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  • It's Not about the goddamn Card game

    I LOVE YuGiOh and always have. The duels were exciting, the protagonists were lovable, and the villains could be pretty badass. But like i said in my GX review, people seem to miss the whole picture. This show had card games, this show had bad guys, this show had an english dub that was far inferior to the original, but so what? This show was about a shy high school kid who was at his lowest point, too weak and passive to fight back at the bullies in his life, too shy to make friends or even ask out his crush, who also happens to be his only friend at the time. But the point of this show is that this little kid found himself with the power of the Pharaoh, the power to beat back those who would do harm to this world. Because what is Atem? He is everything Yugi wanted to be, everything he hoped to be, and in the end they are the same person, just two halves of a whole. The meaning behind YuGiOh is that everyone of us as the ability to do as we will, we all have a power. And while that may not mean we can "banish" the minds of evildoers to hell like Yami, it sure as hell means we can all do SOMETHING. The show also teaches us the opposite. With the greatest villains of the show, Marik and Bakura, we see the opposite of Yugi Motou. They are some bad guys, Bakura being the thief king big bad of the series and Marik, while bad himself, possessing possibly the most terrifying alter ego in animation. The point of them is this: We all have this power, but it's not always used for good. The show is about choice, it's about what we do with this power we have. The actual show itself is very dynamic. You have Yugi dealing with all the issues of high school life while also dealing with an alter ego and saving the world. You have Marik, who's only bad because his own family abused, tortured, and trapped him underground for 12 years all "in the name of the Pharaoh". He was just a kid who wanted to see the outside world and was denied. Bakura watched as a little kid as his entire village and everyone he knew was slaughtered and sacrificed by Yami's father. There are points in this show where hero and villain blend, and you can't tell who's who. That's one of the things that make a good villain, when you can't even tell that they're the bad guy. The other thing is shown in Marik's Yami. If you felt sorry for Marik, you didn't for this guy. In the dub he was bad, but in the original he was downright terrifying. If any "children's" (it was meant for a more mature audience until 4kids got a hold on it) anime character could make you rush under the covers, it was this guy. No lust for revenge, no remorse, just an unstoppable desire to kill, driven only by his sadomasochistic insanity. He's also the one villain who never lost. This is what made YuGiOh what it was, what it is. This is what it means to me, and all the piece of shit sequels that followed, while they might have been good on their own, simply spat in the face of this show. And Takahashi, the creator of Yugioh, i don't exactly hold him in high regards after abandoning Yugi, his greatest character, after having lost not just a friend, but a part of himself, and never exploring his emotional distress or even continuing his love interest with Tea. But i loved this show, i love it now, and i always will. I can only hope that someday they take a look back and remember what this show meant, and maybe then we'll have a real sequel
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