Season 5 Episode 1

Unwanted Guest (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 27, 2005 on The WB

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  • Yu Gi Oh!!! I think this show is awesome!! If your into Japanese shows like Pokemon, DBZ, or Dragonball I think you will like Yu Gi Oh.

    Hey what's up everybody? Well this show Yu Gi Oh is about this boy who gets a millenium puzzle and solves it and then a spirit bonds with him. The ancient pharaoh comes across enemies and they play a card game called Duel Monsters where they fight other monsters using magic and trap cards to increase there attack or defense. The system is run by life points so whoever has the highest attack points destroys the other monsters, however magic and trap cards are used to protect your monsters from getting destroyed. Anyway you get the picture. This is a pretty good episode, it's Leon VS Yami Yugi who are dueling to see which one of them is the true king of games. Leon is dueling for his older brother Siegfree and Yami's just dueling to win the whole thing. It's almost the end of KC Grand Prix soon all ready though, but I think Millenium World which I think is supposed to be the next season after KC Grand Prix is over.
  • This episode is a good starter for a series.

    This episode was a good starter for the series.

    This episode was nice, we could see some love between Yugi and the other girl and the fights between the other girl and Tea, they were funny!

    Then Makuba came and told them that they were invited to a tournament! at Kaiba Land! With the greatest duelists around the world!

    While in Kaiba Land a plant loving hacker, hacks into the Kaiba Domes main dueling computer and the only way to defeat it is to use a little kids all dragon, no traps or magic dueling deck, but if Yugi drows the card he gave the kid he could win!
    (See Part 2 Review for more)
  • After the defeat of Darts Yugi and Joey join Kabia new tournament in exchange for a flight home.

    After the defeat of Darts. They gang decide to rest for a while.Then Mokuba arrive in a Kabia Corp helicopter with news of a new tournament his brother starting called KabiaCorp Grand Championship.So Yugi,Joey,and Rebecca dedcide to join the tournament. In exchange for the gang's flight home. The whole gang hop in the KabiaCorp helicopter and flew to Kabialand where Mokuba showed them around.Mokuba tooked them inside the blue eyes white dome where fans of Yugi and Rebcca totally ignoring Joey.Leon a kid who idolize Yugi since Duelist Kingdom was thrilled to see Yugi. One boy who was with Leon, the other kids ask Yugi th check out his deck in the kids deck was nothing but dragon type monsters no spells cards or traps cards was in his deck.So Yugi gave him a card called spirit of the underdog to help him out a bit.being so happy so happy with the new card he decided to duel the dome dueling computer.He hoped up on the dueling platform and as it rised the lights shut off. Luckily Rebecca was their to jack in to Kabialand system to turned the the lights on. When she turned the lights back a strange voice appeared on the dome speakers. Whoever was behind this was sealing everbody in the blue eyes white dome,and the only way to get out is if the kids duel the comouter.The computer was also put on the highest level so of course the rookie couldn't win the the duel. So Yugi and the Pharaoh switched and jump up on the dueling platform in the kid's place.