Season 5 Episode 15

Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 15, 2005 on The WB

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  • Awesome

    Dope , it was downright amazing. Rewatch
  • We go from seeing a frightened Ryou to the bravery of Mr. Moto when he finds the millenium puzzle!!!

    When you see poor Ryou running through the dark streets of the city you find he was being chased by his evil counter part's spirit. When he finds his way into an abandoned church, he thinks he's safe (I wouldn't run into an abandoned building of any kind in the dead of night and expect to be safe)The art work of the animation and the detail that went into Ryou's surrounding, made the feeling and emotion very heavy and deep. The glass shattering as evil Bakura torments our innocent, wide eyed hikari made this scene so invigorating! *goes to intro* "hey!!!" I yelled, "What gives!" We go from seeing poor Ryou to seeing a scene in Egypt. They leave you wandering what happened to Ryou. That's the only thing that really angered me about this episode. Now, we're in Egypt. Ok, so this part really got my attention. Both guides are killed and Mr. Moto is left hanging on to a ledge, only to be saved by the spirit of the Puzzle!!! This got me interested. When the story was done and he pleaded to Yugi to let him see the cards again he said "Oh how much I love thee! Let me count the ways!" me: *anime sweat drop* ok that ruined the whole mood for me. Oh well, it was still a great episode!
  • He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

    I personally never liked how the the anime handled the character of Bakura.

    I'm not just talking about the fact that he literally disappears for a total of 100 episodes. I'm not just talking about the fact that he was excluded from pretty much every filler arc in the series. In the manga, Bakura actually played a fairly large role in the series, moreso than Kaiba even. In the anime, many of Bakura's key scenes when he was supposed to appear are instead written out and even given to other regulars in the series, such as Joey or Tea. That really ticked me off.

    But finally, Bakura is no longer a sideline character; a person who just occiasionally pops up now and then. He's finally up for a main role. The final story arc of Yu-Gi-Oh has started, and boy will it be a doozy.
  • Yami Bakura retuns

    Bakura, being haunted by his Yami, runs inside of a church. After he’s inside, candles light by themselves. Bakura tells Yami Bakura to leave him alone and that he can’t force him to do anything, but Yami Bakura thinks otherwise. All of the stained-glass windows inside of the church. Yami Bakura returns
  • Holy crap that was amazing!

    Loved it right from the beginning - and they put the scene with Bakura and Yami Bakura first! Yay Bakura finally stands up for himself against the dark spirit that is Yami Bakura! The flashback to when Mr. Muto retrieved the Millennium Puzzle box was cool too, especially the part with the statues and the flaming inscription.
  • Most of the episode being narrated by Yugi's grandpa brings a whole new perspective and piece to the story of the Millennium Puzzle.

    Yugi's grandpa tells him all about the day he found the Millennium Puzzle. The first thing I noticed was that the guy in the flashback looked like an older version of the Pharaoh... it took me a few seconds to realize that it was Mr. Moto a long while ago.
    It gives a whole new twist on the story and it was beyond incredible. But I'm a sucker for Egyptian history, which is why I'm so excited about the upcoming series "Dawn of the Duel". I'm into history as well as finding out about the Pharaoh's past.

    Oh yeah, definitely a great way to start the last part of the series.
  • This was a flashback of Grandpa Motos past and the past of the Pharoah!

    This episode was great! I really liked the design of Mr.Moto when he was younger and the voice actor they chose for Mr.Moto was brilliant!

    Well, in this episode Mr.Moto and a few guides go to the 'Tomb of the Nameless Pharoah' in search of a treasure! It was very imformative of Egypt and the Pyramids there.

    Everywhere Mr.Moto and the Guides went there was another trap waiting for them in their search for the hidden treasure. The traps were classical and some not so classical. The maze that Mr.Moto and his Guides were forced into was very great idea in order for them to stop the statues with the swords from attacking them Mr.Moto and his Guides had to respect the Phaoroah. I learned something that Mr.Moto mentioned to stop the statues from attacking. That is that in Ancient Egypt long ago the servants of the Pharoah alwayed walked with their left foot forward. This was because your heart is on the left and that was the way they respected the Pharoah. I didn't know that!

    When the Guide gets greedie and shots Mr.Moto with a slingshot, almost making Mr.Moto fall into the Pit of Shadows! The Guide was after that treasure that Mr.Moto spotted and when the Guide stepped on that Stone Plak of the duel monster. The monster desposed of the Guide.

    Mr.Moto was saved by the Pharoah himself! Grandpa Moto said it was because Fate brought them to become. Then when Mr.Moto got consisness the Millenium Puzzle called out to him and he took it as a sign of Fate. Very special!

    Also Yugi is now planning to go to Egypt to (FINALLY) find out of the Pharoahs path. Then stupid Weevil and Rex had to come steal the Millenium items from Yugis room. Thos giving the Millenium Ring to Bakura and Yami Bakura returns!

    I surely hope Yugi can stop Yami Bakura so Yugi can go find out about Yami Yugis past!