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  • "Trust in the heart of the cards." Trust in this show, you won't be disappointed.

    Yugioh. The show that inspired rip-offs, parodies, movies, and a line of merchandise, Yugioh still stands out. The concept of the show was actually very original, about a boy and his trust in the heart of his cards. Though it might seem a bit strange, the formula works out great. There's also a variety of great characters, with good character design, and character development. Yugi is the main character, and tries to be friends with everyone, even when he is bullied. He owns one of the Millenium objects, the Millenium Puzzle that brings out an alter ego, Yami Yugi. Yami helps Yugi to get better at dueling as well as to stand up for himself. Joey is Yugi's best friend and is stubborn when it comes to duels. Tea and Tristan are primarily supportive characters who cheer Joey and Yugi on, though they can duel with their own. Kaiba is Yugi's rival, and Yugi is the only one that Kaiba acknowledges as a true competiter. There are so many other characters that help or harm, like Mai or Marik. The voice acting is also decent. When there are jokes, they're usually funny, if not corny. The action scenes, or duels, are pretty nice, though it's annoying at times since it overlaps into episodes and practically every episode centers around some sort of duel. I have only one problem with the show, when they preach about the heart of the cards. I like the idea, but when it's in every difficult duel, I have a problem.

    Ultimately, Yugioh has great characters, an original premise, and nice interesting duels. Watch it. (Surprisingly, 4Kids didn't do too bad on the dubbing.)