Season 4 Episode 18

On the Wrong Track (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 27, 2004 on The WB

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  • The duel comes to an end.

    Rex uses Tyrant Dragon to destroy Red Eyes Black Dragon, leaving Joey with only 300 life points. Plus, he uses his trap card Chain of the Underworld to bring Red Eyes back 700 attack points weaker. Tyrant Dragon can attack twice as long as the opponent has a monster, so Rex is planning on finishing Joey off this turn. He attacks and Joey acitivates his Celebration of Creation trap card, stopping the attack. It is now Joey's turn, and he plays Gearfried the Iron Knight along with Pot of Greed. Joey then tells us a story of the real Gearfried and activated Release Restraints to summon Gearfried the Swordmaster. Then, he plays his legendary dragon to merge with Red Eyes to create an awesome sword that gives his monster an extra 1000 points. Plus, he gets an extra 500 points for every dragon out on the field, like Tyrant Dragon. None of that matters though, because his monster's special ability allows him to destroy a monster, so goodbye Tyrant Dragon. Rex begs Joey not to attack, but he has to. Joey attacks and wins the duel. Rex loses his soul. Great duel.

    Weevil's plan is about to hatch. The Pharaohs Poison Butterfly has come and has 2700 attack points. He tries to play his legendary dragon, but it doesn't work. Weevil says that since the Pharaoh played the Seal of Orichalchos during his last duel, his monsters don't trust him anymore. Weevil has the Pharaoh on the edge, using Infestation to lower the Pharaohs life points to 500, so during the next turn, his Butterfly will wipe him out. The Pharaoh summons Breaker the Magical Warrior and uses his ability to destroy Insect Barrier. Both monsters attack, but Weevil still has over 2000 life points. The Pharaoh activates a Spell Card that allows one monster with 1500 or less attack points to attack as long as the Pharaoh draws a monster card. Sure enough, he draws over 4 monsters, destroying Weevil. Weevil's soul is taken and the episode ends with the train falling off a cliff. They are alive, though. Great duel, great episode.
  • yugi vs weveei and joey vs rex ends

    With their duels still unresolved, both Yami Yugi and Joey draw their Legendary Dragon cards at similar times and both summon them to the field. However while Joey successfully combines Hermos with his Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Timaeus vanishes as Yami Yugi summons it leaving him stranded with his main hope for victory gone. Nonetheless, Yami Yugi is determined to defeat Weevil and find out where Yugi's soul is being kept, but the pressure of the guilt residing within him seems to be growing stronger by the minute. Joey is able to defeat Rex easily with Hermos's power, but things look bad for Yami Yugi. He eventually wins using his Berzerker Soul magic card, but he's still no closer to finding Yugi's soul. At that moment, the train derails, and Yami Yugi, Tea, and Weevil's souless body go plummeting into a ravine.