Season 5 Episode 31

The Dark One Cometh (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 08, 2006 on The WB

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  • Zorc's reign begins with this episode! Fear: Zorc!

    Zorc's reign begins with this episode! Fear: Zorc! This episode Introduces Zorc, ruler of Darkness. I should've signed up earlier, That way, I would'nt need to Write it now. Oh well, This is part one, So I guess I'll continue with Later episodes. My review's pretty much over. See you in my later reviews! Bye!~
  • Zorc finally awakens!

    This episode was really good! Yugi and Bakura begin thier duel in order to help deceide the fate of the world. This duel finally showcases Yugi's deck and not a combo deck with the Pharaoh. Also, once again Bakura seems to updated his deck to feature some more cards that willl give our hero some trouble. Also, Zorc the Dark One finally awakens! When Thief BAkura and Diabound appeared I was happy to see them back as it added a twist in the plot but instead they fused into the Millennium Tablet and ultimatley into Zorc himself. The worse part of this episode is Shada, one of my favorite Guardians dies. This was a really good episode and the final confrontation of the Anciet World begins!
  • Bakura shows that he in control of Tristan. Zorc is advancing toward Egypt.

    Very interesting how the plot is forming. Kaiba continues to travel through the road of pessimism. This is Yugi's 2nd duel without help. If Bakura gave Yugi the deck, doesn't that give him the advantange? I can't wait until the next episode. When are seasons two thru four going on sale?
  • So much bad editing

    4Kids sucks again! More cheesy lines and Shadow Realm cover-up! They must've forgotten they sent Rex and Weevil to the Shadow Realm cuz the scene with them screaming and fighting against the wind was still in there. I did like a couple lines though, but mostly this really sucked. And why does Kaiba have to be so mean all the time?!
  • 4kids does it again >

    4kids does it again guys! They ruined another death Shada's with the non-existent shadow realm yes the shadow realm doest not exist but shado games do. Anyways this episode was crap to begin with geez I hate how 4kids keeps making Kisara all glowy is she dead of what in their version. One more thing I have to say Seto is not a jerk anymore!! Tell them Seto-chan!

    Seto: I am not a jerk...I have opened up my heart to friendship and I am slowly returning yo the young man i was and ment to be *smiles*
    Me: Aww!!
    Seto: I have a gf now too.
    Me: What's her name?
    Seto: Alex Hitoshi but thats another story.
    Me: Tune in next week for my rants and raves on Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Pharoah's Memory ok. btw I give this episode a 1.2 but japanese gets a 9.9.
    Seto: Before we go I would like to say I appear in Gx and you get to see my at 26 in ep 76. Now for the big new episode 89 Ryo/Zane vs Fubuki/Atticus now that will be a great duel :D
    Me: Omg did Seto just grin?
  • Zorc is here!!

    Finally, we get to see zorc the darkness lord show up to destroy everything in his way. Seto and rest of the gangs tried to fight against him, but nothing worked against him. He's too powerful than all of them.

    Yugi was so close to find his friend's true name, but Yami Bakura prevent and make sure that Yami-yugi will never find his true name after all. It has left Yugi no choice but to duel Yami Bakura.

    As the duel being, I raised my eyebrow and don't understand why Yugi summoned the weak monster after all. I suspect that this is his first duel battle without Yami-yugi for the first time. But, silent swordsman...okay. That's totally weird, I was expect for yugi to summon the most powerful monster in his duel disk.

    After all, Yugi manage to be close to beat Yami-Bakura! Yugi is so close to find Yami-yugi's true name! I can't wait to find out what his true name. I bet his true name would be a wicked cool!I hope he finally defeat him for good this time!

    Now, future has met the past. darkness has havoc almost everything! Zorc was so close to taste his victory, where he should've done in ages ago. Darkness's plans is to wipe everything.

    I believe that seto and rest of the gangs refused to let zorc to destroy everything where he should've done ages ago.

    Everything is so unlucky for them. Now, the fate is in yugi's hand. He must defeat Yami-Bakura to order to get yami-yugi's true name. Will he do it? Let's find out on this next episode!

    I believe this is part one of series finale. I think this season may be last. I don't know, I just think that it is.
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