Season 5 Episode 16

Spiritual Awakening

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 22, 2005 on The WB

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  • Rex and Weeveil return

    [Yami] Bakura did to Rex and Weevil and Bakura says he sent them to the shadow realm. (He didn't really kill them. He only knocked them out in the Japanese. Thankfully...) Bakura says that although he’s letting Yugi have the items back, he’s going to keep one - the ring. He says that he’ll give it back later, though; when the time is right. He also tells Yugi that when all the items are back where they belong, that a doorway to the spirit world is opened and Yami will be set free. Yami then takes over, thinking that Bakura’s telling him lies. Bakura tells Yami that they are more alike then what he believes, that he has to play a game to solve the puzzle of his mind, and walks away
  • Yami Bakura is on the rise!

    Holy crap that was awesome. One problem - the dubbers screweed up once again by adding in the Shadow Realm where it wasn\'t wanted. Mokuba, Rex, and Weevil are just unconscious. They will appear conscious in later episodes while Zorc is trying to destroy the world. Seto already has no regard for Bakura, Yami or otherwise, and I have a feeling he\'s still gonna be pissed when he gets to Egypt and the dubbers will give him some snide remark to say over Bakura\'s inert body. Otherwise, Yami Bakura OWNED with Diabound.
  • One word for this episode: Random.

    I kinda liked this episode.

    It had a Bakura vs. Kaiba duel. The duel was sweet but it was posponed because of the suns rising. Then Bakura gave Kaiba the Millenium eye that can hold secrets of his past. Finally Yugi and his friends head to Ancient Egypt. What does Egypt have in store for them? I sure hope it's something great.
  • Yami Bakura Vs. Kaiba.

    Episode 200. Great dub episode. I've been waiting for this one a long time and it wasn't a let down. Maybe the fact the duel didn't finish and seemed a bit rushed but you get to see bakura duel again. Bakura reclaims the millenium ring and hints to the pharoah about the upcoming rpg shadow game. He also gives Kaiba at the end of the duel the millenium eye and tells him to go to egypt. Alot more is going to be revealed in upcoming episodes. This one was one of the last duels we are going to see.
  • Yam-Bakura gives back the millenium items except the ring and the eye. The goes to duel Kaiba so that he would finally realize his egyptain heritage. Bakura explains that Kaiba has a strong bond with his Blue-eyes for a reason and gives him the millenium

    Not a bad episode but defintely not my favorite. This whole millenium world saga is starting to bore me. I know it's just the beginning but i feel the show isn't going to really get that exciting along the way. Sure there will be duels but from what ive heard, the saga will just be more history of duel monsters. I wished the show just kind of stayed with the old format of just duel monster tournaments
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