Season 5 Episode 38

The Final Duel (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 27, 2006 on The WB
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Yugi is being stared down by the Egyptian Gods, but his friends still support him even though Kaiba believed the only reason Yugi won any of his duels was because of the Pharaoh. Yugi started to believe that too but then realized that he can duel just as well as Atem. Yugi summoned Valkyrion and saved it with some trap cards. When both his monsters were destroyed by Atem's mirror force, Yugi said that this was part of his strategy to destroying the Egyptian Gods. Does Yugi have a strategy or is he bluffing?moreless

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  • Here's the episode in a nutshell: Yugi can beat the Egyptian gods. Kaiba doesn't agree and almost walks out on the duel. Pretty much every time Atem attacks, he thinks Yugi has no way to counter it, even though each time there's facedown cards. And NO ONEmoreless

    So Atem just summoned all three Egyptian gods. Yugi thinks about he can beat them. He doesn't attack that turn, fearing a facedown card. Kaiba says Yugi can\'t win, and tries to leave. Yugi yells at him, and makes him stay by saying he has a strategy to beat all three gods. So Kaiba doesn't have any comfidence in Yugi. Then Atem attacks Yugi and says that Yugi tried, but he wins. Yugi activates a trap. So now Atem doesn't have any confidence in Yugi. Ish(i)zu suddenly realizes maybe Yugi was the pharoah's vessel because Yugi is his reincarnation! (Obviously, we should've figured that out a long time ago.) And then we find out that Yugi and Atem learned stuff from each other! ::gasp:: Yeah, we KNEW THAT TOO! But then we go back to the duel. Yugi starts pulling off some really sweet moves. Come to think of it, Atem pretty much does nothing but attack with the god cards. But it was still a good episode.moreless
  • It was okay

    Nice dueling, and they loosely followed the original Japanese concept of Yugi trying to catch up to the Pharaoh and that Yugi is his reincarnation. However, they totally screwed up on a couple things. As usual, they make Kaiba disparaging rather than encouraging. Also, they screwed up the time frame - it hasn't been years since I s h i z u had a vision.
  • 4kids ruines another episode.

    Why Al Khan Why!! You craped up such good shows!! Yugioh is about to end and no uncuts!! wahh!!! anyways um...I don't remember this episode but I do rember part of the manga...im just kidding I dont remember crap. I'll just rant on. Now Al Khan is a sick SOB who hates anything non american. Um...blah blah... yeah...hmmm....

    Seto: Just continue!!

    Me: I don't remember!!

    Seto: Try!

    Me: I am but I just don't...

    Seto: Just say how it ends...

    Me: Ok...

    Yugi plays monster reborn in his final move to kick Atemu's butt so now he has to go to the after life. Very sad. wahh!!!moreless
  • The Duel Continues

    This episode was awesome! The duel between Yugi and Atem heats up as Yugi is facing down all three Egyptian God Cards. This episode shows how good of a duelist Yugi is without Atem. This episode also provides last minute character development for Yugi as it shows how he felt about always being in the Pharaoh's shadow for so many years. The duel action was great and I liked the moves Yugi pulled off against the Gods. The duel heats up in this episode as well as Yugi and Kaiba moments. Overall, this is a great episode and one that you will want to watch over and over again!moreless
  • The duel between the Pharoh and Yugi continues. Yugi is facing all three Egyptian God cards at once and it looks grim for the little guy...

    I was dissapointed with this episode. Barely anything happened the whole time, except more ranting from Kaiba, and many different variations of "The Pharoh and Yugi have completed each other". Like we haven't already heard that many times, especailly within the last few episodes. I think throughout the whole episode we managed to get through only three whole moves, which is not alot or a half-hour. Then when Yugi apparently manages to find a way to defeat the three Egyptian Gods, we don't get to actually see how until he makes his move on the next episode. So all around, this episode didn't really serve much of a purpose, except to show that a lot of talking and shouting can be dragged out for such a long time. It was rather annoying. Hopefully the next episode will contain some actual dueling. We'll see.moreless

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