Season 3 Episode 48

Pyramid of Light

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 13, 2004 on The WB
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Pyramid of Light
Frustrated by his constant failure to defeat Yugi Moto in a duel, Seto Kaiba decides to take the advice of the one person who may hold the power to defeat the God Cards; their creator Maximillion Pegasus. However Kaiba's confrontation with Pegasus proves more successful than it should have done thanks to the interference of Anubis who was released from his tomb three years previously when Yugi completed the Millennium Puzzle. As Kaiba sets out to prove to Yugi that he is the true King of Games, neither duellist understands the true dangers of the mysterious Pyramid of Light or the consequences of using it.moreless

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  • The following movie takes place between Looking Back and Moving Ahead and A New Evil Part One.

    On this movie, Kaiba is trying to find a way to beat the god cards and gain the king of games title. He duels Pegasus for the card that can beat the gods. He defeats pegasus but gets 2 cards. (1 is evil) Yugi and Tea then go to the museum where the pyramid of light and the body of Anubis are stolen. Yugi then goes to duel Kaiba, when he plays "The Pyramid Of Light", unleashing evil. Yugi, Joey and Tristan have their souls sealed in the millenium puzzle, where Anubis is draining Yamis energy. Kaiba trys to stop the pyramid oflight, but gets beaten by Anubis *who's taking Kaibas place in the duel*. Tea also gets her soul trapped in the puzzle, where Yugi helps Yami defeat the pyramid of light. Yami then summons out the egyptian god cards, defeating Anubis. Then Anubis transforms into a giant dog thing, leaving Yugi to defeat it with the power of The Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. Overall, a good movie!moreless
  • Everything else was just practice

    This Movie was fanstic I've lost track on how many times I've seen this amazing film, its got a wicked pilot line, and great duels the movie is perfect for Yu-gi-oh even thorw its made in Amceria its stays ture to the Yu-gi-oh series, unlike when Toho lets Dearn Devil work on Godzilla and he created GINO, But 4kids knew exactly what they where doing, I just wish the God Cards got more screen time its because of them that I watch all of Yu-gi-oh because of the speical powers they changed the game in ways I can't began to exsplain, Do another Yu-gi-oh movie pleas lets see what else you can bust outmoreless
  • Kaibe decides to have one final duel with Yugi. Yugi is chased by duelists, Kaibe beast Pegesus to gain 2 cards that might destroy the God cards. Finally, when Yugi and Kaiba duel, they awaken Anubis, and it's up to Yami to stop him before he destroys themoreless

    I saw it the day it came out. Best Yu-Gi-Oh! installment ever made!!!!! This duel was even more intense than the one Kaiba and Yugi had back in the battle city finals! The Anubis plot kept me on the edge of my seat! I went to see it two times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The movie startys out kind of boring but starts to get really good in the middle. I thought after Peagusus lost his mullieum eye he died or something but I guess not.The duel between Yugi and Kiba was totally awesome I never seen Kiba so determined beforemoreless

    I loved this movie. I whatched 16 times before my brother watched it for yhe first time. This is why I love Yu-Gi-Oh. With a movie like that the ratings shoulds never go down. I felt like crying when Kiba got thrown it was so sad. I love Joey acting as if he could take everyone on and Tristian says something about Kiba and it made Joey mad.
  • I love this moive

    This movie is good all the cards are good the duels are also good and the god cards do show in this moive I hope they make more moives for Yu-Gi-Oh! and we get free cards when we watch it in thaters and also on DVD and they made this moive into an ani manga book
Scottie Ray

Scottie Ray


Guest Star

Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock


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Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan

Maximillion Pegasus

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Kaiba attacks with Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon during the first duel, its attacks are orange, blue, and green, when they are normally white in the anime.

    • "Sorcerer of Dark Magic" doesn't decrease the attack of an opponent's monster for Spellcasters being present in the graveyard; it simply stops the activation of Trap Cards.

    • It was true what Kaiba said. If Anubis hadn't interfered, Yugi would've lost.

    • Watapon is the only new monster in the movie that will make appearances outside the movie.

    • Sphinx Teleia should not have been able to destroy Obnoxious Celtic Guardian in battle since its ATK was over 1900 and Obnoxious Celtic Guardian's effect makes him unable to be destroyed by any monsters that have over 1900 ATK.

    • As in the movie, each time someone plays a card, it looks exactly like the ones in real life, but when Kaiba plays Pyramid Of Light, it says "Remove all Gods from play" but the real card says, "If this face up card is removed from play, destroy all "Andro Spinx" and "Spinx Telia" on you're side of the field and remove them from play"

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Yugi: Tea, will you read me the book about the blue bunny?
      Tea: Okay, I'm just gonna pretend that's the concussion talking.

    • (After the mob of duelists run them over)
      Tristian: Yea, they respect ya.
      Joey: I coulda been a contender.

    • Grandpa: We should take a closer look at that prophecy to see what it fortells for the future.
      Pegasus: Oh please old man. Anubis is gone. No-one could return after suffering a defeat so thoroughly devastating as that. Well, no-one but Kaiba that is. I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?

    • Anubis: It is no longer time to duel. Now it is time to die!

    • Kaiba: Looks like you had two cards up your sleeve.
      Pegasus: What do you mean? Two cards? Kaiba, there was only one.
      Kaiba: Yeah right! Nice try you snake.

    • Joey: You gotta prove yourselves first by duelling a top contender, and I think I know one.
      Tristan: Seto Kaiba?
      Joey: Me! Joey Wheeler. So if you wanna get to the King of Games you'll have to go through me the, er, the godfather of games, capishe?

    • Duelist #1: We want the King of Games, not the King of Lame.
      Duelist #2: The Duel Monsters champ, not chump.
      Duelist #3: The master of the Gods, not the master of the clods.
      Joey: Hey, I think I get the point already.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Pyramid of Light was commissioned by 4Kids to accompany the dubbed version of Yu-Gi-Oh! As such, the movie would have made little sense to a Japanese audience as it is in America as it does not tie in with the original plot of the show. Though a Japanese version was recorded and released in Japan, the plot was tampered around with and scenes were added/deleted to help the movie tie in better with the Japanese storyline.

    • Four promo cards, each featuring key cards from the film's main duel, were handed out to people who bought tickets for the movie. As well as these four promotional cards; Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, Sorceror of Dark Magic, Watapon and Pyramid of Light, a special pack of cards was released for general sale featuring other major monsters from the film.

    • Pyramid of Light earned a respectable $9.5 million in its opening weekend in the United States falling fourth in the ratings behind Alien Vs. Predator ($38m), The Princess Diaries 2 ($23m) and Collateral ($16m).