Season 5 Episode 39

The Final Duel (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jun 03, 2006 on The WB

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  • Was that suppose to be funny?

    The duel was good, but some of the stuff said was "interesting". For example, when Grandpa and Bakura where dancing around, that was beyond weird! I also liked how they had Mariks's Sister feel like she was seeing the past when Atem summoned the Dark Magician who was still Mahad showing that even though she is no longer Isis she still somehow remembers him. The duel was great and Yugi\\\'s defeat of the Egyptian Gods was great and I was shocked when Atem said he knew it was going to happen. Overall, this is a very good episode with the exception of a few scenes which are dumb. Only one more episode left!
  • Dubbed script is so awful

    How embarrassing. I thought Sugoroku-san and Ryou-chan would be cute but instead...that was just childish. Al Kahn must hire the most horrible writers in the world. But at least Kaiba finally became nicer (much to everyone\'s shock unless he said something else in the Japanese, which he probably did because he was already supposed to be nice). And I s h i z u had a vision from her past life cuz Dark Magician is still Mahad.