Season 5 Episode 36

The Final Journey

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 13, 2006 on The WB
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Yugi and the others return to the present world. Atem, the pharaoh, was still with them and the Ishtars told him that in order to return to the spirit world, he must return the millennium items to their stone. They took a boat the island, along with Duke Devlin, Grandpa Moto, and the Kaiba brothers. While on the way, Marik explained that Atem must duel someone and lose to that person in order to return to the spirit world. Yugi decided that he will be the opponent. As they put their decks together, who will be the winner of this duel of boy and spirit?moreless

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  • The Final Journey: A very special episode. It begins with this episode.

    The Final Journey: A very special episode. It begins with this episode. Alot of people wonder what will happen And who will Atem duel. But the person he duels is none other than himself.... Sort of... It's Yugi! The Final duel begins with this episode. My review is over now.
  • The Final Quest

    The final quest begins! The episode kind of shows character development for some of the main characters, mostly Kaiba. I like how the characters talk about the previous adventures, it helps wind down the series to its final four episodes. I am glad that Marik is also back even if he won't duel, he has to be one of my favorite characters in the series. I can't wait to see the duel between Atem and Yugi, this will be one for the record books. This episode begins the final part 5 saga of the Yu-Gi-Oh series and it a much watch so you know what is going on in the next four episodes.moreless
  • Very nice episode. It\'s time for Yugi to excel.

    Bakura\'s free from the spirit of the ring, Joey\'s achieved a lot throughout the series, Yugi\'s ready to face off against tough duelists on his own, Atem finally remembers his past, Kaiba isn\'t as secretive about what he believes, and Pegasus explains that Atem\'s changed everyone he\'s met for the better. It would be a good last episode if it wasn\'t for the final duel, but you still feel a longing to see the next episode - to see what happens in Atem\'s last duel.

    I would of liked to have seen Kaiba be the one to duel Atem in the end. He needs to be able to prove to himself that he can defeat \"the king of games\". But, like Yugi said, in the end you realize that Yugi needs to have the last duel even more then Kaiba. After his duel with Bakura, you see that he still has a few doubts about his own abilities. He needs to prove to himself that he has what it takes. That he\'s not brave only when he has Yami to hide behind. And this duel is to conquer all of his fears and prove that he can do things on his own.

    Another thing is that no one really wants to see Atem go. Tea\'s wishing that Yugi would lose to him, because she loves Atem. Yugi also wishes there was a way for Atem to stay, but knows that he can\'t. Yami has a little part where he thinks about the upcoming duel. He thinks that there are two possibilities. He could win and stay in the Millennium Puzzle forever, or he could lose and go to the afterlife.

    So, there\'s still quite a lot of conflict going on, even though the episode ties up some lose ends.moreless
  • Is anyone as depressed as I am!!!

    It's hard to believe that after all these years the show is finally going to be over. I'm going to miss Yugi and Atem and everyone else in the series. This episode really sumed up everything and really brought the whole story together. I wish that Atem could stay with Yugi but I guess Yugi has to grow up someday and Atem couldn't protect Yugi forever. This is a very depressing moment in the Yu-Gi-Oh saga. Whats even stranger is that I think Seto is finally believing that Atem is for real and that everything that happened between him and Yugi was fate after all. Never the less,when the final episode aires,I will probably cry. We'll all miss you Yugi and Atem!!moreless
  • They didn't screw it up too badly

    Overall I enjoyed the episode, except...doesn't anyone care about Bakura?! Those heartless fools! *ahem* Anyway, I'm glad everyone's okay, *pouting* but I still concerned about Bakura, even though he's okay too...now.

    Teehee Mr. Muto's hearing voices in his head. (Sugoroku-san)

    Mr. Muto: The little voice in my head told me to do it!

    Me: The little voice in your head's a pervert...

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