Season 5 Episode 30

Name of the Game

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 01, 2006 on The WB

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  • A interesting episode....but of course the original kicked its behind.

    One of the more interesting episodes, I must say. I\'m sure every single Kaiba fangirl are going to be going nuts because Seto had a so called \"love interest.\"

    However, the dubbing was dismal, but at least they showed Seto with tears in his eyes.....

    The dub sucked this completely dry, taking most of the emotional baggage out and placing it in a blender, transforming it into a suitable for kiddies feature. Still, the battle of destiny was pleasing to watch, and there were some real sweet moments there too between Seto and Kisara. And Kaiba did comment on Kisara being his past selves "girlfriend." So...he did see them as a couple.
  • Dub was Trash. Original was WAY better. The crappy shadow realm was the worst part. There were only certain parts I liked though.

    Well, of course, They edited Kisara's death by the crappy shadow realm again. The shadow realm was the worst part though. As I said In my summary: "Dub was Trash, Original was better. There were only certain parts I liked though. Go to http://www.yu-jyo.net for a list of edits. Bye!~
  • Even though, the White Dragon is sealed in stone, Kisara is still able to defeat Aknadin for good and save Seto's life. Meanwhile, Yugi and the others have discovered that Tristan has been working for Bakura all this time. To make matters worse, Zorc is r

    Here's a moment I know that nobody (myself, included) will forget any time soon: Ancient Seto crying over Kisara!!

    - Maybe that is why the Blue-Eyes-White Dragon is Kaiba's (Ancient Seto's descendant, probably)favorite duel monster, because of Kisara.

    - "But why doesn't Kaiba remember Kisara, you ask?" Maybe he lost his memory, just like the Pharoah did.
  • A pretty good episode but the crappy Shadow Realm comes back in.

    Like I said, a good episode but I hate the "Sent to the Shadow Realm" crap! One of the sad parts is that Kisara died! I like Kisara. Plus Aknadin dies but he was really annoying so I really didn't care that he died. One thing that made me mad was that in the past they keep making the Pharaoh's battle with Seto seem like such an important thing thing yet the fight was like 2 minutes long, totally dumb. Plus antoher good thing is that Yami Bakura returns and he wants a duel. I enjoy his duels and it's been awhile since he dueled!,
  • Sad and tragically sweet... ...But also a dubbing/editing disgrace... It seemed to me the episode lost its meaning...

    This episode was sad. Besides the fact that Kisara died, but 4kids completely ruined it! It was a disgrace to Kisara's sacrifice and memory. Why did they have to cut out the part where Seto tried to avenge Kisara by trying kill Akhenaden? Or the part where Seto had cried when mourning for her death? He CRIED! The ONE out of character thing he did in the original series and 4kids had the NERVE to cut it out after all the OOCness (out of character) they did to Seto and Kaiba and most of the other characters!!

    You could tell that this episode looked like it was 'cut' and 'paste' to make the scenes fit together in the way 4kids horribly edits the show.

    And what's the deal with making Kaiba always seem like he's a pompous jerk? He is supposed to be nicer to Atemu now. Or making Joey always seem like he's stupid? Don’t get me wrong; I love humor as much as the next person but sometimes the comments he makes aren’t funny at all. They’re just plain moronic!

    Some positive notes:

    Sad that Kisara died but beautiful and sweet she did it all for Seto just to save him from his father, Akhenaden. Even in death she saved him! She had so much loyalty towards him, so loyal that she was willing to give up her life for him. Now the Blue-Eyes White Dragon will always be with Seto as if it were a Blue-Eyes White Guardian Angel, you could say. In a way, even though Kisara’s body is gone, her spirit lives on with Seto through the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, forever protecting him. Romantic, isn’t it? This is the reason why Kaiba must feel attached to the Blue-Eyes White Dragons in the first place.


    'Name of the Game' was intense and somewhat tragic if you ignore all that useless editing 4kids had done. I’m not saying I didn’t like the episode. It was great, but I can’t stand it when major details get edited for such bad reasons. The story loses its originality and moral when the original plot gets changed. It’s just not the same no more. And it can be the most infuriating thing ever! ‘Name of the Game’ would have been a tearjerker if it weren’t so badly edited.
  • The beginning of the end.

    YGO has almost reached the end of its run. Finally back from an over-long hiatus on the WB network, it brings us the episode in which Kisara dies. They do not come right out and say that she is dead, but they do allow P. Seto to say that her "spirit resides within the Blue-Eyes White Dragon now," which is more than I was expecting them to do. At least there weren't any absurd "Shadow Realm" comments.

    Finally Yami Bakura reveals that he is the one behind Tristan's bizarre behavior. But what I do not understand is why Tristan suddenly seems to morph into being the thief. That's never before happened on the show when a character is merely possessed. Perhaps they will explain this strangeness in the next episode.

    The episode ends with Zork's revival, setting the stage for the upcoming multi-part battle that, I believe, brings the Egyptian Arc to its close. Following that, there is only the Ceremonial Duel remaining for this outstanding anime.

    Overall, this is not one of the episodes that especially strikes me personally, but it does have important plot twists and developments, so I consider it a pivotal installment.
  • Good episode but bad dubbing

    Ok heres what I think of 214. 214 was a tearjerker episode full of lots of drama and death. The thing that pissed my off was that 4kids kept saying Kisara was alive when she was crealy dead. Also the cut the scene when Priest Seto called out Kisara's name after she said her last words which were 'Seto-sama...' after she dies. Another thing Seto stabed his father with the dager of the rod. I mean geez the cut the scene. Oh and they cut Seto crying over his lost loves body. Anyways for the original it gets a 10 but dub it gets a 2.2.
  • Not as exciting as the last episode is going to be but defintly awesome. One of the best episode so far. Very sad when Kisara dies though and Seto is crying but still one of the best episodes I have ever seen.

    The best I've seen so far the only thing that has to be better than this has got to be the last episode. I loved how Kaiba told Atemu "dont tell me we're cousins" it was hilarious and Akhneden deserved what happened to him. It got sad when Kisara died and Seto was crying over her. This is one of the best episodes I've seen so far and probaly not the only one.
  • I loved it!

    I thought it was really good. Yugi was so cute! I wanted to give him a hug, especially after he got shoved. I'm looking forward to seeing Yami Bakura and Yugi duel. It's kinda funny: they haven't officialy revealed the Pharoh's name, but everyone knows it. It's prerry strange, huh?
  • Painful because Kisara's dead and awful dubbing

    Mahad and Kisara are dead. :( But at least Aknadin's gone. The dub makes Kaiba sound like a creep, and even more so in the next one. He's much nicer by now in the original. And could they make Joey any stupider?! And what's with the cheesy lines they always give to Yami Bakura?! Not to mention all the Shadow Realm nonsense. I'm sorry, but this is nowhere near the 9.0 range.
  • Seto and Yugi COUSINS

    It's a huge surprise Seto(From future) found out that Yugi and him are actually cousins. Also Yugi and his friends found out about Tristan being controlled by someone else and that is very bad for them. Now Yugi have no choice he has to duel him to find the Pharaohs name. Also other things have happen.
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  • Pretty damn good episode. Reveals a lot, and sets it up quite nicely for the final few episodes.

    Totally gripping episode. Some things are revealed, while other things happen that keep you on the edge of your seat (Not wanting to spoil anything for everyone else), waiting to see what'll happen in the next episode. Even though this has not been shown in America/Canada yet, you can see it on Sky One in the UK. Must see stuff!
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