Season 3 Episode 22

So Close Yet So Far

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 20, 2004 on The WB

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  • God I wish I had that kind of Technology.

    God I wish I had that Kind of Technology, I could create my very own Virtual world, that Only I could go into to, without the use of VR goggles, I could Create the town that I know from my Childhood, And I would Rule it as It's Queen, and I'll Have my Favorite Daytime Soap Opera Star Joe Mascolo Stefano DIMERA, Days Of Our Lives) to live with me, and Rule with me As My Husband and King, and I'll Have Every Single WWE Superstar and Diva on Raw and SMACKDOWN, and Everyone Else in the WWE, and Everyone On TNA and TCW Too, So They can Live with Us, as our Subjects, and We'll be Happy Living There, and Won't Never, EVVER, want to leave, But as the old saying goes, Only a Person can Dream.
  • Yugi defaats Noah

    As Noah tries to take stock of his defeat against Yugi, he and the others are shocked to discover that Gozaburo Kaiba has also downloaded his mind into the Virtual World and that he is the mastermind behind Noah's plan and that he is planning to take over the world by digitizing the entire world. While Yugi and the others try to convince Noah to release them from their virtual prison to warn the rest of the world, he has other plans as he leads their minds through memories of their Battle City experiences.
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