Season 5 Episode 33

The Dark One Cometh (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 22, 2006 on The WB

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  • Bakura- Zorc- Bakura- Zorc- Bakura-Bakura- Bakura- Zorc- Zorc- Um.... I'm a little confused here!

    Bakura- Zorc- Bakura- Zorc- Bakura-Bakura- Bakura- Zorc-Zorc- Um I'm a little confused here! Anyways, This episode Reveals Yami Bakura is Zorc. This is a reason why I classified this episode as "Revealing". Because it's a revealing episode. Alright, Zorc! Continue you wrath! Muhahahahahwa! I'm such a retard. Peace out and Sayonara!
  • Great duel. The underdog wins - just the way I like it.

    Little Yugi vs. Yami Bakura. Even after the other two duels in the series that Yugi did by himself, you still can\'t consider him to be nearly as good as Yami. In the duel against Bandit Keith/Marik, he would probably have lost if the duel wasn\'t cut short. In the duel with Joey/Marik, he mainly was there to remind Joey of who he is. If it wasn\'t Joey he was dueling, he could have been defeated without any second thoughts.

    Over and over, Yugi gets into a bind with Bakura\'s great strategies. Every time, Yugi narrowly escapes his traps. You see that Yugi has learned a lot since he first started, but if it wasn\'t for Yami calling out to him, would Yugi have drawn the right card? I\'ve heard that Yami can change reality and can cause cards to be on the top of the deck. What if he did it that time as well, when he called out to Yugi? And even if I\'ve heard wrong, Yugi drawing that card would have been pure chance. He could have just as easily drawn Kuribo or something.
    Well, it was a very nice duel. I like seeing the people with the least chance of winning do just that. (odd, since my favorite character is Kaiba - the former World Champion. But hey, that doesn\'t mean that I don\'t like expertise, as well.)
  • The Battles Continue!

    One of the best episodes. Yugi continues to duel Bakura and the Pharaoh continues his struggle agsint the Dark One. This episode really showcases that even without the Pharaoh Yugi has dueling skills that can still kick butt! Once again Bakura plays in a cruel manner but what do you expect from the King Of Darkness. One thing that made me mad was that after tons of episodes of making the Eygptian Gods looking tough and hard to beat they are easily squashed by Zorc. This episode was really good and once again leaves you with a very nice cliffhanger!
  • Yugi stuck it to Yami Bakura in the end!

    The dubbing was so-so, especially on Kaiba, but at least there weren\'t as many dumb, cheesy lines as in previous episodes. The end is near, but not in the way Zorc expects - Yugi really stuck it to Yami Bakura in the end and next episode the cavalry will arrive to help out the Pharaoh!
  • It was really good, but I didn't like the ending.

    I loved the episode. I knew that Yugi would come out on top in the end! GO LITTLE GUY!!! I think Bakura went a little mental--okay, completely mental in this episode. The Egyptian Gods were totally wicked! You could totally tell that Kiaba was jealous of them; he wanted them so bad. I thought that Bakura was more connected with Zorc then they were letting on. I don't think they can draw out the Bakura/Yugi duel any longer than they already have, so I think it's pretty safe to say that Yugi won (I mean, of course he was going to win; I mean that he just did).
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