Season 4 Episode 19

Self Destruction

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jan 29, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

The train from the last episode crashes into the ocean, and Dartz suddenly finds out that he has lost contact with the pharaoh. Furious, he sends out Raphael to seek him out. Meanwhile, Yami Yugi awakes with Tea in a tent, and a small girl named Chris says that she and her dog, Skye (who starts licking Yami) found them on the train and sheltered them. Chris leads them to her grandfather, known as Ironheart. Ironheart has Yami Yugi's deck out on the ground, looking at the Dark Magician, Mirror Force, etc. Ironheart is shocked to see Yami Yugi has Timeaus in his deck. After accepting the deck from Ironheart, Yami Yugi feels like he doesn't deserve to have Timeaus and gives the card back to Ironheart. Ironheart says that they found him and Tea in the train, but Tea wonders where Weevil was. Ironheart says there wasn't another soul on board, and Yami Yugi is sure Weevil couldn't have escaped, not in the condition he was in.

Ironheart points out that Yami doesn't look so well, and he says it's because he lost a close friend. Chris says they have a spot where he can find the spirits of other people. Determined to apologize to Yugi for what he did, Yami Yugi follows Ironheart, Chris, and Skye over a mountain cliff. After Tea nearly falls, they arrive in a sacred land. What's more, Chris says that only one person is allowed to be in the sacred ring at once.

Meanwhile, Raphael comes to the train wreck and he can't find anyone or anything, except for some water. He then decides to follow the mountains, leading to the sacred spirit land. Meanwhile, Yami Yugi jumps off the rock they are all standing on and heads toward the sacred land. Chris warns him that there are also evil spirits there - seeking revenge! Yami Yugi doesn't care, and continues on, unaware that small clear bubbles are following him. Yami Yugi wonders what they are, and he is shocked to see that they slowly appear in human form! The two nearest bubbles to Yami Yugi turn out to be the Paradox Brothers. Chris says the evil spirits are trying to get their revenge, and Tea starts getting worried.

Yami Yugi is shaken, but he decides to walk through them, and in doing so, the spirits just go right through them, unaffecting him. Yami just continues to walk through the spirits of Marik, Arkana, Weevil, and more until he finally enters the sacred ring. Suddenly, he starts hearing voices, and he is surprised to see Yugi appear in front of him! Yami Yugi suddenly rushes out to him to hug Yugi, but he just goes right through him. Yami Yugi realizes Yugi is also a spirit and starts apologizing to him. Yugi says that he is sorry too, but suddenly, he turns angry and says that Yami Yugi has evil in his heart and Yami didn't even care what happened to Yugi in their duel with Raphael. While Yami tries to argue with Yugi, Yugi ignores him and challenges him to a duel.

Yami Yugi is shocked, but Yugi says that they must go through it so Yami Yugi's spirit can be trapped with him! As much as Yami Yugi wants to find another way of settling things by duelling, he has no choice, and is forced to duel with Yugi. From the rock, Tea is getting worried about the fact that Yami Yugi and Yugi are starting to duel. As they both start with 4000 Life Points and draw their cards, Ironheart says that a duel is the only way to settle things out between the two.

Yugi says that he will make the first move, simply placing one monster in defensive mode, but Yami Yugi summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (1500/1200) and attacks the defensive monster. It turns out to be another Gazelle, and Yami Yugi asks Yugi if they have identical hands. Yugi ignores Yami and places another card in face down defensive mode. Yugi attacks that monster, which turns out to be Sangan (1000/600), so Yugi can add one monster with an ATK of 1500 or less from his deck and add it to his hand. Yami then summons Bermefroth (1400/1800) and then plays Polymerization to form Chimera the Flying Beast (2100/1800) and attacks Yugi's Life Points directly (Yugi's LP: 1900). As the duel rages on, Yugi activates Card Destruction, discarding both players' hands to the graveyard.

Yugi then activates the one and only card - Seal of Orchalis, raising all of his monsters attack power by 500, and whoever loses the duel will lose their soul! Yugi activates Monster Reborn to summon Dark Magician Girl (2000/1700), the card he discarded to the graveyard, with an attack power of 2500. What's more, he boosts up her attack power by 500 by a magic card known as Magic Forumula (ATK: 3000). Yugi destroys Chimera the Flying Beast (Yami's LP: 3100), but Yami says when Chimera gets sent to the graveyard, he can automatically summon Bermefroth in defensive mode. Yugi then summons Queen's Knight (1500/1600) with an attack of 2000 and destroys Bermefroth. Yugi says there's still more as he summons Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (1400/1200) with an attack power of 1900 and attacks Yugi's Life Points directly (Yami's LP: 1200).

As Yami Yugi tries to find a way out of this situation, he plays Giant Soldier of Stone (1300/2000) in defensive mode and sets one card. Yugi says it is all over for Yami as he summons the Catapult Turtle to the field (by sacrificing his Obnoxious Celtic Guardian) and says he will use the same strategy that Yami used against Raphael. Yami begs Yugi not to do this, but Yugi doesn't care and sacrifices his Queen's Knight and sends the energy right to Yami (Yami's LP: 200). As Yugi sacrifices his Dark Magician Girl to the Catapult Turtle, Yami Yugi says that what he did was wrong but Yugi doesn't care and attacks Yami. Yami screams, but never less activates his trap card, Divine Wind, which reflected the attack right by Yugi and doubles the damage. As the attack hits Yugi, Yugi himself smiles and says that was a good move (Yugi's LP: 0000) and Yami rushes over, but Yugi says that Yami has finally conquered the evil that lurked within his heart.


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