Season 5 Episode 22

Village of Lost Souls (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Dec 03, 2005 on The WB

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  • Wow that exsplains allot

    So Bakura\'s on the rampage and now The Pharaoh must stop him Aknadin reveviled the history of the seven items and how they where made man that guy was so even he\'s action where good but still poor Seto, but amn know we now why Kaiba and seto are alike they both rose to greatness after starting out with nothing all we need now is a Egypt Mokuba to complete this, any way Slifer\'s Battle with Diabound was really good Bakuar sure play\'s dirt but The Pharaoh has some tricks of he\'s own, luckily he has he\'s guardian/friends to help him
    Wow what a minutetaht seen with Slifer was form Dartz visionand thsi had more then one thing revevled you mustn\'t miss this episode
  • This epsidoe is how the milluem itmes were made.

    Here we see a flashback to when Aknadin sacrificed Bakura\\\'s village to create the Millennium Items. Yami Bakura hiding behind a rock, horrified. This epsiode is how the milluiem items were created. To bad about Bakura village being destroy but it was for good to save Eghyt and the world.
  • Sad...

    This episode plainly shows how power corrupts people, and how revenge can twist the heart.

    Every major villian Yugi faces, has become a villian because of an unfortunate incident. Yami/Yugi, is able to show him/her the light.

    I wonder will Bakura be able to see the light after caring the anger for thousands of years?

    And what about Ankunidin's plan for Seto to become king? Will Seto agree to it? Though he is ambitious he always has strong loyalties.

    How will this drama play out?
  • Aknadin, you jerk!

    Here we see a flashback to when Aknadin sacrificed Bakura's village to create the Millennium Items. Chibi Bakura hiding behind a rock, horrified...my heart goes out to the poor little guy. Aknadin continues on the path of evil and is about to go "Darth Vader" on everybody. Atem and everybody are blind to this. Why is there no justice in Egypt?!