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  • An Incredible Ride From Start to Finish! Don't Miss It!

    This show features great animation, great music, good voice actors, and a stellar story line! It also shows the main characters growing and evolving as characters as the series goes on! Yugi Moto starts his life as a shy, timid boy. But everything begins to change the day he solves the Millennium Puzzle, and unlocks the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh King spirit, Atem! Atem gives Yugi confidence and courage, while Yugi gives Atem kindness and compassion! As the series goes on, they learn not only more about each other, but enrich the lives of everyone they come across! There are way too many duels to list here; but a handful of them include the first duel between Yugi and Kaiba, the first duel between Joey and Mai, Joey Vs. Rex Raptor, Yugi Vs. the Evil portion of Kaiba's soul, the Paradox Brothers Duel, Joey Vs. Bandit Keith, Yugi Vs. Pegasus, Joey Vs. Odion, Yugi Vs. Marik, Yugi Vs. Zork, and Yugi Vs. Atem just to name a few! The best part about this series, is that you can now watch every single episode from start to finish on Netflix! So there has been no better time to watch one of the great Anime shows, then right now! I highly enjoyed, and I highly recommend it to anime and adventure loving enthusiasts everywhere! Enough said, true believers!
  • Best Series Ever!

    By Far my favourite anime I would recommend everyone to sit down quietly put down you phones and watch this amazing series. YU-GI-OH!
  • Best Series Ever!

    This is my favorite cartoon ever! It's a great start to the series, and I wish the modern ones were like it. Not as good as GX, but still amazing!
  • yu gi oh is the best nothing beats the original version

    the best anime story that I've ever watched from season 0 to season 5 how I wish the season of the original version does not end and have another season the other version suck :(
  • Daphne

    Win prize.
  • Outstanding! A great show that inspired a great game. :)

    I watched virtually every episode of the series and the story got better and better with each passing episode. On one hand, saving the world by playing with cards might sound ridiculous, but then again so is an anthropomorphic hedgehog running at unrealistically fast speed across the planet battling robots made by a bald headed fat man with a big mustache (nothing against that, just making a point). At the end of the day, it's the execution that counts; and they executed this show very well. Yugi is a very likeable and relatable character and Atem, Yugi's alter ego, is a very good role model; he's smart, selfless, friendly, everything that the normal Yugi is plus very confident and heroic. Yugi's best friend, Joey Wheeler, is a very well developed and deep character; at first he and Tristen were bullies to Yugi, but after he stood up for them against a bigger bully, they became the best of friends. Joey might not be as good of a duelist as Yugi, but he duels his hardest when he thinks about his friends and his sister, Serenity. Speaking of which, Serenity is a very brave you girl who looks up to her brother; before their parents called it quits, they were the best of friends. Serenity doesn't duel much, but when she does, she's not bad (could use a little more practice, but she did alright for her first duel). Oh, I almost forgot to mention Tea; she holds the gang together with the symbol of friendship. She's very supportive, brave, and confident; granted she doesn't duel much either, but she's still very encouraging. Mai is a character that's very different from Tea or Serenity; she's a very skilled duelist and she's very sassy, especially when it comes to men. She also has her fair share of back story; she didn't have that many friends growing up, and the closest thing she had were Duel Monsters. Now, we're going to get in to the Kaiba brothers: Seto and Mokuba. Seto has always been as stubborn as a goat, ever since the first episode; he's not only stubborn, he's rude, selfish, and arrogant. The only one he's "nice" to is Mokuba, who's innocent enough and very supportive of his brother. The villains are cruel, just cruel; Pegasus, why he has his reason for trying to get the Millennium Items (trying to bring his fiance back to life), was it necessary to take Yugi's Grandpa's soul. I mean, that's kinda cruel; a body without a soul is just a lifeless shell; and no one wants to be a lifeless shell. Then there is Marik who sent his own father to the Shadow Realm (I know in the original, he stabs him, but we'll get to that later); I'm like, dude! That was your old man and you sent him to an eternal realm of darkness. Anyways, I think Bakura in his Yami form is the most evil, considering he was never permanently taken care of until the end of the series. I mean, he's trying to steal all the Millennium Items to take over the world as the dark lord, Zorch. Now, let's discuss how the series was structured; to those who hate this show because 4Kids "neutered" the series, shut the fuck up! The scenes they edited were too violent and too inappropriate to air on KidsWB, Cartoon Network, or on any other channel in the . who's target audience includes kids. Also think about it, really think about it; would Yu-Gi-Oh be as popular as it is now if it wasn't dubbed by 4Kids? That's like making The Lion King aimed at teens and adults only; not only are you guys being selfish, but you're also being unfair. It's not fair for you to complain that the show was robbed of it's dignity; it still the same story, they're still the same characters, it was just made accessible for all ages. Let's do this analogy: which is the better representation of The Little Mermaid: Disney's version with likeable characters, memorable songs, and a very happy ending or the original by Hans Christian Anderson in with the prince marries someone else and the mermaid kills herself? I know the original manga was meant to be a violent and horrific series inspired by the concept of gambling, and it's a good concept, but the creator of the manga came up with a great concept of a new trading card game. Duel Monsters is a great idea for a trading card game, and because it's a game, everyone show be able to play it; even kids. If you don't like it, find more power to you; but stop complaining that they neutered the show; they stayed true to the original source material and made it accessible for all ages. That's all I have to say; if you haven't seen this show yet, I highly recommend you watch it, and because it's Japanese anime, you are advised to watch the first few episodes so that you don't get lost in the story.
  • So bad it's good for me.

    Whether you're watching the original subtitled version or the completely laughable English Dub, Yu Gi Oh is a show that i can compare to such films as The Room and Birdemic: Shock and Terror. The plot is immensely stupid, the characters are annoying and stupid, and the premise of duelists getting out of dangerous situations by cheating at a card game aimed at elementary schoolers is implausible. But i will say that watching the anime, especially the 4Kids dub, makes me laugh at how idiotic the anime is and it does leave a good feeling inside of me. My only real complaint is that all of the characters are stereotypical. For example;

    Yugi is the stereotypical bland protagonist

    Joey and Tristan are the stereotypical hilarious sidekicks

    Tea is the stereotypical love interest

    and Kaiba is the stereotypical unlikeable antagonist.

    But like i said my enjoyment usually comes at how non-sensical and weird the anime is, its an anime that's so bad it's good. But compared to the spinoffs, Yu Gi Oh seemed like it was written by Stanley Kubrick himself.

  • Zanji's review

    I'm sure this series is better than it's dubbed counterpart (as usual), but that doesn't mean it's the best. After this one went off and the others came in it got outshined. This series mainly gets a lot of the praise from the ones who watched it as kids when it was on tv and it's a bad thing. (going by the dub) For one when it's based on the dueling it's ok then it turns shit when they go off from what the card actually does. Atem basically cheats in a lot of his duels while playing with a deck that is pretty impractical to play with. Yugi is so under developed that the only thing you would remember is him being the doll for the spirit, the short one, that's it; only in the final season does he really get some concrete growth. Joey is Joey, his sister is the real problem; she's absolutely useless to the story and she could have stayed in the hospital no one would have cared. Yes she was Joey's goal in the BCT arc, but she didn't need to be there, her only reason FOR being there was so Tristen and Devlin could stay in the show since they were useless too. Tea Garner is the so not so love interest girl that has so spout something about friendship whenever the heavy gets to Atem and Joey.

    The arcs, I have to say that the best one is a filler arc, the one where the Orichalcos is introduced,BTC arc took too long to end, Pegasus Kingdom or whatever made me really say bullshit to what they were doing, Noah's filler arc could have been left out all together, the others I didn't mention pretty much deserved it. The final arc is under the Orichalcos one in entertainment since we finally got to see the Millenium World and Atem's name wasfinally said and it was the end to the series with one of the best duels in the show. 4 parter Yugi vs Atem.

    Oh yeah, Kaiba was a total asshat with a weird Blue Eyes fetish, I don't get the appeal except from the abridged series. The Shadow Realm was a threat but not much since to bring the person back all you have to do is beat the person who sent them there.

    It's dub for 4kids is actually ok compared to the other shit they dubbed (thank you Funimation for being made).

    Overall this series is a soft 6 with me.
  • Top Shows - Go for the subtitled version though

    Complete (03-13)
  • A classic anime

  • Classic is the best

    the classic yugioh with yugi and kaiba etc was always the best. Loved watching it back then
  • Just a great anime

    Originally, I grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters watching the dub by 4Kids, but I started to get into the Japanese version when I was in my teens. I'm not a weeaboo or anything though. If there's one good thing 4Kids did with this show, it's that they dubbed it from the beginning all the way to the end. Whereas dub GX and dub 5D's where left incomplete. Definitely watchable and great for teens and adults to get into. But if I had to recommend which version to watch, it would be the original Japanese version raw or subbed.
  • Love it!

    I grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh! Just an incredibly good anime and great journey for not only kids but people to watch!
  • R u fuckin kidding me

    Yu Gi Yo has rate 8.6 how?
  • one of the best anime shows, not just for kids, but for all!

    compared to other anime shows for kids that were around at the same time as yo gi oh, none of them, including Pokemon, held a candle th the very thick and thoroughly executed plot line o yu gi show is more a soap opera for children then anything else. this makes it just as appealing to adults as it is for kids. i mean sure kids are in it fore the monsters and action (as am i)but then there is the history enmeshed in the plot that is also awesome. i mean Egyptian mythology from the standpoint of a Japanese animated show for kids is pretty awesome. the characters are memorable and fun the villains are really bad ass and the plot line is rich and thoroughly all its own. i am a sucker for monsters of any kind, from fantasy to mythology to video game what have you. then there is the all to familiar concepts of trust, friendship, courage, steadfastness, and bravery that encapsulate shows of this type. the show is completely awesome and because of what i previously stated i will always be a fan of the show.
  • It's Not about the goddamn Card game

    I LOVE YuGiOh and always have. The duels were exciting, the protagonists were lovable, and the villains could be pretty badass. But like i said in my GX review, people seem to miss the whole picture. This show had card games, this show had bad guys, this show had an english dub that was far inferior to the original, but so what? This show was about a shy high school kid who was at his lowest point, too weak and passive to fight back at the bullies in his life, too shy to make friends or even ask out his crush, who also happens to be his only friend at the time. But the point of this show is that this little kid found himself with the power of the Pharaoh, the power to beat back those who would do harm to this world. Because what is Atem? He is everything Yugi wanted to be, everything he hoped to be, and in the end they are the same person, just two halves of a whole. The meaning behind YuGiOh is that everyone of us as the ability to do as we will, we all have a power. And while that may not mean we can "banish" the minds of evildoers to hell like Yami, it sure as hell means we can all do SOMETHING. The show also teaches us the opposite. With the greatest villains of the show, Marik and Bakura, we see the opposite of Yugi Motou. They are some bad guys, Bakura being the thief king big bad of the series and Marik, while bad himself, possessing possibly the most terrifying alter ego in animation. The point of them is this: We all have this power, but it's not always used for good. The show is about choice, it's about what we do with this power we have. The actual show itself is very dynamic. You have Yugi dealing with all the issues of high school life while also dealing with an alter ego and saving the world. You have Marik, who's only bad because his own family abused, tortured, and trapped him underground for 12 years all "in the name of the Pharaoh". He was just a kid who wanted to see the outside world and was denied. Bakura watched as a little kid as his entire village and everyone he knew was slaughtered and sacrificed by Yami's father. There are points in this show where hero and villain blend, and you can't tell who's who. That's one of the things that make a good villain, when you can't even tell that they're the bad guy. The other thing is shown in Marik's Yami. If you felt sorry for Marik, you didn't for this guy. In the dub he was bad, but in the original he was downright terrifying. If any "children's" (it was meant for a more mature audience until 4kids got a hold on it) anime character could make you rush under the covers, it was this guy. No lust for revenge, no remorse, just an unstoppable desire to kill, driven only by his sadomasochistic insanity. He's also the one villain who never lost. This is what made YuGiOh what it was, what it is. This is what it means to me, and all the piece of shit sequels that followed, while they might have been good on their own, simply spat in the face of this show. And Takahashi, the creator of Yugioh, i don't exactly hold him in high regards after abandoning Yugi, his greatest character, after having lost not just a friend, but a part of himself, and never exploring his emotional distress or even continuing his love interest with Tea. But i loved this show, i love it now, and i always will. I can only hope that someday they take a look back and remember what this show meant, and maybe then we'll have a real sequel
  • The best show

    Yu-gi-oh is very interesting and can learn you about friendship and much more thing
  • This show sucks.

    This show sucks. It is very unrealistic. I.E. When the stupid grandpa lost the duel in season 1 or whatever, it seems that like his "power" was drained. The characters overreact when they play their cards. Every episode is the same thing! The plot sucks. Everytime a character loses a game it seems like they're dying inside. its a stupid show! Common!!! I admit i found this show interesting at first but I as soon as I realized every episode is pretty much the same thing and everything was overreacted I completely stoped. I pity any one who watches this pices of crap.
  • "Trust in the heart of the cards." Trust in this show, you won't be disappointed.

    Yugioh. The show that inspired rip-offs, parodies, movies, and a line of merchandise, Yugioh still stands out. The concept of the show was actually very original, about a boy and his trust in the heart of his cards. Though it might seem a bit strange, the formula works out great. There's also a variety of great characters, with good character design, and character development. Yugi is the main character, and tries to be friends with everyone, even when he is bullied. He owns one of the Millenium objects, the Millenium Puzzle that brings out an alter ego, Yami Yugi. Yami helps Yugi to get better at dueling as well as to stand up for himself. Joey is Yugi's best friend and is stubborn when it comes to duels. Tea and Tristan are primarily supportive characters who cheer Joey and Yugi on, though they can duel with their own. Kaiba is Yugi's rival, and Yugi is the only one that Kaiba acknowledges as a true competiter. There are so many other characters that help or harm, like Mai or Marik. The voice acting is also decent. When there are jokes, they're usually funny, if not corny. The action scenes, or duels, are pretty nice, though it's annoying at times since it overlaps into episodes and practically every episode centers around some sort of duel. I have only one problem with the show, when they preach about the heart of the cards. I like the idea, but when it's in every difficult duel, I have a problem.

    Ultimately, Yugioh has great characters, an original premise, and nice interesting duels. Watch it. (Surprisingly, 4Kids didn't do too bad on the dubbing.)
  • Yugioh

    Love this show, it's funny how they take card games so serious. I didn't much care for the other YGO shows that came after it, they seemed lame to me. I shall always love the original.
  • original version good.4kids version bad.littlekuriboh,s abridged version brilliant.card game great.

    the summary describes it good 4kidss ruined a great show but is there anything new in that i don,t get the idea with the shadow realm death is death not teleportation and way too much friendship stuff seriosly there isn,t a single duel in the series where there ain,t anyone who don,t mention friendship its cheesy as #insert your word here# the diffrences between the series card games and real card games are giant now for some random words to make them acept this review yfkv vhy y yk khyyh vyh yg yhg jyg yg yg jy yj ygk ykg u g. EDIT:wow review number 300.
  • The Show that started it all.

    Well what can I say? This is a legendary show that takes a huge part of my memory, I remember seeing the first episode when it aired in the Uk and loved it. I could never forget that first episode, most people remember it for Exodia laying waste to three Blue Eyes White Dragons but I remember it for how much I loved it the first time. The protagonist well really protagonists is a young boy, probably no older than 13 years old who has the best power ever, he has an alter ego that kicks-ass and plays card games, that alter ego's identity is a mystery until it is revealed later in the show. The first season really introduces us to the characters that will feature in the show all the way through to the end, some aren't really explained that well you'll have to get a guide to the show in order to understand some character motives, but it doesn't matter because the card games are what you came to see, are they not? Overall I love this show, it was the first anime I watched and I've started sketching and watching anime becuse of its influence.
  • The show that inspired countless ripoffs, merchandise, and parodies ranging from good, ok, bad to god-awful, but still stands as the most original, innovative show ever--about a boy and his trading cards.

    One word: innovative. Another: fresh. Another: famous. This is the franchise that started it all: the geeky conventions (anybody who still thinks geek is an insult must be mad, I take it as a badge of honor), the card collections, the toys, the cosplaying, and tons of parodies: the best in my opinion being Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi's Stupi-Doh card franchise. The show is actiony, awesome, excellent. Too bad it was replaced by YugiOhGX, which is an alright show--if not somewhat a tad corny compared to the original. This show originated the EyedScreen fad (where half the screen is cut during a battle with a villain, and only both the opponent's eyes and the protagonist's eyes are seen) and the cards look wonderful, especially Dark Magician Girl and Magician Girl. For my last words, even if you're not a geeky fan of the show, I suggest you watch it...you'll like it at the most.
  • The single greatest American dubbed anime ever!

    Yu-Gi-Oh Gx and 5D suck really bad, but the original Yugioh tv show was epic. I tuned in to Kids WB every Saturday morning to catch a new episode of Yugioh when it was still coming on. I even own the entire first season and some of the second on vhs and dvd. The tv show introduced the greatest card game ever, Duel Monsters! I collected the cards and it seemed like just about every one else did as well. I have the video games, shirts, toys, and the manga on which the tv show was based. I was crazy into it, much like the Pokemon series. Anyway, this show is part of my childhood and a classic in it's own right.
  • Great

    Whilst I think the last season or two was weird, I think this is classic. This introduced as humans to the exciting game of Yu-Gi-Oh, a game which some of my friends {and we're in high school} play. So it is definitely popular and memorable. I think this anime is really good and I like it loads more then the manga. The stories were pretty good, as were some of the graphics. I think the end could've been a little better, but still great. My overall grade would be an A, and I strongly recommend to all who love anime

    This is a classic example of an amazing show. First off, the first season was the best cartoon season of any show, in history, in my opinion. The story line, the dialogue, everything was amazing. I loved the Give up the Ghost Series, and Seto Kaiba is just so cool and same with Pegasus, I mean I can't really think of words to describe this. I recommend watching the entire first season, and then I promise you will love this show, even if you're in like high school. This show is for ages 7-100, everybody can learn to like it. I really recomend this, I'm in high school and so is my sister and we both love it.

    Also, I just have to mention that my favorite duels were Yugi Vs. the Ghost Kaiba, Pegasus vs yugi, Yugi vs marik, and kaiba vs yugi
  • definitely deserves best in animation

    There is no other way to start a review for this show than by saying, it is awesome. This show is perhaps the finest example of animation that I have seen done this decade. Each and every season of this show from the second one forward improved upon the previous one and added a new depth and intrigue to the show at the same time. I liked the first season and thought the show could get no better than that. And then I saw the second one, the one after that, and so forward. My only regret of watching this show is that I know that since it is so great, producers of other shows will inevitably copy its source material or plot lines into lame and shallow stories in other shows for years to come.
  • its ok

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  • Though it took a while to get me to watch it, I loved this series in the end.

    The Yu-Gi-Oh series seemed like a really stupid copy of Pokemon the first time I heard of it. My cousin finally managed to convince me to watch the show and it took about a half an episode to get me hooked. The episode I first saw was the one where Joey is under Marik's control and has to fight Yugi. The loser will be dragged to the bottom of the ocean. Of course, this is a kids show and they wouldn't actually do that, but the idea still scared me...

    I think what I liked most about this show was the bond between the characters. They are best friends and are there for each other no matter what, and each character has their own moments of growth and progress. They go from being naive and carefree to much older and much more aware of the dangers of the world as well as a lot more confident in who they are.

    My favourite character in the series was Joey. His story always fascinated me. He used to bully Yugi and after Yugi stepped in and protected him, they became friends. His parents divorced when he was young and his mother took his sister and left him with his dad. I love his relationship with his sister and how he really cares for her and would take a bullet for her without question.

    Noah's virtual reality was my favourite part of the series. I always like the idea of actually being inside a video game and this was pretty much what the characters were going through.

    All in all, this series had some great parts and some not so great parts, but it was still a fun show to watch.
  • This show is horrible!

    Yu Gi Oh is so damn stupid i mean it's just all a huge scam to get kids' money out of them along with Pokemon(though this show is even worse than Pokemon and that show is actually improving but i still don't like it) i dunno why everyone likes it so much i never ever liked this show and i never will i was into Pokemon when i was 8 to 10 but immediately stopped when i was 11 this, however i never liked and don't you Yu Gi Oh fans go ahead and insulting me just because i hate this show and might like whatever you think is stupid this show is not "South Park" or "Family Guy" it's not like i hate those shows though i haven't seen the uncut version the uncut version might actually be good than this damn 4Kids dub Yu Gi Oh GX isn't that much better either i'm so glad this show is cancelled.