Season 4 Episode 15

Trial by Stone

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 20, 2004 on The WB
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Weevil and Rex jump on the helicopter that Rafael and Alister are on, and Alister has no choice but to continue flying with Weevil and Rex. Joey, Tristan, Duke return to the RV and the reactions that Yugi's soul has been captured don't sit well with everyone, especially, Kaiba and Rebecca. With new clues about Dartz's organization, everyone decides to head to Florida on a train. Meanwhile, Weevil and Rex plead to Dartz to let them have the Seal of Orichalcos.moreless

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    Weevil and Rex jump on the helicopter that Rafael and Alister are on, and Alister has no choice but to continue flying with Weevil and Rex. Meanwhile, Yami Yugi and the others return to where Tea and Rebecca are waiting. They're happy to see Yugi back, but not after they find out that Yami Yugi lost and Yugi's soul was taken. Rebecca blames Yami Yugi for everything, and he agrees with her. Joey tries to snap him out of it and tells him if he's going to save Yugi he can't just stand there moping. Meanwhile, at Dartz's headquarters, Rafael, Alister, Weevil, and Rex have arrived and walk into the main meeting room. Dartz greets them, Valon appears and tells them they got the wrong soul. Rafael is amazed, but vows to reclaim the Pharaoh's soul later. Then, Weevil and Rex jump in and say they want to join them. Dartz is reluctant at first, but decides to test them by placing two Orichalcos shards in front of them. If they can grab them, they are worthy to weild the power of Orichalcos. But if they can't their souls will be taken. They both accept the challenge, and eventually are able to grab the shards, much to the surprise of Rafael, Valon, and Alister. Weevil and Rex are led to a room where all the cards ever made except the God Cards are held and vow to steal Yami Yugi's and Joey's souls for Dartz. Meanwhile, back in Rebecca's RV, everyone discusses what happened. Rebecca tells them they can't go to the ruins of Atlantis for info anymore because they've disappeared. When Professer Hawkins appears, he tells them they can still find some information on Atlantis and Dartz by looking at some of the ruins data which are stored in a museum in Florida. Meanwhile, at Kaiba Corperation headquarters, Kaiba is still trying to find a link between Pegasus and what's been happening to his company. Mokuba still thinks Alister had something to do with it, and Kaiba begins to agree. Just then, Joey calls and tells him that they need him to give them a ride to Florida, and accidentally tells Kaiba that Yugi lost his soul. Kaiba is outraged that Yugi lost a duel and slams the phone down without listening to another word. So everyone else decides to take a train to an airport that they can get to Florida with. Joey decides that Duke should stay and look after the Professer, and everyone sets out for the train station.moreless
Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Rafael, Valon

Recurring Role

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)


Recurring Role

Sebastian Arcelus

Sebastian Arcelus

Rex Raptor

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    • Rebecca: You knew that card was evil, and you still played it?! If you really were a brave Pharaoh, you would never have done something like that to poor little Yugi!
      (she starts to cry and punches the Pharaoh on the chest)
      Rebecca: This just isn't fair! How could you?! I want my Yugi back! It should've been you! Not him!
      (she continues crying)
      Tea: Now, hold on!
      Rebecca: (hugs Tea) Oh, Tea!

    • Tristan: Yugi got beat, Téa.
      Téa: You're wrong! If Yugi really lost that duel, those creeps would have taken his soul with their freaky magic card!
      Joey: So, what's your point, Téa?
      Téa: My point? If he's lost, how can he be standing right ... gasps behind me... Oh, no.

    • Joey: We found some clues about those biker punks.
      Kaiba: What kind of clues?
      Joey: I'm not giving them up that easily, Kaiba. But if you give us a lift to Florida, I'll fill ya' in on the way.
      Tristan: So what's it gonna be?
      Joey: (suddenly freaking out) Time is running out! Those creeps defeated Yugi and took his soul!
      Tristan: (strangling him) Way to keep a secret, Lame Brain!
      Joey: Please disregard my last statement.

    • Kaiba: Yugi lost! Yugi gave his Duel Monsters Championship crown to some nobody?! Nobody deserves that title but me!
      Pharaoh: Hold on...
      Kaiba: I don't want to hear another word! You're a disgrace to the game, Yugi!

    • Joey: So they wanna rule the world... we've dealt with that before.

    • Dartz: What we have here is a clear case of mistaken identity.
      Valon: Instead of the Pharoah, you got the soul of some kid.
      Rafael: I still don't understand.
      Dartz: Then you need to clean out your ears. Try to understand. Both of their spirits inhabit one body. Get it? You captured the wrong soul!

    • (After Weevil mentions that he and Rex are the butt of all the jokes now)
      Rex: Right! And no one wants to be a butt!

    • Weevil:(to Dartz) May we suggest something, sir?
      Rex: Yeah, like a new hideout?

    • Joey: Hello, Kaiba, is that you in there?
      Mokuba: It might work better if you backed away from the webcam.

    • Tristan: Kaiba doesn't believe in all that magic stuff anyway.
      Duke: Yeah, to him it's all "some hocus pocus mind trick."
      Joey: Hey, that sounded just like him!

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