Sword of Dragon's Soul


    Graceful Charity x2

    Swords of Revealing Light x2

    Electromagnetic Ring

    Monster Reborn/Monster Reincarnation (You didn't specify which rulings we were to follow)


    Mystic Plasma Zone

    Polymerization x3

    Dian Keto the Cure Master x3

    Trap cards

    Trap Hole x3

    Waboku x3


    Mirror Force

    Ultimate Offering

    Negate Attack

    Chain Energy

    Gift of the Mystical Elf x3

    Nutrient Z

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