Season 5 Episode 35

In the Name of the Pharaoh

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 06, 2006 on The WB
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While Yami is about to fall at the face of Zorc, Yugi and his friends show up to try and stop Zorc. Yugi tries to tell Yami what his name is, but it was written in hieroglyphics. Can Yugi and his friends tell Yami his name so he can defeat Zorc, or will they all fall at the face of Zorc?moreless

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  • So much suspense....

    So much suspense.... The Three Gods: Slifer, Obelisk, and Ra Merge into the Creator of light. The pharaoh's true name is revealed And it's Atem. Zorc is defeated by the Pharoah's name: Atem and this name creates the Creator of Light. And finally, Guardian Seto becomes the Pharoah of Egypt.
  • The Final Showdown in the Pharoah\'s Memories!

    All of the Pharoah\'s Memories Season has been leading up to this episode, the Final Battle between the God of Light and the Beast of Darkness.The Pharoah finally learns his Name, Combines the 3 Gods Cards, Zorc is finally destroyed, and the conclusion to the Memorey Arc Closes! So Awesome!

    But I\'m kinda mad 4Kids didn\'t some how extend the Scene with the God of Light. They should have tryed to make it longer, because the God of Light was talking way to fast then they normally do on this show. And they didn\'t even mention his name.

    All in all it was a extremely good Episode, and probally the 3rd to Last Good Episode of the Series (2 is the Finaly Journey and 1 is the Final Episode).moreless
  • long live king atem!!

    My comment on this great episode of all:

    Oh, my good lord! First of all, I was so nervous to know his true name until his friends show up to save the day. Zorc the darkness who must disagrees with everything.

    Zorc's soldiers were set out to fighting against yami's friends.

    Yugi released the dark magician and this girl who also has another magician who will help to stop darkness for once of all.

    althought, they have failed to defeat zorc. They were so easily defeated and boom!

    I got throw off at the first..! Now, tea finally saw the necklane on Yami and together..rest of the gangs thinking of the name.

    Finally, at last..we gets to know his name..! King atem..! Whoo!

    When he brought three gods back to the life and Zorc the darkness laughs and didn't think that three gods are so powerless against him.

    king atem told him that he didn't do the first time and second time will be the luck one yet to come!

    Three gods merged together and Zorc the darkness gets to met the creator of light(god)!

    She defeated him so easily by one fatal blow! After she defeated him, King atem grew very worried that there'll be more evil come up.

    She told him that there'll be no another, speaking of which..I agree with creator of light..! There'll be no another and that is, King atem's journey is soon to be completed!

    In the end, I was so close to be cried out of my eyes! I mean..it's so weird for King atem finally set to be at the resting place very soon!


    So long the king atem!!!moreless
  • The Final Showdown! Light Vs. Dark

    This was an awesome episode. I was glad to see that the Pharaoh keep his original name. It was kind of werid to see Shadi die because he is already dead. The funny part is, Shadi is skinny and then Hasan in bulky so I found that funny. I was glad to see The Egyptian Gods again and combine into one. I was a little mad at how easily the Creator Of Light beat Zorc because everyone else struggled against him and this monster beats him in one shot. Anyway I liked to see how different Kaiba and Seto are and I like how Seto became the next Pharaoh. Good ending to the Millennium Saga. Next up: Ceremonial Duel!moreless
  • More dumb lines but it wasn\'t half bad

    Again, as usual, the writers at 4Kids give some of the characters dumb lines to say. Phew! I\'m glad Mana\'s all right, but I suppose if anything really bad had happened to her they would\'ve sent her to the \"Shadow Realm\" like all the others (\'cept Shadi who\'s already a spirit). Yay Ryou\'s back next ep but the others aren\'t exactly nice to him, at least not as much as they could or should be. Poor guy. He\'s been through hell and back.moreless
Jimmy Zoppi

Jimmy Zoppi

Weevil Underwood

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Anthony Salerno

Anthony Salerno

Rex Raptor

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Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Guardian Seto

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    • Kaiba: When are you geeks gonna stop giving that lame friendship speech?
      Tristan: I'd say... when you stop pretending everything's a magic trick.
      (Kaiba glares at Tristan)
      Joey: And ya can't deny this one! I mean, how d'ya explain the fact that there's two Yugi's standin' here?
      Kaiba: (More to himself then the others) Maybe there is some truth to this junk...
      Joey: Huh? Hey guys, did you hear what I heard? Kaiba just admitted this is all real!
      Kaiba: Nice try. I said, this was all a mind trick.
      Joey: What?! You guys heard him, right?
      Téa, Tristan, and Yugi: Nope.

    • Atem: (Before the pharoah knew his name) I got it! My name is King Atem!

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    • The Pharaoh's name is Atem. Atem was another name for Atum, a sun god. In Egyptian mythology Atem created the universe.

    • The three gods combining into one seems to make a small allusion to the Triune God or the Holy Trinity. How three persons are in one god. The Triune God is also called the creator of light, just like the new person Horakhti. Although the Triune God is usually called by a different name.

    • Atem (Yami Yugi) says "So it let it be written, so let it be done" to Priest Seto when he gives him the title of Pharaoh. This is also in the movie the Ten Commandments and is commonly said by Rameses throughout the Ten Commandment movie.