Season 5 Episode 34

The Dark One Cometh (4)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 29, 2006 on The WB
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Yugi wiped out Bakura's monsters using Gandora, then used his silent swordsman to finish off his life points. Bakura was defeated and and he gave Tristan back his body, who apologized for his actions. Afterwards, they escaped the cave and were attacked by the dark horseman. Yugi realized that in the past world, if they think of something, it will come true. So all 4 of them thought of duel disks and summoned monsters to fight the horseman, then they thought of flying and used the flying to try to get to the pharaoh. Meanwhile, Zorc destroyed the Egyptian gods. Mana carried the pharaoh while Seto battled Zorc using the Blue-eyes, but that wasn’t enough and he was defeated. So Kaiba stepped in, summoned a duel disk, along with the blue eyes ultimate dragon. The combined attacks of blue eyes and Zorc opened a portal between the past and present, so people in the present where actually watching the battle in the sky. After the pharaoh was healed, he used the millennium scales to fuse himself with the blue-eyes to summon the blue-eyes dragon master. But it still was not enough and when zorc attacked the pharaoh, Shadi fused himself with Hasan to protect the pharaoh. His last words where that his light is coming to help.moreless

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  • The Zorc arc is coming to it's Conclusion after this episode. And one step closer to the end is coming closer and closer....

    The Zorc arc is coming to it's Conclusion after this episode. And one step closer to the end is coming closer and closer.... Well, Kazuki Takahashi's Yu-Gi-Oh! is unfortuneatley coming to an end. Alright, the episode is pretty much planned out, But.... As i said, The anime's coming to an end soon.... *cries in corner*
  • Four Blue-Eyes all at once... Cool! ^_^

    Kaiba finally gets off his butt and does something. And he even almost wins against Zork using his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Priest Seto tried going up against Zork with his own white dragon earlier, but when everyone starts to think Zork's down for the count, he ends up overcoming the attack. It's just like Kaiba to wait until he's the last hope, isn't it? Too bad that's Yugi's job.

    Again, Kaiba's dubbed to sound like a idiot in the this episode, but besides the dialogue, it's nice to see him. I'm guessing that the whole fussing thing had to do with Ba and Ka or whatever. The episode where Mahado merged with the Dark Magician didn't air where I live, so I don't know anything about it. If Kaiba became the dragon the same way that Yami merged with his monster, then I'm terribly disappointed to see Kaiba reduced to a animal.

    This episode is a pretty good one for this season because Kaiba's in it quite a lot. It's pretty much the first episode to have him in the plot so far - even though he wasn't even supposed to be in the last season.moreless
  • Yugi uses his last card to banish Bakura and his monster. His victory also breaks Bakura's hold on Tristan. After finding ou the Pharoah's name, they take on the adventure to locate him.moreless

    Kaiba's aggressive move to take on Zorc shows a him using his negative atitude for good. Fusing with the Pharoah and becoming part of the Master Dragon Slayer (not exactly the right name) was extremely impressive but not enough to overpower the Dark Lord. Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends have learned that they have powers of their own. They band together and combine their thoughts to find the Pharoah. The twist with the Pharoah's name written in hieroglyphics posed and interesting question, how are they going to relay the message when none of them can read it? These resent shows have heightened my Yugi-meter and strengthened my belief that the show should continue after this season.moreless
  • The action concludes on one level and heats up on another.

    Now this was a good episode. After Seto loses to Zorc, Kaiba uses the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon to hold him back. The battle between Blue Eyes and Zorc was one of the greatest battles this saga for sure. Another good battle was Master Of Dragon Solider Vs. Zorc. I think that they shouldn't have had that battle end so quickly because it could have been a great battle. Something that was weird to me was Kaiba helping and actually fusing with Yugi (kind of) willing! This was a complete turn for Kaiba. Overall a good episode, the only things I would have done would be lengthen the Master Of Dragon Solider Battle and not repeat part of Yugi's duel with Bakura.moreless
  • Bad dubbing, decent action

    Finally, this thing works again! Anyway, The dubbing was kind of annoying in spots, and the plot seemed to drag and repeat itself too. Otherwise, we're moving right along, and within the next couple of episodes this thing will really get moving. I'm so glad we have these voice actors, though - Pokemon is gonna go down the toilet but it won't be 4Kids fault.
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