Season 5 Episode 40

The Final Duel (4)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jun 10, 2006 on The WB

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  • mostly good end

    i liked most of this episode, such as when yugi broke down crying after defeating atem. but i don't like the final scene, when everyone runs out after the building collapsed. To me, it felt rushed, especially the final lines by Kaiba, Joey and Yugi. But the rest of this episode, and the final duel between yugi and atem in general, was pretty good. Lots of surprises during the overall duel and lots of shocks that make you guess what is next to come, as the way the show ultimately ends. My overall grade for this is a B because I feel the ending was rushed. Still good
  • This episode marks the end of a great series.

    I really liked this episode. I watched the whole Yu-Gi-Oh series and memorized each by heart... well not by heart. Anyway, the way how such great friends parted makes me wonder if life really has a meaning, because when everything goes wrong, Yugi had always depended on Atem, and Atem on Yugi. The influence they had on each other. This episode showed how Yugi finally got enough courage to live his life without Atem, even though they would be sad for a long time, they knew that it was for the right reasons that Atem needed to return to his home.
  • This was an excellent ending to a decent series.

    Yu-Gi-Oh was not the best anime ever made but it was still fun to watch. This episode, the finale, was probably one of the best episodes in the series. It ended with a bang. It was sad to see Yami go, seeing as he was a cool character. I think this was the best possible finale for Yu-Gi-Oh!. The episode only has one cheesy moment and that's the friendship speeach Tea' gives close to the end, but I guess it's understandable, seeing how Yami is leaving to the afterlife. The duel was really close and it will keep you guessing who is going to win.
  • 10/10 is not a high enough score.

    This episode marks the end of a truely fantastic series that i loved watching. The way Yugi defeated the egyption gods was incredible and showed that he truly was ready to say goodbye to the pharoh. Inspite of all this the best part was Kiba admitting he was wrong finally. The season final was heartbreaking as they all said thier final goodbyes to the king of Egypt. Brilliant end to a Brilliant TV show, but when you think about it it couldn't have ended any other way. The pharoh would have had to leave at sometime because the plot lines would have got rediculous.
  • The ending to the Yu-gi-oh series where Yugi must defeat Atem.

    I cried so hard at the end of the episode. I followed Yu-gi-oh from day one and loved every minute of it. Though I wished Atem stayed, I could never picture a better ending to the show. The classic battle between Yugi and Atem is the best duel in the whole series. There's twists and turns during the whole duel with changes you never expected. And when Atem finally has to leave it's the saddest moment ever. I was bawling my eyes out. It was the ending to an amazing story line and an amazing show. I just pray to God they can make an equally amazing sequel.
  • A great series comes to an end...

    This was a very emotional episode. Yugi finally manages to defeat Yami after a very long, very intense battle. It took my cousin forever to get me to watch this show, and it didn't take long for me to get hooked on it. As the saying goes, 'All good things must come to an end'. I don't think they could have found a better way to finish the show off. We see just how much Yami's appearance has affected the lives of the other people we've met throughout the series. Each of the characters has grown up a lot from the beginning, each becoming better people because of the Pharoah. Yugi has definitely grown up quite a bit and has grown much more confident in himself and his abilities since the beginning of the series. His defeating the Pharoah proves this fact. Of course Joey, who has also changed quite a bit, gets in one last humorous comment to finish off the episode.

    I wish they would've kept this series going for a bit longer, though I guess they did leave it off at a good spot.
  • After 5 years of watching the show it\'s over!

    Im so sad after 5 years of watching this show it\'s over! I\'ve stayed a fan for many years im sad to see it go. I have seen most of the episodes of corse wb won\'t show them agin! It was a great ending to the show with Atem geting to rest in peace. I wish we saw what hapened to the other characters after. It was a sad episode. I uderstand why the charactors were so sad seeing therwe friend go. Now it\'s over I want to buy all the videos. This show taght me to love anime shows and comics. And im happy of that. So even thoe the show is over I will always love it. And I am pleaced of the ending. I ges all good things must come to a end.
  • A rather sad ending to a great series.

    it's a shame to see a such great series end. i like the final duel between Yami Yugi and little Yugi. i was hoping that the Pharoah wouldn't lose, but oh well. the scene where Yami Yugi returns to the afterlife was really sad. i almost had a tear. i wasn't surprised when the Pharoah dissapeared that the pyramid started to collapse because at the end of almost every season, a major building either collapsed or was destroyed. also it would have been nice if there was more to the end then just pyramid collapsing. they should have put in that part from the japanese version where you see all the kids back in domino city.
  • The ending of yugioh......

    This episode was a really sad episode because Atem had to leave. Sometimes I wish Yugi had lost to Atem. He had used many strategies, but I wonder how he could have lost that duel. He was the King Of Games.....
    Yugi had defeated the gods 4 times. They were anihilated and shattered really fast. Atem has left to the spirit world and will never come back. The characters can go back and live a normal life without these shadow games with dangers everywhere. This was a really great show and it had great characters too, Atem was the best character.
  • a sad and final goodbye to a series that made us watch..

    this episode made me fell happy and sad because now that the series ended how am i gonna watch a show like that? well this duel is great because atem is finally going home and rest of the guys went their own ways to live a great life. i give this episode a 10 rate because of the finale making me feel sad but im also is glad that this series ended in a much great finale. until we meet again atem.. rest in peace pal.
  • It ends

    It's good it had an happy end. The Pharaoh goes back to where he belongs, back to the people he loved. I liked Priest Seto in the show(smexy-ness...) and Bakura. (Evil is always hawt..)
    But I'm really going to miss this show, I've become to love it and it's quite hard to say goodbye to it.
    hehe, I'm so pathetic...
    But i'm also a bit disappointed that there was no romance in the end between Atem and Anzu (Tea) (Or between Kaiba and Anzu, even though, it was the last thing that would ever happen in the show...)

    Feh, I guess the show will go on in fanfictions...
  • Very Very good

    This episode wasgreat and painful to watch at the same time but i do no mean that in a bad way. It was painful because in the back of my mind i knew it was the series finale. yugi final,ly deafeated the pharoah and set his soul free to roam the spirirt world with all of his ancient friends. After the god cards were beaten the phaorah had to come up with new tircks to beat tyugi but they did not work. And when yugi used the gold box to unleash the egyptian god card it was awesome thats all thank you

  • This episode will have the hardest to duel to watch in the entire yugioh saga series of how the Pharaoh VS Yugi Final Duel ended in the last Yu-Gi-Oh Series.

    In the last episode of \"Yu-Gi-Oh Dawn Of The Duel\" you will see how Yugi Muto and the pharaoh / Yatimu ( Japanese real name ) / Atem ( English real name ) how they both get seperated from each other and how they live with their new lives. In the end of the duel which most of you yugioh fans know that Yugi Muto succeeds in defeated the pharaoh with the 3 mighty egyptian god cards and how the 7 Millennium items are lost in the tablet with no return. In the original Japanese YuGiOh ending their was a few scenes that USA ( KIDS WB ) edited out which was pretty sad to no see it in the USA version. At the original ending Yugi tells that his new life is just beginning with out the help of the pharaoh who returned to his resting place.
  • And Pharaoh's journey comes to its end.

    The duel begins with Atem’s lifepoint is at 700, he has already summoned the Dark Magician in the previous episode. Yugi summoned his Curse of Dragon. It's like a common duel episode, but it's not. It's Yu-Gi-Oh!'s LAST episode. Atem's journey is about to end. This was a fantastic duel (just like Judai VS Saiou in GX). Everything ends in Yugi VS Atem; Yugi defeated the Three Gods, but can he defeat his favourite card, Dark Magician? An extremely intense duel, each turn is decisive to the end.
  • The day we thought would never come... Yugioh ends.

    Yugi and Atem's duel continues. The only part of the duel I can remember is the final move. Atem plays monster reborn and brings back Slifer (Osiris) and has like 4 cards in his hand. Yugi has one monster (Silent Swordsman, I think) and will lose when Atem attacks. But Yugi still has that millennium puzzle box card thing, and he reveals the card he put into it. Monster Reborn. It cancel's out Atem's MOnster Reborn and Slifer (Osiris) disappears. This is a very significant move. Osiris was the Egyptan god of the dead (which is also why they had to change his name) and by putting Osiris back in the graveyard, Yugi was saying that it is wrong to bring things back to life, and Atem should never have had to seal himself in the puzzle, he should have been allowed to go on to the afterlife. And now, he is finally able to go. Atem's field is clear, and Yugi attacks for the win. Yugi drops to his knees and starts crying, now realizing what that Atem's going to have to leave now. Dub Atem says some stupid stuff about saving the world or something like that. In the Japanese, Yugi says "Mou hitori no boku--" ("the other me") and Atem says "No. I am no longer the other you. You are Yugi. The only Yugi in the world." Then Atem goes over to the door, but the rest of the gang runs up to say their goodbyes. Atem gives them a thumbs-up, and finally gets to the door, says his name, and goes to the afterlife. Anzu tries to follow him (sort of... the door was almost closed, so she wouldn't have made it anyway, but Jonouchi holds her back. Well, not really holds her back. Just sort of grabs her arm and shakes his head) And Atem is gone. The place of the duel collapses, and the millennium items fall into a great chasm, never to be seen again. Everyone gets out okay, and that's it. Okay, I know that everyone hates 4kids. I hate 4kids. But besides the epilogue, very little was cut, and the lines were pretty close. I have to admit, that was pretty stupid what Atem said at the end, and it drives me crazy that they still call him "pharoah" when we KNOW HIS NAME! For real this time! (I can just see all the dubbie fans yelling at their TVs: "No! His name's 'Yami'! Not 'Atem'!") But for 4kids, it was very good. Why they gave Joey the last line of the ENTIRE SERIES, I will never know. It makes no sense. I love Joey, (he's actually my favorite character) but doesn't it just make sense that the MAIN character should end it? The speech was stupid, but at least Yugi said it! They didn't need that extra line. Not at all.
    Now in the Japanese, it didn't even end there. There was a wonderful epilogue to accompany the ending theme. (Americans: Ending theme? What's that?) It goes a little something like this: They leave the Ishtars, anf get on a plane to Japan. Kaiba and Mokuba fly off in the Blue-Eyes jet. The gang gets to the airport in Japan and Shi(z)uka and Rebecca are waiting for them. Honda and Otogi run to meet Shi(z)uka, but Jonouchi grabs their collars. Rebecca runs in and hugs Yugi while anzu fumes. Now we go to other characters. (This isn't the right order, but it doesn't really matter) Mai and Vivian (yay! Mai!) are on the Great Wall of China, dueling the Meikyu (Paradox) brothers. Kajiki (Mako) pulls his boat into a dock and the Roba brothers are waiting. Haga and Ryuzaki (Weevil and Rex) kind of randomly meet on the street and start dueling. Um... there was probably something with the Doma people... but I forget... anyway, then we go to Kame game store. Yugi is leaving for school. Jonouchi, Honda, and Anzu are waiting for him. They start walking to school, and a voice over Yugi says "There is nothing special about a story about a Pharaoh. Everyone has his or her own story. This is a story that completes in the light. And... my story is just beginning." The word "Fin" apears on the screen, and it ends.
  • The End of Yu-Gi-Oh!

    The End of Yu-Gi-Oh! I'll never forget this anime. This was one of the greatest if not, GREATEST anime ever. The Final Duel comes to an end, But 4kids cut out the Ending: "Eyes Special Ending". I was addicted to that anime closing song. I'll love this show for as long as I live. Long live YGO!
  • This is the last episode ever of Yugioh.

    The battle between Yugi and Yami Yugi continues. This is after Yugi somehow destorys all three Egyptian God Cards Slifer The Sky Dragon, Obelisk The Tormentor, and the Winged Dragon Of Ra. Something that I did not even know was possible. The battle continues and comes to an end after Yugi finally beats his counterpart Yami Yugi and separates them forever. Everyone from his friends Joey, Tea, Tristan and even Seto Kaiba and his little kid brother Mokuba are there to see the completion of the epic duel. Yami Yugi goes on into the afterlife after losing the place they were dueling collapses and a shot of the sky ends the series for good.
  • In this episode Yami Yugi and Yugi duel and the winner of the duel determines Atem's fate. If Atem wins he gets to stay but if he loses his spirit will be free and will be locked for 5000 years.

    This is definitely one of my favourite episodes of Yu-gi-oh. It was an excellent finale and it was sad to see atem go. I wish they could have put way more seasons of Yu-gi-oh for it was a fantastic show. It seemed to get interesting and I was really voting for Yami Yugi to win instead of Yugi. It was a close duel but Yugi officialy won and Atem left. That was the final episode of Yu-gi-oh which I wish didn't happen to Yami Yugi because he was a great character and it was painful to see him go so fast. I am looking forward to seeing the capsule monsters season.
  • The end of Yu-Gi Oh!(T_T)

    At last the end of Yami Yugi's story to regain his memories of the past has come to pass. As the duel continues, Little Yugi has managed to beat both his favorite card ("Dark Magician"), his alter ego's best (past) friend (Mohaad/"Dark Magician" also), and his own best friend (Yami Yugi) by using his own magician, the "Silent Magician Lv. 8". Then with the help of the "Golden Chest of Sealing" (Japanese name) Little Yugi prevented "Monster Reborn" from being used, so Yami couldn't summon back his "Osiris (Slifer the Sky Dragon)", giving Little Yugi the chance to attack Yami Yugi directly for the win. Then with the duel over, Yami/Atem enters the world of the dead, giving a thumbs up to everyone, and transforming into the pharoah meeting his past friends. (T_T) Such a happy ending (T_T)
  • It's over (sniff sniff), it's over. Atleast It'll live on in my memory.

    Not only was this finale very, very, very sad, it was very well thought out. The ceremonial battle was a very interesting duel, the music (in the japanese version) was superb, and the scene where Atem leaves was really really sad. 4kids completely destroyed it. The music, the voices, everything. They even cut out the ending and changed my favorite scene in the whole series! I have already been defeated, partner. Get up. You won, but why are you crying? If I were, you I wouldn't show my tear. Because I am weak. For me you are my target that I would like to reach. I always think that I would like to become as strong like you. You are not weak. You are holding some strength that has never been defeated by anybody, aren't you? That is the strength of kindness. I also learned that from you partner. You courage to take this ceremonial battle guides me to where I should go on. Another me. I am no longer the other you. You are nobody else. You are Yugi Moutou, the only one in the world.
  • the last and one of the best episodes..

    this is the last episode of the yu-gi-oh series.this was where yugi and atem (yami yugi) faced each other for the first time.they fought in a dule that would result in their destiny and in the end, yugi won.he has beaten atem\'s signature card, the dark magician.the ending was preety sad because atem left the real world and finally went into the afterlife leaving yugi and the gang alone without their ancient egyptian friend.the ending made me feel quite sad but then this was nicely done and also a well-made ending to one of the best animes ever made in the owrld.
  • This wasn\'t bad. It wasn\'t as horrible as I\'ve seen other animes end. Actually, I\'m pretty satisfied with it. :)

    I\'ve never watched every episode of this series, but I have seen at least half of them. And I like this ending. Not a lot, but enough to satisfy me. It leaves you wondering what will happen next, which I find is a good way to end things. It concludes nicely, matching this show\'s overview very well. I\'m do glad this duel finally happened, too. I was waiting for it since practically the beginning! Hee, hee. Anyway, like I said before, this is worth watching. It\'s a good end. It\'s not the best, but it is definitely not horrible, either.
  • Yugi vs. Yami is a perfect way to end the series.

    This is a good series finale of Yu-Gi-Oh! and it has a very good run and that was cool it was a four parted episode Yugi vs. Yami is perfect way to end the show even though if Yugi won Yami's spirit will rest forever and the first three parts were very exciting even when Yami summoned all three of the God cards in one time and I like mostly this part of the finale and it's very sad to most fans that Yugi won the match and Yami's spirit rest in peace forever and the Millennium items were sealed away permermently and the rest of the gang move on with their lives without Yami. This is one of the great series finale of my life and I give it an A+ 10/10
  • One of the worst series finales I have ever witnessed . . .

    As someone who had been watching this series its entire 5 year run and literally went from teenager to young adult (as I was 17 at the time), I'd obviously grown pretty fond of it and plot (even though, admittedly, it WAS pretty much "the same thing over and over again," as my older brother loves to remind me of whenever he'd find me still watching it after all these years LoL).

    So, naturally, when the final season began to air, I'd made sure to tape every episode, and definitely not miss the final episode so I could say MY "g'bye" as I'm sure fellow fans did, as well.

    It was pretty sad, I'll admit, to do so, as I tend to get pretty attached to characters in good shows/movies (plus, 5 years of watching Yugi and his crew "do their thing?" Can you blame me, honestly? LoL). But it was even MORE sad to watch the final episode . . . especially the final two minutes or so.

    I had been expecting something far much more greater and worthy of the rest of the series pretty good overall standing. And yet, after needing FOUR episodes to "say goodbye" to Atem and the series, itself, all we, as fans, get is a pretty cheesy "closing speech" that was an honest let down (and usually I don't mind Yugi's or other character's "speeches").

    So, to ME, it was like, "You honestly needed four episodes of dragging out a duel like you usually do, anyhow, JUST to do a quick 'see you never again!' and that's that?" Especially since the characters (like Tea the most) made such a big deal of parting ways with Atem and didn't want to, yet when they finally did they seemed to handle it pretty well by the very end.

    Personally, I think it was a waste of money, time, and effort to have produced the final episode if that's how its end will go down in "history". Of course, I probably sound pretty harsh right now and even biased, as I have yet to crack open its manga counterpart (which I definitely plan to soon). Still. For those, like me, who are only familiar with the anime and stuck through to the very end, it feels like we were cheated on something greater somehow.

    It's a good thing the actual duel itself between Atem and Yugi was pretty interesting to watch (AND, not to mention, finally see and hear Kaiba dish out some respect for Yugi . . . although I STILL wonder now if they'll finally become friends in the future . . . and if good ol' Joey and Mai will meet up again and finally start dating), otherwise I would probably feel even more disappointed in this rushed series finale. It's at times like these that I'm glad that the series finale to "Charmed" did the overall series justice, for the most part. LoL
  • even though it was the best dual I am sad to see it go.

    after 5 years yugioh is over and ends with the best episode of all time. yugi must deafet the dark magition to set atem free. he does of coures but the ending kinda sucked. when digimon ended it\\\'s thrid season they showed what happends after the show. this show does not show anything. but even with that I will miss you yugioh and will never forget you.
  • After 5 years, it's finally over

    It's been 5 years since we've been watching the yu-gi-oh! series, from duelist kingdom all the way to the final episode. The series ended in every way i expected it to. The pharaoh is finally free and so is Yugi. The pharaoh may be gone but the memories we have of the show will last a life time.
  • This ending was poorly done. Don't get me wrong the duel was amazing and to see the pharaoh defeated by none other than Yugi; it left much to be desired.

    It is known that Seto respects Yugi for being able to defeat all three Egyptian gods in a single turn, but do they become friends? And what of Joey and Mai, do they end up together? And Yugi's ending speech felt as if I was cheated out of a better speech ending. In reality, I have watched the series for many years and that's the ending, "The end of one journey is just the beginning of another"? I understand the quote, but shouldn't there have been more too it?
  • what great ending

    What great way to end yugioh it give closer to the story and it was very good and it had good ending and sit up nicely for yugioh gx and it give fans closer and it give the charchters closer on their advitvces. Atem gets to rest in peace and yugi and his friends and family get to move on with their lifes .
  • With this series being one of my all-time favorites, it couldn't have had a better ending!

    I mean, I was on the edge of my seat. Every commerical, i was like, 'oh no, its getting closer to being the end'. I seriously was ready to cry when Atem left like everyone else was. I watched ep. 1 previous to this and I gotta say things have come a long way since then. I've dealt with so much with the series, but I never once regretted any of it.
    It's kinda sappy, though, how Joey wants to end the show on a good phrase, but Yugi knew just what to do. "The end is only the beginning"...
    I love this series and GX will never come close to its greatest, but I'm glad that it ended the way it did with everything being great.
    Long live Yu-Gi-Oh!!
  • As the final duel between Yugi and Atem comes to a close, so does the the end of a great series.

    This episode was, in my opinion, one of the best of the series. It goes to show, for those who ever doubted it, that Yugi really is the King of Games. He knew exactly how Atem would play, and was a few steps ahead of him. The duel went back and forth, until they both had 200 life points. It all came down to one card...Yugi didn't want to play it, but knew he had to. After he won, he and his friends bid a tearful goodbye to their good friend, as he entered the afterlife to join his family and friends.

    Even though I knew the outcome in advance, watching Yugi defeat Atem was great and sad. Like him, we all loved Atem and didn't want to see him leave. He will be missed.
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