Season 3 Episode 45

The Final Face Off (5)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 28, 2004 on The WB
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Odion tries to get through to the good side of Marik but to no avail. After shedding more light on the Ishtar's past, Yugi and Marik continue the duel to decide the fate of the world. With the duel nearing the climax and the fate of the world only minutes away, Yugi activates his ultimate trump card, Ragnarok.moreless

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  • Great episode! Yugi finally defeats Marik!

    I love this episode, first of all as Odion finally manages to arrive in the place where Marik and Yugi are fighting, Marik's good side finally decides to give up an ultimate fight and Marik uses all of his strength to finally talk and use all of his strength to take over his body for one last chance, as a result Yugi finally gets his opportunity by destroying Ra and finally manages for Yami Marik to switch place with good Marik and finally Yugi destroys evil Marik and finally manages to free from a great evil... at least by now.moreless
  • He's all right!! *cheers that Bakura's not stuck in the Shadow Realm for all eternity*

    I LOVED this episode SO MUCH! It made me laugh AND cry - tears of joy. I'm so happy because during the fight between Yami Marik and Yami Bakura, I thought Bakura was dead.

    Me: *crying ang glomping Bakura*

    Bakura: Aack! You almost made me choke on my banana!

    Me: Sorry! ^.^;

    Yay Ishtar family reunion! And I thought the joke Mai and Serenity played on Joey was funny, but at the time I was too busy anticipating Bakura's safe return to laugh hard enough.moreless
  • Yami Marik is finally defeated

    As this starts, Odion continues to try to go to the duel tower, but Yami Marik laughs and says that even if Odion is awake, he won\'t change places with his other self. As Odion reaches the duel tower, he talks about how the Ishtar family has suffered a lot and that how Yami Marik sent his father to the Shadow Realm. Yami Marik tells Odion to be quiet, and then uses the Millennium Rod to throw his back. But then Odion gets up again, telling Marik that he is trying to seal him self in darkness. Again, Yami Marik throws Odion back with the Millennium Rod. Ishizu runs to Odion, and then Marik raises the Millennium Rod again, but then regular Marik combines with Yami Marik and makes the Rod fall.

    The two Mariks fight within the same body. Yami Marik screams. Marik tells Yugi to attack him quickly and says that he committed an unforgivable crime.

    So, using the effect of Ragnarok, Yami Yugi removes all the monsters from his hand, graveyard, and deck from play to destroy all opponents\' monsters, even if it is a god card.

    Since there was much smoke because The Winged Dragon of Ra was destroyed, they are waiting for the smoke to clear to see if Marik will appear. Tea asks Joey if Yugi has won, and Joey says no, because Yami Marik still has one Life Point.

    The smoke clears, and Marik is standing there. Yami Marik tells Marik that they should work together to defeat Yugi, but Marik refuses. Now, Marik puts his hand over his deck, surrendering. The dark game is now over. Yami Marik is now in the Shadow Realm.

    The announcer declares Yugi Moto the winner of the Battle City Tournament. Yugi now has all three Egyptian God Cards. Joey gives Yugi a high five.

    Marik tells Yugi how to unlock the Pharaoh\'s memory, taking off his shirt to show Yugi the scars on his back and Ishizu reads them. He remembers the stone carving Ishizu showed him back at the museum and realizes his memory is sealed in the stone.

    Marik says that his mission is now complete and gives the Millennium Rod and the Millennium Ring to Yugi.

    Kaiba says that Yugi is the winner and says he has no use for the duel tower, so he is going to blow it up. Joey and Tristan get freaked out. But Tea says that the engine of the blimp was out of order, but Mokuba says Roland has fixed it. He nervously agrees. Kaiba and Mokuba go to a computer room and begin entering some codes into the blimp with their lockets.

    Everyone runs to the blimp. Joey goes to Mai\'s room and she is still lying there, motionless. Then one of her eyes opens. Serenity looks at Mai and Mai says to Joey \"I can\'t believe you were worried about me so much\". Joey gets mad and starts calling Mai names. Serenity chuckles. Mai then apologies to Joey for that. Mai congratulates Yugi on his win against Yami Marik.

    Everyone goes to Bakura\'s room. He turns out to be in the kitchen, sitting in the floor surrounded by food, eating. They ask him where he was, and he says he doesn\'t know exactly. He woke up and found himself in bed, hungry!

    The gang all goes to the bridge, where they discover that Kaiba and Mokuba haven\'t come aboard yet. Tristan wonders what Kaiba\'s doing, and they wonder if he couldn\'t bear to be beaten by Yugi. Joey says that\'s impossible. Maybe Kaiba escaped already. But if he didn\'t.... There\'s nothing they can do but go find him, Joey and Tristan agree. They tell Roland and the pilot to continue getting the ship ready, while they go look for Kaiba.

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson


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Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart


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Michael Alston Baley

Michael Alston Baley

Odion Ishtar

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In "Mind Game (3)", Marik claimed that Pegasus used an ink on Ra that would only appear when the card was played. However, when Marik gives Yugi Ra after the duel, the writing is clearly visible at the bottom of the card.

    • Marik gives Yugi the Millennium Rod and Millennium Ring.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Joey: Wake up, Mai. You're supposed to be all right. Hear me?! Yugi beat Marik, so your mind should've been released from the Shadow Realm. Come on! Wake up! I know you can do it. Please, Mai! I'd give anything in the world to have ya back. Anything!
      (Serenity starts crying, but opens her left eye)
      Joey: It's not fair.
      (suddenly, Mai opens one eye, and the others react; Mai and Serenity start laughing)
      Joey: Mai? What's goin' on?
      (Mai laughs even harder and gets up)
      Mai: That expression is priceless! (grabs Joey in a headlock) Did I hear you say you'd give anything to have me wake up? 'Cause there's a few cards in that deck of yours that I've had my eye on, Joey! (turns to Serenity) Nice doin' business with ya, Serenity. You were right. He bought it, hook, line, and sinker!
      Joey: Serenity?!
      Serenity: (giggles) Oh, I just couldn't resist.
      Tea: I knew you guys were kidding all along.
      Duke: That was not cool.
      Mai: Come on! You know it was all in good fun.

    • Evil Marik: (Marik is about to forfeit the duel) If you do this! You'll be sorry! You need me!
      Marik: Be gone! I surrender this duel to the Pharaoh.
      Evil Marik: NOOOOOOO!!!! (He is dissolved into the Shadow Realm)

  • NOTES (3)


    • Ragnarok: Norse myths say that Ragnarok will be the last battle of the gods in which the forces of evil will face off against the forces of light.