Season 4 Episode 20

Reliving the Past

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 29, 2005 on The WB
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After his confrontation with Yugi, The Pharaoh is given little time to recover as Rafael arrives and informs Dartz. Dartz uses Rafael's Orichalcos shard to unseal an Orichalcos Soldier from its resting place. As the duel begins, the soldier seems to be unbeatable. During the middle of the duel, the Pharaoh suddenly has a vision of a great war, with Timeaus, Ironheart, Chris, and Skye fighting in a huge war with tons of monsters against Dartz and tons of Orichalcos Soldiers. What is the mystery behind this vision?moreless

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  • Yugi faces Orichalcos Soldier in a duel

    After his confrontation with Yugi, Yami Yugi is given little time to recover as Rafael arrives and informs Dartz. Dartz uses Rafael's Orichalcos shard to unseal an Orichalcos Soldier from its resting place. As a vicious battle begins, Yami Yugi gets a vision of the past, in which hundreds of Orichalcos Soldiers are fighting against an army of Duel Monsters, with Ironheart, Crhis, and Skye at its front. Back in the current time, the Orichalcos Soldier summons an Orichalcos Gigas to attack the Pharaoh. But the spirits of the Duel Monsters who fought there surround Yami Yugi and protect him. Yami Yugi uses his cards to fight the Orichalcos Gigas off, but it simply revives each time it's destroyed, and it gains strength each time it revives. As things begin to look hopeless for the Pharaoh, Ironheart decides that it's time to return Timaeus to him and runs down into the battlefield. Yami Yugi has another vision of the past, in which Timeaus appears and destroyes the entire army of Orichalcos Soldiers in a single breath. But the Great Leviathan still stands in its way, and as Timaeus flies towards it, Dartz, who is standing on the Great Leviathan, summons his Sword of Kings to attack Timaeus. Timaeus falls to the ground, and the Great Leviathan and Timaeus attack each other at the same time. Yami Yugi snaps out of his vision, just in time to dodge one of Orichalcos Gigas's attacks. As Ironheart enters the field, Dartz senses him and strikes him with lightning. As Chris and Skye run down to him, he tells Chris to give Timaes to the Pharaoh and disappears. Chris and Skye ride towards the Pharaoh, but Dartz strikes them with lightning too. Chris manages to give Yami Yugi Timaeus before she disappears. The Pharaoh summons Timaeus and the Dark Magician Girl to create Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight. He attacks and destroyes the Orichalcos Gigas and Orichalcos Soldier once and for all.moreless

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    • (Tea, Ironheart, and Chris are watching the Pharaoh from the cliff)
      Tea: Seem's like the Pharaoh's in pretty bad shape down there.
      Ironheart: Of course. There's still a hole in his heart that has yet to be filled.
      Tea: Poor guy. He still blames himself for what happened to Yugi.

    • Pharaoh: Yugi, if it weren't for me, you'd still be here. I'll never forgive myself. (Has flashback to Yugi losing his soul) Mark my words, I won't rest until I get you back! It's not fair! I should be locked away, not you! I'm the one who played that evil card!

    • Pharaoh: (after playing fissure) It worked! (monster regenerates) Or maybe not.

    • Joey: See? Up ahead, that's where we have to go to find Yugi. Let's go!
      Tristan: Wait! It's your turn to carry Rex!

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