Season 4 Episode 19

Self Destruction

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 29, 2005 on The WB
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As the train to Florida crashes, Dartz senses that the Pharaoh is being shielded from him and sends Rafael to find him. Meanwhile, Yami Yugi and Téa wake up to find themselves being cared for by a small girl, Chris, and her wolf friend Sky. Meeting up with Chris's grandfather, Ironheart, Yami Yugi is lead to an ancient site where he will hopefully be able to forgive himself for what happened to Yugi. However as the Pharaoh and Yugi meet face to face, the reunion does not look set to be a happy one. Yugi insists on dueling against his other self, which confuses Yami Yugi. He's even more confused after Yugi plays the Seal of Orichalcos soon after the duel begins! Yugi wants Yami Yugi to pay for what he did by having his soul sealed up too. He then uses the same strategy used by Yami Yugi in his duel against Rafael by using Catapult Turtle to fire monsters, but the Pharaoh activates Divine Wind, reflecting the attack back at Yugi. But even as he disappears, Yugi smiles, because he knows that Yami Yugi was able to defeat the darkness of his heart.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When the Pharaoh is walking through the valley you see spirits of Panik, The Paradox Brothers, The Fake Kaiba, Evil Marik, Arkana, and Rare Hunter.

    • This duel makes a lot more sense in the Japanese version. First, Yami seems to be dueling some reflection of himself rather than the actual Yugi. Second, Yugi explains after he wins that this was a test because if he was truly evil, no matter how skilled he was, he couldn't have won the duel.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (The Pharaoh is now down to 200 life points)
      Yugi: One more attack, and you'll become a prisoner of the Orichalcos just like me!
      Pharaoh: Oh no, I can't lose! If I do, then I can't set you free, and two worlds will crumble!
      Yugi: So what, you're evil remember? Last time, you didn't care who suffered!

    • (After Pharaoh has won the duel)
      Yugi: You passed the test, pal.
      Pharaoh: What are you talking about? Did you plan this all along?
      Yugi: It was the only way. By defeating me, you were able to defeat the darkness that was inside your heart. It wasn't easy, but you did what was best for me, and for mankind. You acted like a true hero.
      Pharaoh: But, now what?
      Yugi: Don't give up this fight. Remember, I'm always with you.
      (Yugi disappears)
      Pharaoh: I'll save you!... No matter what it takes!

    • Pharaoh: Yugi wait! Are you holding the card I think you are?!
      Yugi: It sounds like you're starting to catch on! Aren't you, you highness?

  • NOTES (1)