Season 3 Episode 14

Merger of the Big Five (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 17, 2004 on The WB
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While Kaiba heads off in search of Mokuba, hoping to perhaps find out the truth about Noah along the way, the Big Five challenges Yugi to duel them, in Tristan's body, in a winner-takes-all clash for the bodies of the group. Yugi accepts, determined to recover his friend's body, but things take an interesting turn when Joey also agrees to duel and a 2 vs. 1 duel begins. However while the two duelists have the power of friendship on their side, the Big Five has 4000 more Life Points and a total of five Deck Masters at their disposal.moreless

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  • Yugi and Joey VS The Big Five

    Noah is deciding on how to punish the Big Five,when Nezbitt shows up in Tristan's body.Noah decides that if they all use Tristan's body and beat Yugi,they can have their bodies.When the Big5/Tristan shows up,Kaiba leaves to find Mokuba.Joey wants to fight as well,so the Big5 get 8000 Life Pts.Gansley starts off with a Legenday Ocean and Legendary Fisherman.But after Gansley starts losing his edge,Crump takes control.After his Ocean and Fisherman are destroyed by Joey,Yugi uses Card Destruction,so Crump can't resummon Fisherman with Monster Reborn.Johnson then takes control,and we head back to Kaiba,who can't believe Noah's his step-brother,because not only has he never seen him before, but he hasn't aged in 6 years. As Kaiba comes to a virtual temple ruin,he looks down and see building designs that he created,but has never shown to anyone...moreless
Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz

Serenity Wheeler

Amy Birnbaum

Amy Birnbaum

Téa Gardner

Frank Frankson

Frank Frankson

Tristan Taylor

Tara Sands

Tara Sands

Mokuba Kaiba

Dan Green

Dan Green

Yugi Moto, The Pharaoh/Yami

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Seto Kaiba

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    • Yugi: All right! Tell us what we have to do to get Tristan back from your control!
      Leichter: Why, duel us. Win, and he's yours.
      (suddenly, inside Tristan's body, Nesbitt reacts)
      Nesbitt: Hold on! What's this about returning< the body? We never discussed that! I'm the one who won this body, and I won't give it up.
      Leichter: Nesbitt, it belongs to all of us now. And this was a group decision!
      Johnson: (laughs) I can't believe you 2 are actually arguing as if we're going to keep our word.

    • Tristan: Those guys are passing around my body like it's going out of style!

    • Tea: I can't believe that all of the Big 5 are in Tristan's body!
      Tristan: Those business creeps are sharing me like a corporate condo!

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