Season 1 Episode 1

The Heart of the Cards

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 29, 2001 on The WB

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  • Yugioh

    Great Lol
  • Definitely enjoy this show

    Loved seeing this duel redone in series 1, i was a major fan of the Series 0 manga and anime. Funny how Yugi and Yami Yugi (or Pharoah, or Yugi's other face, whatever you want to call him) still both have quite a deep voice, i'm used to Yugi being squeaky :D
  • ughhh

    I cant watch it how do u do it
  • Crap

    Seto Kaiba, owner of Kaiba Corporation, is looking for the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon card. He finds out that the card is in the hands of Yugi Moto’s Grandfather. Kaiba has his henchman kidnap him and he duels and beats him. When Yugi finds out, he rushes to Kaiba Corp. When he gets there, Grandpa has been beaten and Kaiba steals and rips the Blue Eyes Card. Yugi then faces down Kaiba in his holographic duel arena. When Kaiba summons all three of the remaining Blue Eyes White Dragons Yugi realizes that there is only one way for him to clench victory...
  • Pretty Good

    Most pilots for shows aren't that great but this one was okay. We get to meet and see the characters for the first time. The dialogue was okay and the duel was great. Who is the mysterious tall yugi who seems to be more confident and determined to win than normal yugi. Joey and Tristan didn't really do a lot and the duel was kind of short. I thought it was really awesome how Kabia was taunting Yugi and when he drew his final card he summoned Exodia and completely blew Kabia away. I also like this episode because Kabia is really evil in this episode and he makes a good rival.
  • Yugioh episode first. They couldn't make it more interesting. Starting with a battle between Kaiba and Yugi they prepared us for more exciting abttles between them. And so Yugioh began. Yeah for Yugioh!!

    I think that Yugioh is one of the best anime we can find. Even since the narrators' words in the beggining they drew your interest. Having different characters inside and amasing plot it's difficult for someone not to watch it.In the first episode we have the represence of the main characters.I think that Seto Kaiba shows that it's much more better than Yugi since the first episode, but that's my opinion. There is also the gang.But...they should have wait for Tea's friendly speeches a few more episodes. Prepare for more funny dialogues between Joey and Tristan in the future!!!
  • First of many duels.

    I saw the very first episode of "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and it sat the standards of the series, the episode takes place before dualist Kingdon as Yugi Moto engage in the first of duels with Seto Kaiba. Setting the stage for the battle that will come in future episodes. We introduced Joey Wheeler, one of the vocal of the Yugi's friends. the card that decided the duel is Exodia, a powerful monster in Yugi's deck forcing the defeat of Seto Kaiba. Exodia is one of my early favorite cards in the deck, although the monster won't be around for much longer. You know why later.
  • A GREAT EPISODE!!!!!!!!

    This is a very great first episode. It starts off with Yugi Moto and joey Wheeler dueling. Ok. This is a wonderful episode. In it we get intto duel monsters, a great card game.
    Seto Kaiba is overhears Yugi telling his friends about the blue eyes white dragon so he decides to take it.
    He kidnaps Yugi's grandpa after he refuses to give it to him so then Yui has to duel Kaiba just to get it back.
    In the beginning yugi is losing. Kaiba puts his 3 blue eyes white dragons on the field butin the end Yugi draws all five pieces of Exodia and wins.
    yugi is the first person to ever summon Exodia.

    anwayz this epsiode and all other spisodes after this were all absolutely woderful!!!!
  • Yugi is one person who has solved the Millienium Puzzle! He and his friends, Téa Gardner, Joey Wheeler and Tristen Taylor ask Solomon Moto [Yugi's grandpa] to show them his legendary rare card, the Blue-eyes White Dragon. Thats when Seto Kaiba show

    Yugi and his friends go to Domino High School. they also play a game called Duel Monsters. Another one of their classmates; Seto Kaiba, is the Japanese World Champion as well. After discovering that Yugi's Grandpa holds one of four of the worlds Blue-Eyes White Dragon's, he travels to the Kami Game Shop to barter with the old man. After being rejected, Seto Kaiba goes home and plans to Duel with Grandpa Moto. So Kaiba asks his men to take Mr Moto for a Duel. After loosing to Seto, Grandpa's BEWD card is ripped up and Yugi takes his place. After switching places with the spirit of the Millienium Puzzle, a 5000 year old Pharoah named Atem, he challenges Kaiba. After a tough Duel, kaiba has three BEWD's on the field and Yugi has one turn left. He draws and discovers that he has drawn the ULTIMATE five card combo. He plays all five 'Special' cards and summons Exodia, the Forbidden One. Exodia destorys the Dragons and Yugi banishes Kaiba's dark side to the Shadow Realm. With that done, is Yugi to be the next king of games, or will he use his soul...
  • We are introduced to the gang which are Tea, Joey, Tristian and Yugi. We find out they are all interested in duel monsters. A guy named Kaiba is really interested in the Blue Eyes and Yugi's Grandpa has the card. kaiba wants to duel grandpa for it.

    I think this episode is an average pilot episode. I think the way they don't tribute monsters is really dumb for one person can just use dark hole and attack with a Dark Magician. Grandpa wants to teach Kaiba a lesson about the heart of the cards and that is the only reason why Grandpa accepts the match. Unfortunately Grandpa loses and Kaiba rips his most precious card which sends Grandpa to the hospital. Yami Yugi then battles Kaiba to show him a lesson. As things look bad for Yugi he summons Exodia The Forbidden One and wins the match! I so wanted him to win the match! Nice Yugi!
  • The First Episode in the series, in which the main character, Yugi Moto, duels Kaiba. It shows two of the shows most used and mentioned monsters, BEWD and Dark Magician. It also introduces the other main characters, whom I do not have room to name

    The only thing which ruined this episode for me, is the fact that it does not explain two things. 1, how yugi came to possess the millenium puzzle, and how he solved it.
    Other than that, this is a fine example, and is a classic example of what this show is all about. Duel Monsters.
    It shows yugi and Kaiba dueling for the first time and yugi overcoming overwhelming odds, and monsters to win
    Sure it's an overused cliche, but who really cares? It's a good one.
  • Its painful to watch because it was poorly displayed

    Its painful to watch because it was poorly displayed. First of all you have this guy with some crazy hairdue thats all about faith and hope which i am good with but he extends his hope into a card game. I feel this teachs kids a bad lesson in gambeling where you can win if you hope you can. Next you have a millionare whose total snobish and somehow is still in the same school as everyone else. Get real man if ima kid millionare i would not be in school. Finally you have a guy who gets overpowered by some pixalated version of the game? I wasted my time watching this episode
  • Unedited = good, edited = bad.

    EDITED: This epsiode - dubbed - is one big pain to just watch. I'm mentioning the dub since this guide covers the censored english version of Yugioh. Doesn't it feel pretty rushed? If you think it does, wait till you hear THIS dirty little secret: This is really not the first episode of Yugioh. I'm serious - even the episode guide says so! There were 27 episode in a previous YGO series before this. Those episodes told how all the characters were who they were, etc. If you wanna experience Yugioh to the fullest potential, I suggest you go out and download the uncut 1998 yugioh series off the web, or read Yugioh manga vol. 1-8. UNEDITED: It is a much better quality version of YGO, since it has the original, artistic soundtrack and actually uses the uncut, smarter dialogue than 4Kids can write. This reflects the TRUE spirit of yuugiou, aimed toward mature, intelligent people, not the braindead 3rd-graders in america that 4Kids wants. Well, I think to understand it u gotta read the manga vols. 1-8 (NOT "DUELIST" OR "MILLENIUM WORLD")
    OVERALL: Edited = 1, unedited = 9, avg = 5
  • The first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh saga. A little boy who possess a power spirit duels against the Duel Monster champ Seto Kaiba.

    Use to hate Yu-Gi-Oh, then I decided to watch the first episode. Very interesting show. Yugi and his friend are duelist. Yugi is forced to duel Seto Kaiba when his father is faced with trouble. Yugi starts off the duel pretty well, but he falls behind when Kaiba summons a Blues Eyes White Dragon. With 3 Blues Eyes on the opposing field, Yugi manages to summon Exodia and win the duel.
  • The Heart of the Cards was a wasted episode in which many others could have done better with pure ideas off of the top of their head.

    In the beginning, the episode shows the school in which Yugi is in. They only do that this once in the American series, which leaves a lot of information out. They introduce Kaiba, a power-hungry man who goes to school with Yugi. His objective at this time is to locate and destroy the fourth Blue Eyes White Dragon. He eventually does, in the process of doing so, he injures Yugi's grandfather, who gives Yugi his deck to use in a duel against Kaiba. Yugi obliges, and most of the rest of the episode is based on proving to Kaiba that there is a "Heart of the Cards", which supposedly allows Yugi to draw all five pieces of Exodia, which wins the duel for Yugi, and then it doesn't show how Grandpa recovers. Yugi uses his Millenium Puzzle to "Mind Crush" Kaiba, who apparantly needs to recover from.
  • Heart of the cards is wicked it so good it just draws your mind into it and more... episodes is still to come.!.! anywaz if u ave a look u will not regret it.......

    When Seto Kaiba forces Yugi Moto's grandfather to duel him, crushing him and taking his most valued card, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, as a prize, Yugi Moto and his friends Joey Wheeler, Téa Gardner and Tristan Taylor step in and a duel between Yugi and Kaiba begins. But while Kaiba's monsters prove too powerful for Yugi's deck, smashing through his defences, there may still be hope for Yugi if he can put his trust in the Heart of the Cards and claim victory from the jaws of seto kaiba and the only way to win is......
  • a new TCG show where by it makes a boring game exciting by using an animated series based on an anime.

    this episode shows exactly why such shows are boring and unorginal, nothing new is seen here, and unless you are between the ages of 3 and 16 you will not be interested in anyway, and even if you are it only is a 30 min advertisment for the yu-gi-oh tradable card game.
  • This beginning episode for the english version was okay, a pretty good introduction to someone new to Duel Monsters, but can be dull to experienced duellists.

    This episode starts off the series with Joey losing to Tea in a duel, a classic one, and then they go to Yugi's grandfather's shop. Yugi's grandfather shows the gang about his incredibly rare Blue Eyes, and that's when Kaiba starts to enter the plot and hurts Yugi and his grandfather.

    Basically, this episode was a bit dull unti it came to the part about duelling, which always spices up the action since you can actually see the monsters. For experienced duellists like me, it can seem dull that Kaiba is the "best duellist in the world" when he has the "bad" Blue Eyes (in the real world, Blue Eyes are regarded as common, normal cards), and it seems dull when both Yugi and Kaiba duel with weak cards like the Hitosu Me Giant and the Winged Dragon. However, the episode gives a good introduction to Duel Monsters, and as the series go on, the duels become more intense and action packed.

    Pretty good for an introduction, especially how Yugi managed to win.
  • Good beginning to a great show.

    It begins. The show that will surpass any other anime show out that (that came from japan of course). the Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon will make waves here & guarantee to be a success with the real card game in life. I duel too so I can relate to everyone else out there who watch this & duel too.
  • This episode duel is good

    This is the very first episode I watch of Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi almost lost to Kabia but he draw all 5 peice of exdioda and beat him Kabia three Blue Eyes White Dragon are hard to beat I thought Yugi would lose and I read the Manga book and it very differnt from the show
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