Season 1 Episode 32

Keith's Machinations (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 07, 2002 on The WB
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With Joey in the lead, Keith gets angry and sends out the mighty Barrel Dragon who annihilates Joey's Axe Raider and Gerusies. Joey tries his Time Wizard and Baby Dragon combo, and it worked! However, Keith used his trap card Time Machine to bring back the Barrel Dragon at full power. Joey plays Red Eyes Black Dragon and uses his Copycat card to get the Magic Metal Force and activate it, creating the Red Eyes Metal Black Dragon! He destroys the Barrel Dragon, but Keith plays his Slot Machine in defense and starts to cheat with his Seven Completed cards. Can Joey Win and face Yugi in the next round?moreless

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Amy Birnbaum

Amy Birnbaum

Téa Gardner

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Bakura, Spirit of the Ring

Frank Frankson

Frank Frankson

Tristan Taylor

Dan Green

Dan Green

Yugi Moto, The Pharaoh/Yami

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Joey Wheeler

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Croquet/Bandit Kieth

Recurring Role

Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan

Maximillion Pegasus

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • In the Japanese dub, Bandit Keith points a gun at Pegasus' head, which was removed for the American dub.

    • Keith seems to take two turns in a row. After his turn summoning Blast Sphere, Joey doesn't even draw a card, and Keith takes another turn. Also Blast Sphere only has 1400 attack strength in the real game, but has 2900 in this episode.

    • Barrel Dragon can't attack three times; it can only attack once and destroy another monster with its Effect if a player tosses a coin three times and lands 2 out of 3 Heads.

    • Copycat can't copy Spell and Trap cards; its a monster that takes on ATK and DEF.

    • When Thousand Dragon is summoned, its stats read as ATK: 2400 and DEF: 2500. Thousand Dragon's DEF is 2000, not 2500.

    • Joey technically should have lost the duel, as Graverobber does not stop Life Point damage, and had Keith's attack on his Red Eyes been successful his life points would go to 0.

    • Joey could have destroyed Slot Machine when first playing his Red Eyes, as it had better attack strength, and it was his turn, and other than the higher attack strength of Barrel Dragon, there was nothing holding him back.

    • Both Joey and Keith summoned Metalzoa and Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon on the opposing player's turn. When Metalmorph was played, it should have only raised their target's attack and defense by 300 points. They would have had to wait a turn after their opponent attacked before Special Summoning any of the aforementioned monsters.

    • Seven completed is an Equip Magic card, meaning Keith couldn't have activated them during Joey's attack.

    • Graverobber doesn't return any card to the player's side of the field, it just brings back magic cards.

    • Metalmorph is referred to as Magic Metal Force in this episode.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Joey: (looking thoughtfully at mai's handkerchief) Thanks, Mai. I won't forget how you helped me.

    • (After Keith threatens Pegasus)
      Pegasus: Just give me a moment to recover from the paralyzing terror your demands have created in me.
      Keith: Okay, wise guy, you've got until the count of three!
      (Pegasus shrugs)
      Pegasus: Fine, one two three.
      (presses a button with his foot)
      (Keith falls)

  • NOTES (4)