Season 2 Episode 48

Showdown in the Shadows (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 01, 2003 on The WB
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As Marik and Bakura continue their Shadow Duel atop the Kaiba Corp blimp, Tea awakes to find herself in Bakura's room. However, she is shocked to see that Bakura is gone. Tea figures that Yugi might know where he his, so she goes down the hall and over to Yugi's room. Yugi wakes up, and decides that it is possible Bakura and Marik could be dueling. Tea and Yugi go to the top of the blimp to see the dueling field covered in the purple fog of the Shadow Realm, and calling upon the pharaoh, Yugi prepares to enter the looming fog. Meanwhile, Yami Marik and Yami Bakura's duel continues as Bakura has lost most of his body and Marik's Life Points are untouched. Marik's plan is coming to a boil, when Bakura gets the Winged Dragon of Ra and and is tricked into summoning it, provided Marik with the chance of victory!moreless

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  • Yami Bakura VS Yami Marik duel

    The duel continues with Yami Marik's LP Unharmed as he laughs at Yami Bakura.. It's now Yami Marik's turn, and he draws.. Yami Bakura tells him to hurry up so he can summon Ra..

    Yami Malik then explains something about his rod, and how the spirit will like to rule over Marik's body forever.. Marik then tells Yami Malik that he will do no such thing and that he disrespects the Ishar family..

    Yami Malik doesn't care and he activates a magic card from his hand "Vengeful Bog Spirit" as revenge from the trouble Yami Bakura gave him before.. Both players now can't summon and attack on the same turn, monsters must wait one turn before attacking..

    With Yami Bakura having all three monsters on the field to summon Ra, he tries to summon Ra on the Duel Disk.. Yami Malik then says "Got Ya!" and activates a trap card (it is unknown at this moment), but the effect of the card absorbs all of the opponent's monsters on the field during a sacrafice and injects them not into Ra, but into Yami Malik's life points.. As Yami Malik's LP keeps getting higher and higher, it almost seems that Yami Bakura can't do a thing to stop him!

    Malik's LP = 8550

    Bakura's LP = 1900

    Since Ra has 0 ATK points, it is useless to Bakura, he then switches on the defense instead of the attack..

    Later on, Yami Malik's monster destroys Puppet Master and Yami Bakura sacrafices Ra to summon Hades The God Of Hell. But it seems that somehow Yami Bakura forgot that Yami Malik has in his hand Resurrection which Bakura "Exchanged" for Ra..

    The tides are turning and Yami Malik announces he will win this duel very soon..

    Yami Bakura is very awake to all of the moves Yami Malik will make.. Yami Bakura feels so hopeless.. And just then, things get worst.. Yami Malik then activates the Resurrection card from his hand which shocks Yami Bakura. He then uses Ra's special ability "one turn kill" (BTW, on a slight note, this episode IS named one turn kill in japan airings).. It allows Malik to sacrafice all but 1 of his life points, and raise Ra's attack and defense strength by that sacrafice of points..

    Yami Malik attacks and wipes out Yami Bakura, Bakura's body then fades and Malik picks up Bakura's ringmoreless

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