Season 5 Episode 3

Let the Games Begin! (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 03, 2005 on The WB
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As the tournament begins, the first two duels are announced as Joey Wheeler vs. Apdnarg Otum and Leon Wilson vs. Dr. Richard Goat. Leon and Goat both arrive at their designated duel area on time, and so does Apdnarg, but Joey doesn't realize he has to be at his duel area, and because of that, must race against time to find Apdnarg in the Amazon Cruise zone. When Joey and the other eventually get there, the two start their duel. However, Yugi, Tea, and Tristan are too preoccupied by how much Apdnarg looks like Yugi's grandpa. Professor Hawkins appears behind them to fill them in. Solomon had called him to tell him that he would be participating in Kaiba's new tournament. As the duel begins, Apdnarg begins pummeling Joey with a very well-thought out strategy, while Joey attempts to improvise everything. Apdnarg soon plays his Stone Giant and his Ancient City, which special summons two Stone Giant tokens. In addition, he claims that the worst is yet to come...moreless

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  • The two part was just great! It just makes you laugh from beginning to end! :)

    I loved it! The first and second episodes! Joey and the others just made it great and fun to watch over and over! :) Just fantastic! It was cleverly put together and the scenes of the two part episodes were exciting and suspensing. Very good two part episodes!! I love it when they make me laugh! LOL! :)
  • Joey faces Yugi Grandpa and Leon faces a docter in this episode

    Joey faces Yugi Grandpa which he try to hide his true identley everyone know it is yugi\\\\\\\'s grandpa but Joey does not so the duel is started and Joey has no monster on the feild while yugi grandpa has 3 monster on the feild and joey has two thouasnd two hunrdred life point and it contuies in the next episode.
  • Joey makes it all worth while to get out of bed.

    Joey Wheeler has always been my favorite duelist from Yu gi oh. This episode proves why. It was funny, and smart. The only draw back was that dumb doctor duelist. Leon is sure to kick his butt any day of the week!! I want to see more of Leon in this series. He and Siegfried are intriguing me. I feel like there's a connection...wonder what it is...
Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Dr. Richard Goat

Guest Star

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson


Recurring Role

Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock

Professor Arthur Hawkins

Recurring Role

Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells

Leon von Schroeder

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Yugi won't be dueling in the tournament until the end; the winner gets to battle Yugi for the title of world championship.

    • The man that is seen on Apdnarg/Grandpa's "Legendary Gambler" card looks like Solomon Moto in his younger years, which is seen later on in the first episode of the Memory Arc.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Solomon: How do ya like them apples?
      Joey: Ah, that saying went out about fifty years ago. And while we're at it, so did those overalls.

    • Téa: About Mr. Muto. I just hope he doesn't hurt himself.
      Yugi: I'm more worried about Joey.

    • Tristan: Hey, you invited him, right?
      Mokuba: Nope. Actually, Mr. Muto begged to be let in.
      Everyone: Huh?

    • Mokuba: If you're not here in ten seconds, you're disqualified. Six, Five... (Joey grabs hold of him.) Wahh!
      Joey: I... made it... With five seconds to spare. Hey, how'd you get here before I did?
      Mokuba: (sighs) I tried to tell you. There's a secret passageway for special guests.
      Joey: Wa! No! It's not fair! I fought off giant snakes!

    • (They're being chased by a boulder.)
      Joey: Now what?
      Tristan: Break left.
      (Boulder runs over the top of Joey.)
      Tristan: Your other left, Joey!

    • Tristan: Joey, wait! Slow down, man! This jungle is loaded with...
      Joey: Ah! (falls in pitfall)
      Tristan: ...pitfalls.
      Téa: You okay?
      Joey: This place is the pits!

    • Mokuba: (Sees Joey with hotdogs.) You should be on the Amazon Adventure trail.
      Joey: Guess again, pal. Joey doesn't duel on an empty stomach. I gotta bulk up for my first match.
      Mokuba: Wake up! You're first match has already started!
      Joey: Huh?
      Mokuba: And if you don't get your butt over to that dueling site in the next ten minutes, then you'll be disqualified!
      Joey: Aiee! You wouldn't... hold on, ten minutes is a piece of cake.
      Mokuba: You'll never make it! The Amazon Adventure is a 15 square mile virtual jungle!
      Joey: Aieh?
      Tristan: Drop the dogs.

    • Tristan: Oh, man... This dude in the mask looks so familiar.
      Téa: Wait, isn't that our gym teacher?
      Yami: Yugi, is that-?
      Yugi: Uh-huh.

    • Dr. Goat: Draw five cards and call me in the morning.
      Leon: Huh?
      Dr. Goat: It's a doctor thing.

    • Dr. Goat: The doctor is in. I guess you should've eaten your apple today, 'cause this doctor is here to stay.

    • Téa: (hits Tristan in the head Try acting normal. Just this once.

    • Seto: If you came for a friendly game, then I suggest you go home!

    • Tristan: (about Mokuba's entrance on a rising stage with smoke and loud music) Do they always have to be so dramatic?

    • Tristan: (about the masked duelist) Don't we know him?
      Téa: I don't know.
      Yugi: (nervously) I do.

    • Grandpa: I play the magic card Ancient City!
      Joey: What is that thing?
      Grandpa: Well, as the card's name suggests, it's an ancient city.

    • Joey: (being attacked by bats) Anytime you guys wanna jump in and help!
      Téa: Should we tell him they're only holograms?
      Tristan: And spoil the fun?

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