Season 5 Episode 40

The Final Duel (4)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jun 10, 2006 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Yugi defeats Atem.

    • This marks the fourth and final time the Pharoah loses a duel (the other three times to Pegasus in the second episode, Kaiba in Duelist Kingdom, and to Rafael during the Waking the Dragons season).

    • When the door to the afterlife opens, it shows all of the people that were involved in this season including Guardian Seto and Aknamkanon, Atem's father.

    • When Atem defeats Yugi during the Waking the Dragons Arc, Atem defeats Yugi with 200 life points remaining. Now, in the final duel, Yugi defeats Atem with 200 life points remaining.

    • If Yugi didn't have anything to discard for the effect of "Spell Textbook", he shouldn't have been able to use it, since discarding cards is usually a cost.

  • Quotes

    • Mokuba: Oh man, Yugi's up against his favorite monster. We should sell tickets to this.

    • Atem: I am the son of King Aknamkanon. My name is Atem!

    • Tristan: (After the the tomb collapsed) So this is the end? Feels weird.
      Joey: Yeah.
      Seto: What were you geeks expecting?
      Joey: Fireworks, sappy music, something... At least make up one of your wrap-up speeches, Yug.
      Yugi: Well, sometimes the end of one adventure is the begining of a another.
      Joey: Ahh, much better.

  • Notes

    • This episode was featured on 4Kids TV's Best Duel Ever two hour marathon on September 2, 2006.

    • The original ending:

      Yugi, Tea, Joey, Tristan, Duke, Grandpa, Kaiba and Mokuba all leave Egypt and return to Domino. In the airport, they meet up with Rebecca and Serenity. Yugi and Rebecca hug as they see each other again. Weevil and Rex Raptor get into an argument again and decide to duel. Zigfried and Leon von Schroeder make a business proposition with Pegasus, which turns to their favor. Mako sets sail for his fishing trip to be met up with Espa Roba at the harbor. Mai and Vivian are facing a two-on-two duel against the Paradox Brothers atop the Great Wall of China. The credits end with a cut-scene where Grandpa is sweeping while Yugi comes out from the house to join Tea, Joey and Tristan to go to school. Yugi ends the show by saying that his story has not ended and that his story is not about a Pharaoh who after three-thousand years defeated the evil Zorc. In fact, he says that his story is just beginning.

    • KidsWB uses the promo title End Game for this episode.

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