Yu-Gi-Oh! - Season 0

The WB (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • The Secret of Yugi is Revealed!
    Since Yugi's Grandad's friend is an archeologist, Yugi and his freinds were invited to the museum to look at treasures from Ancient Egypt. Then, the curator begged Yugi for a loan of the millennium puzzle. Yugi gives him the puzzle for a day but has trouble when he tries to get it back.moreless
  • Finished! The Greatest Game Land
    Yugi and his friends go to the amusement park with Ryo bakura who is his new classmate. Then they found a message from Kaiba saying that if yugi wanted his Grandad back he would have to go to Kaibaland alone.
  • It's Come! The Strongest Monster!
    A new student at school, Seto Kaiba, seems to be friendly with Yugi, since they have a common interest: the hot new trading-card game "Magic and Wizards" (AKA Duel Monsters). But in reality, Kaiba is just trying to get at a powerful rare card, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, that belongs to Yugi's grandfather. When Kaiba steals the cards, and Yugi's friends Jounouchi and Honda get savagely beaten trying to get it back, Yugi challenges Kaiba to the ultimate game of Duel Monsters... a Shadow Game!moreless
  • The Rare Watch Battle
    In order to impress his crush, Miho, Honda manages to get his hands on a rare "D-Watch" wristwatch, planning to give it to her as a gift. Unfortunately, it gets stolen by an unscrupulous collector who's obessed with rare timepieces. So it's up to Yugi to get the D-Watch back by turning the collector's obsession with clocks against him in a Shadow Game.moreless
  • Come On! The Great Yo-Yo Style
    Jonouchi was missing from school so Honda goes to his house to check up on him. His parents told Honda that he hadn't been home since yesterday. Honda saw Jonouchi hanging around with his old "no good" friends. Honda goes to help him.
  • A Beautiful Teacher with Concealed Face
    Yugi is walking home from school when Jounouchi and Honda join him. Yugi doesn't like Honda walking home with them but he doesn't say it out loud. Then Jounouchi says that they have something to talk about with Yugi, Hondagoes crazy and tells Jounouchi not to tell Yugi. Yugi wonders if it's about Honda while Honda is stating the fact that Yugi's got a grudge against him and will tell the whole school. Jounouchi says that Yugi isn't that kind of person. So Jounouchi tells Yugi that Honda is in love with the student librarian, Miho Nosaka a.k.a. Ribbon. He then explains that they need a way to get Ribbon to notice Honda and was wondering if they could get something from Yugi's game shop. Yugi agrees and they buy a blank Jigsaw Puzzle from Yugi's grandpa. But Honda doesn't know what to write because he's never written a love letter before, so he asks Yugi to write it. Later that night Yugi is stuck writing Honda's Love Jigsaw Puzzle and he ends up writing; My beloved Ribbon You look perfect in your yellow ribbon I love you more than anything in the universe. From Hiroto Honda. In the morning the trio get together before school to put it in Ribbon's (Miho) desk. The scene then changes to Ms. Chono who's walking to her classroom right when the bell rings. All of the male teachers are talking about how they want to date her, and how she expelled 15 kids in just 6 months. Also that the students call her "The Wicked Witch of Expel". The Vice Principal asks Ms. Chono how her date went, she says that he wasn't up to her standards and that she needed to get to class. Ms. Chono is now in the bathroom (well i'm assuming the bathroom since their's a sink and a mirror). Then she punches the mirror because the Vice Principal reminded her that her other date had dumped her. She gets angry but calms down because she needs to redo her make up. At class Ms. Chono announces that it's 'Inspection Time', or time to empty your contents on your desk. Yugi and Jouncouhi freak out, but Tristan just stares with disbelief. Meanwhile, Ribbon's found the gift in her desk and she wonders what it is. Ms. Chono then is happy because the students look 'terrified' and 'guilty'. Then she walks down the aisle to Ribbon's desk and picks up the present from Honda. Then Ms. Chono takes it to her desk, opens it, and starts putting it together. Then she asks who gave this to Miho (Ribbon, i like switching off names...) and Honda stands up to find out that Jounouchi and Yugi are standing too. Then Ms. Chono asks why all three of them are standing and then realizes that she can just finish the puzzle to figure out who sent it. Then Yugi lets Yami take over (no one knows the difference yet though) and he turns the Jigsaw Puzzle into a Shadow Game, so as much as she hurts others, she will hurt herself. Ms. Chono finsihes the puzzle and is announcing the name when her face clicks off in jigsaw puzzle pieces. The make up is removed and all that is left is Ms. Chono's ugly face, which the other kids in the class point out happily. She then runs out of the room and threatens to get them if any of them tell anoyone else her secret. Yugi then comes back with no memory of what just happened. Later, Tristan screws up his courage and asks Ribbon out directly. But she refused him. The three are now friends! ;)moreless
  • The Worst Date and a Bomb Game
    ANzu starts to notice the difference between Yugi and Yami Yugi, when they go on a date together to the amusement park. Kourano threathens her and Yugi acts differently than she thought.
  • Come Out! The Last and Strongest Game Master
    Kaiba's mentor named Daimon is near death but he is determined to fight against Yugi as the last of the big four. When he sees Yugi it reminds him of a time when Kaiba was kind.
  • A Fussy Battle! Popularity Contest
    The treasure of the Himekouij fan club spends the whole school's budget on it. He is in love with Milo and wants to prove it.
  • The Movement of the 4 Game Masters
    Sir Ridley Sheldon from England is the master of the game. Kaiba resents yugi and makes sure that Sheldon beats Yugi in their match.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie
    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie
    Episode 10
    Shougo Aoyama is a younger kid (say, Mokuba's age) who is too afraid of losing to develop the skill he need to actually win. His dilemma only becomes more acute when he makes the lucky draw of a pack that contains the rare Red-Eyes B. Dragon. He can now hide behind his powerful card, claiming that it'd be unfair for him to Duel against lesser opponents, who would be clearly outmatched from the start. Kaiba hears that someone has pulled the Red-Eyes and tells his flunky to add Shougo's name to the list for his upcoming Duel Monsters Invitational Tournament. Apparently, Kaiba fills the role of Pegasus in this story, serving as both the creator and champion of the Duel Monsters card game. Shortly, both Yugi and Shougo receive invitations. Like the Battle City tournament, losing Duelists must forfeit their rarest cards, which will ultimately go to the overall winner. Shougo panics at the thought of losing the Red-Eyes, without which he feels he's nothing, and refuses the invitation. But apparently that's not an option and soon one of Kaiba's goons appears to collect Shougo or his rare card, since failure to Duel constitutes a loss and this an automatic forfeiture. Yugi comes to Shougo's defense and both get beaten up, losing both Shougo's Red-Eyes and Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. Jyonouchi goes after the goon and also gets soundly beaten, but manages to get the Red-Eyes back. The goon takes the Puzzle to Kaiba. Yugi tells to come and watch him win the tournament and show Kaiba what it means to be a True Duelist. When he enters the arena, Kaiba is just finishing up a conventional tabletop Duel with Dinosaur Ryuuzaki (Rex Raptor), who has clearly lost. Kaiba tells Yugi that he's been waiting for him to show up, tossing the Puzzle back contemptuously. Yugi transforms as Kaiba signals for the stage to be changed into his new Solid Vision System. Both he and Yugi don Duel Disks that hold their decks, but there's no tray on which to play the cards, just the disk itself. Instead, the cards are thrown up into the air, where they transform into human-sized holographic "cards" that stand in front of each opponent. As each card in this virtual "hand" is played, it rotates to face the opponent before either transforming into a Monster or activating its Spell or Trap effect. Monster Cards placed in Defense rotate horizontally before transforming. Yugi's first card is 12 Curse of Dragon. Kaiba counters with 108 Dark Zorla, a Monster that exists only in the Bandai OCG and never made it into the Konami Duel Monsters OCG. Yugi then plays a Field Spell Card, 112 Dragon Vein of Mother Earth (jpn. Daichi no Ryuumyaku), another card that doesn't exist in Duel Monsters as we know it, which increases the ATK and DEF of Dragon-type Monsters by 800 points. Kaiba summons 61 Battle Ox (jpn. Minotaurus) and Yugi counters with 11 Gaia the Fierce Knight (jpn. Dark Knight Gaia), then Kaiba summons 9 Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which Yugi counters with 14 Dark Magician (jpn. Black Magician), protecting it with 109 Magical Hats (jpn. Magic Silk Hat) and throwing in 110 Spellbinding Circle (jpn. Hexagram Curse). Oddly, it's animated here with a four-pointed star, but the actual card does, in fact, has a hexagram on it. In a familiar sequence, Blue-Eyes destroys the hat in which Yugi placed the Spellbinding Circle, weakening it enough for the Dark Magician to destroy it. Kaiba plays his second Blue-Eyes and destroys Dark Magician. Yugi goes on the defensive and summons 27 Celtic Guardian (jpn. Elf Swordsman) in Defense mode. Kaiba then summons TA1 The Wicked Chain (jpn. Jyaakunaru Kusagi), activates 88 Monster Reborn (jpn. Raise Dead) to bring back his first Blue-Eyes back from the Graveyard, summons his third Blue-Eyes and then uses The Wicked Chain to bind to link them all together into the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Troika (jpn. Blue-Eyes White Dragon Santai Renketsu), which blows Yugi's Celtic Guardian away. (Of course, in the actual Bandai OCG, the player would lay down the 114, 115, 116 and 117 cards to create the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Troika combo or use the two promo cards, TA1 The Wicked Chain and TA2 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Troika, an all-in-one version of the four-card combo.) Thereafter, all Yugi can do is play one Monster after another in Defense mode: 34 Beaver Warrior (jpn. Ruis), 21 Summoned Skull (jpn. Demon Summon), 24 Blackland Fire Dragon (jpn. Dark Dragon) and 111 Meteor Dragon. During this time, it becomes apparent that Yugi has drawn Shougo Aoyama's 10 Red-Eyes B. Dragon, but is holding it back because it's not his own card and he hasn't received Shougo's permission to use it. Jyonouchi explains that he swapped the Red-Eyes for Yugi's 29 Silver Fang after he won it back from the goon, marking it with his blood in the process, because he felt Shougo might as well not have it if he wasn't ever going to actually play it. After destroying Yugi's monsters one by one, Kaiba finally plays a Spell Card called here (in English, no less) Unguard Magic, which actually exists in Duel Monsters as Stop Defense, although in the early dubbed episodes it's sometimes called Defense Paralysis. This time, however, the card doesn't exist in the Bandai OCG at all, only in this anime and the subsequent Konami OCG. Just as Kaiba is about to destroy Meteor Dragon, Shougo, encouraged by Jyonouchi's pep talk and Yugi's example, stands up and tells Yugi to stop holding back and to go ahead and play his Red-Eyes, which is Yugi's cue to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. He activates Polymerization (jpn. Fusion) to combine Meteor Dragon and Red-Eyes into 113 Meteor B. Dragon to destroy the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Troika. Kaiba acknowledges defeat and withdraws gracefully, warning Yugi that he'll be back when he's even stronger for a rematch. Shougo returns home with the Red-Eyes and newfound confidence in himself, going on to become a star at the Duel Monsters Center, instructing others on what it means to be a True Duelist.moreless
  • Monster Capsule King! The Final Great Battle
    After finishing the third stage, Yugi must face Mokuba, Kaiba does not think that Mokuba will win but Mokuba is determined.
  • Don't Touch the Forbidden Game
    Sugoroku is concerned about Yugi because he brought home a terrible game than is based on Yin and Yang in China. Yugi claims he borrowed it from his friend, Imori.
  • Decision Time! The Miracle of Friendship
    In the Final stage of Death-T Yugi finally battles Kaiba. Kaiba keeps on getting the advantage with his strong monsters but Yugi uses a combo to keep them back and destroy them. But Kaiba summons all 3 of his Blue Eyes White Dragons 3000(X)/2500(X) that were used to beat Grandpa. Meanwhile Joey plays a game of Death-T when Miho is the controller to all Jonouchi's moves. But Jounouchi's opponet is a profesional. Then Honda jumps in the water and rescue's Grandpa right when Yugi draws the 5 piece Exoida set witch allows him to win. Then the battle with Jounouchi stops now thats Death-T ended and Yugi destroys the evil in Kaiba's mind makeing him almost dead until he solves the pieces to his mind so it can be pured. Mokuba then comes out and tells them about his and Seto's past. As Yugi and the gang leave the Evil in Bakura shows.moreless
  • Last Minute Match! The Invited Model
    Kaiba calls on the third most powerful duelist to play against Yugi. Her name is Irene Lao, a model in daily life who is an excellent gamer.
  • Friendship - From Legend to Myth
    Zork forces Yugi and the gang into a corner so he can do his Final Attack. Dark Bakura gets sick of Bakura destracting him through his left hand and shoves it through one of the towers makeing a big hole in it. Bakura then comes out of Zork as the White Wizard who's on a high level and helps Yugi and the gang fight Zork. In a tough battle Zork starts getting weaker but Yugi and the gang start getting really weak. Then the White Wizard Bakura sacrifices himself to injure Zork and the gang uses the final blow has Dark Yugi rolls a critical. Dark Yugi rolls another critical so The White Wizard Bakura can be reborn. The next day the evil spirit is gone,Bakura dosn't where the ring,and there all friends as Bakura sya that they should go to Monster World again.moreless