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  • Village of Lost Souls (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 22 - 12/3/05

    The history of the Millennium Items' creation is revealed as part of Aknadin's past. Meanwhile, Bakura begins another raid on the Pharaoh's palace.
  • Birth of the Blue-Eyes

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 21 - 11/26/05

    Seto convinces the Pharaoh to allow him and Shada to strengthen the guard surrounding the city. His true intentions, however, are to search the citizens for powerful spirits. He eventually finds a woman named Kisara and Shada detects an extremely powerful force within her. Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends have made it to the Pharaoh's Memory World and have met a strange man named Bobasa. No one else in the world can see them except for Bobasa. That night, Thief Bakura reappears and attacks Aknadin in his shrine...moreless
  • Makings of a Magician

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 20 - 11/19/05

    Mahad and Bakura end up dueling and at the end of the duel Mahad fuses with his Illusion Magician to form the Dark Magician and dies. Meanwhile Yugi and the gang are getting closer to finding the Pharaoh in the Millennium Puzzle.moreless
  • The Intruder (2)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 19 - 11/12/05

    Diabound proves to be equal to Obelisk in power and Bakura runs from the palace. The six Guardians are on high tension about what to do especially when Isis's Necklace stops working. In the end, Mahad decides to lead Bakura into a trap.moreless
  • The Intruder (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 18 - 11/5/05

    The Thief Bakura arrives at the Pharaoh's palace with the mummy of the previous Pharaoh. He challenges the Guardians to a battle for their Millennium Items. His Diabound proves to be a powerful opponent, but when his father is violated, The Pharaoh steps in and summons Obelisk.moreless
  • Memoirs of a Pharaoh

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 17 - 10/29/05

    Arriving in Egypt, Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Tea, are welcomed by Marik, Ishizu, and Odion. They hope that the Pharaoh finds what he's looking for. Yugi goes to the inscribed wall and uses the three Egyptian God Cards. A portal opens and both Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura are pulled through. Yugi and the others find themselves without Yami and wonder what to do. It is then that that meet Shadi, and he explains that Yami was pulled into the world of his memories. Yami wakes up in Egypt in a new body wearing royal clothes. He is met by his 6 Guardians, Seto, Aknadin, Mahad, Isis, Shada, and Karim, as well as his vizier, Shimon. Yami tries to make sense of this new world. Meanwhile Yami Bakura, arrives, taking the new body of a thief. Isis warns of incoming danger.moreless
  • Spiritual Awakening

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 16 - 10/22/05

    Yami Bakura gives Yugi everything back that Rex and Weevil stole from him, except the Millennium Ring. He also tells Yami that he has to play a game to recover his memories. Bakura pays Kaiba a visit that night, also. Kidnapping Mokuba talks Kaiba into a duel, but before the duel is over, the sun rises and Bakura says he has other plans, but not before he uses his Diabound to destroy Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon and absorb its power. He gives Kaiba the Millennium Eye, telling him to go to Egypt if he wants to know more about his past. At the Airport, Yugi heads to Cairo, Egypt. Joey, Tristan, and Tea arrive also, wanting to help recover Yami’s memories. The group gets onboard the plane and they take off.moreless
  • Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 15 - 10/15/05

    Mr. Muto tells his grandson the story of how he received the Millennium Puzzle and how a mysterious man saved him after one of his guides betrayed him. During the night, Rex and Weevil break into Yugi's room and steal his duffle bag to get the three Egyptian cards. Yugi wakes up from the noise and chases them out into the street. They're surprised to find the Millennium Items inside the bag. When Yugi finally catches up with them, he ends up face-to-face with Yami Bakura.moreless
  • Sinister Secrets (3)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 14 - 10/8/05

    Yugi continues his duel with Leon, who is using the Golden Castle of Stromberg card that Zigfried gave to him. Leon wants to get rid of the card because its affects and how Zigfried was only helping him cheat. Yugi puts together a strategy to get rid of it by summoning Jack's Knight, Queen's Knight, and king's knight. Then he used a magic card that sacrificed all three monsters in order to summon Royal Card Knight. By discarding a monster, each of the first five levels, the knight can destroy every card on the field, but when the smoke clears it turns out the castle is also immune to monster special abilities as well. But then Yugi points out that because he only has one card in his deck, he can't discard half of his deck to keep the castle on the field, therefore, the castle is ruined. Leon doesn’t want to finish because he felt liked he cheated but Yugi convinces him to continue, and with one card left, Yugi summons Dark Magician and uses Diffusion Wave Motion to destroy all of Leon’s monsters and wipe out his life points. Yugi won the tournament and he hoped to see Leon again so they can duel fair. Afterwards, Yugi and his friends left by private plane to go back home where Yugi hopes to finally recover the pharaoh’s memories.moreless
  • Sinister Secrets (2)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 13 - 10/8/05

    Zigfried does not seem content with just his brother's victory in this duel. To ensure things go that way, the card he gave to Leon, The Golden Castle of Stromburg, an illegal card, has been modified to force the duelist's monsters to battle and cause Yugi's own creatures to self-destruct while Leon's remain untouched. In addition, to make things worse, Yugi has to put half his deck in the graveyard to keep it going, much to his distaste. Add to the fact that so long as the card does remain active, Kaiba's computer mainframe will be infected with an unstoppable virus, and you have a recipe for the ultimate disaster. Even Leon isn't happy with the arrangement, especially since it's cheating. However, Leon's pleas fall on Zigfried's deaf ears as he controls the duel from the balcony. However, Yugi promises that he'll help Leon destroy the castle somehow. But how can he destroy a card that can't be affected by traps and spells?moreless
  • Sinister Secrets (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 12 - 10/1/05

    With Kaiba's hacker trouble out of the way, it is time for the promised event: Yugi, the King of Games vs. Leon. However, things do not seem as peaceful as they are supposed to be. As Leon progresses up the stairs to the final duel of the event, Zigfried catches his eye and hands him a card with a picture of a golden castle on it, saying it will prove useful. Taking it, Leon begins his awaited duel. However, during the duel, one of Kaiba's men comes up and gives Kaiba some news that unsettles everyone present: Leon and Zigfried are brothers! However, Leon is dueling to help his brother fulfill their mission: destroy Kaiba Corp and advertise their own company.moreless
  • One Step Ahead (2)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 11 - 10/1/05

    As Kaiba and Zigfried's duel continues, Zigfried attacks Kaiba repeatedly with his Valkyries and his monster-destroying Goddess combo. Soon Zigfried tells Kaiba why he is infiltrated Kaiba's tournament. A few years ago, Zigfried developed a holographic image projection system that could be used on Duel Monsters cards. However, Kaiba had developed the same idea at the same time and beat Zigfried to it by making a deal with Pegasus. Now Zigfried is back for revenge. Kaiba is unaffected by Zigfried's story and continues dueling, summoning his Chaos Emperor Dragon and destroys everything. However, Zigfried is able to quickly bring back his Valkyrie Brunhilde. However, through a very complicated combo, Kaiba is able to revive his three Blue Eyes White Dragons, his Chaos Emperor Dragon, and his Luster Dragon #2 all at the same time. Kaiba uses them to destroy Zigfried's Valkyrie Brunhilde and wipe out the rest of his life points.moreless
  • One Step Ahead (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 10 - 9/24/05

    With Zigfried and Leon ready to square off in the KC Grand Championship finals, Kaiba appears and announces that the match is invalid and proclaims Leon Wilson to be the winner of the duel. Then he tells Zigfried that he knows that his true identity is Zigfried Von Schroeder, CEO and President of Schroeder Corp and challenges him to a duel. As Kaiba and Zigfried begin their duel, Zigfried starts off by playing his magic card Ride of the Valkyries on his first turn. Throughout the rest of the duel, he continues to pummel Kaiba with his Valkyrie monsters, but Kaiba remains unaffected and counters all of Zigfried's main offenses. However, things begin to turn in Zigfried's favor, as he plays Nibelung's Ring on Kaiba's XYZ Dragon Cannon and then plays Fortune Chariot, which lets him bypass Kaiba's monsters and directly attack him.moreless
  • A Brawl in a Small Town (2)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 9 - 9/24/05

    As Yugi and his friends enter the restaurant, they find Vivian and Yugi's grandpa. Solomon explains how Vivian helped cure his back pain, but then Vivian undoes what she did earlier, bringing his back pain back. She challenges Yugi to a duel for his grandpa and Yugi accepts. Yugi duels Vivian and wins without much of a struggle. Back at the main duel, Leon and Rebecca continue. Rebecca does manage to get the upper hand on Leon by summoning her Diamond Head Dragon. As Yugi and the others finally arrive at her duel, Leon summons his Thorn Princess card to control Rebecca's dragon and attack her life points directly with it, bringing them down to 0. Though Rebecca loses, she congratulates Leon and wishes him luck in the finals.moreless
  • A Brawl in a Small Town (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 8 - 9/17/05

    The final four duelists have been chosen: Zigfried Lloyd, Leon Wilson, Rebecca Hawkins, and Balfry Ginger. As Yugi and the others prepare to cheer Rebecca on in her next duel against Leon, Professor Hawkins appears and informs the group that Yugi's grandpa has disappeared! Arthur heads off to cheer Rebecca on while Yugi and the rest while Yugi and the others go searching for Solomon. They eventually find a map that they think will lead them to him, but Duke suspects a trap. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Leon begin their duel. Rebecca tries to start the same strategy she used against Vivian, but Leon turns out to be too good an opponent to be trapped by that as he foils her attempts to get her strategy started. Then he begins playing many fairy tale monsters against Rebecca. Rebecca is surprised that Leon would have a deck like this, and even more surprised that she is being defeated by it. Meanwhile, Zigfried wins his duel against Balfry Ginger, meaning he gets to be in the finals. Finally, Yugi and the others arrive at the Chinese restaurant where they think Yugi's grandpa is being held.moreless
  • Down in Flames (2)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 7 - 9/17/05

    As the duel continues, Zigfried summons his powerful Valkyrie monsters to the field to attack Joey, but Joey manages to survive the attack. Zigfried is undaunted, and plays his three Goddess sisters, Urd, Verdande, and Skuld. He also plays Nibelung's Ring on Joey's field. He uses all these cards to slowly destroy all of Joey's monsters one by one. Joey tries to turn the tables, but things look even worse as Zigfried summons his most powerful Valkyrie monster, Valkyrie Brunhilde. Joey tries to depend on luck but each turn Zigfried takes away one monster and is able to see his cards!moreless
  • Down in Flames (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 6 - 9/10/05

    Joey's next opponent is Zigfried Lloyd, the man who defeated both Weevil and Rex in a single turn, but he is still confident he will win. As four duels simultaneous start, Zigfried begins playing with Joey's head by insulting him. This seems to work, as Zigfried quickly gains the upper hand as the duel begins. Zigfried is also worried that Kaiba may be thrown off his scent with his recent inactivity, so he activates a computer virus that causes all the attractions at Kaiba Land to go haywire. As Kaiba works furiously to fix the problem, he remembers meeting a small boy with insane hacking skills at one of his father's parties once. Back at the duel, Joey turns the tables on Zigfried by attacking him directly with his Jinzo. However, that will not last for long, as Zigfried plays his magic card Ride of the Valkyries, the same card he used to defeat Weevil and Rex.moreless
  • Child's Play

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 5 - 9/10/05

    With the first match over, Rebecca is ready for her duel with Vivian. As the two rivals face off, Rebecca proves her skill by constantly turning the tide in her favor. Meanwhile, Weevil and Rex have snuck into Kaiba Land in an attempt to join the tournament. They capture Fortune Salim and steal his outfit. Back at the duel, Rebecca sticks to her strategy and defeats Vivian. As the gang watches a new duel unfold on a television screen, they are shocked to see Fortune Salim turn out to be Weevil and Rex in disguise. However, their planned opponent, Zigfried Lloyd, isn't worried about them and offers to have them both duel him at once. While Weevil and Rex both summon high-powered monsters, Zigfried plays a single Magic Card, Ride of the Valkyries, and uses it to win the duel in a single turn!moreless
  • Let the Games Begin! (2)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 4 - 9/3/05

    As the duel between Joey and Apdnarg Otum continues, Apdnarg continues playing by his strategy, playing strange moves that don't seem to make much sense, such as switching his Stone Giant tokens into defense mode and losing 1000 life points because of it. While Joey is still being confused by Apdnarg's moves, Leon Wilson wins his duel against Richard Goat. Meanwhile, outside of Kaiba Land, Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor arrive and plan to sneak into the KC Grand Championship to face Yugi and Joey again. Back at the duel, Apdnarg reveals that everything he is done since his first move was to summon his next monster. Using the power of his Ancient cards, Apdnarg summons the Ancient Dragon. On the sidelines, Professor Hawkins explains that without the Ancient City, Stone Giant, two Stone Giant Tokens, Ancient Key, Ancient Tome, and Ancient Gate cards, you cannot summon the Ancient Dragon. He also explains that he and Solomon had a contest to see who could collect all the cards needed to summon the dragon first. Back at the duel, though the Ancient Dragon is powerful, Joey manages to destroy it with his Gilford the Lightning, but because of its special effect, it is able to revive because Ancient City was still on the field. Joey comes up with his own strategy, and manages to destroy both the Ancient Dragon and the Ancient City, leaving Apdnarg wide open for an attack. Joey directly attacks him, winning the duel. Everyone is stunned to see Joey actually winning the duel, but not as stunned as Joey when he finds out that Apdnarg is actually Solomon Muto.moreless
  • Let the Games Begin! (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 3 - 9/3/05

    As the tournament begins, the first two duels are announced as Joey Wheeler vs. Apdnarg Otum and Leon Wilson vs. Dr. Richard Goat. Leon and Goat both arrive at their designated duel area on time, and so does Apdnarg, but Joey doesn't realize he has to be at his duel area, and because of that, must race against time to find Apdnarg in the Amazon Cruise zone. When Joey and the other eventually get there, the two start their duel. However, Yugi, Tea, and Tristan are too preoccupied by how much Apdnarg looks like Yugi's grandpa. Professor Hawkins appears behind them to fill them in. Solomon had called him to tell him that he would be participating in Kaiba's new tournament. As the duel begins, Apdnarg begins pummeling Joey with a very well-thought out strategy, while Joey attempts to improvise everything. Apdnarg soon plays his Stone Giant and his Ancient City, which special summons two Stone Giant tokens. In addition, he claims that the worst is yet to come...moreless
  • Unwanted Guest (2)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 2 - 8/27/05

    Things do not look good for Yugi as the duel computer pounds his weak dragon cards to submission. Kaiba finds out about the situation and rushes to Kaiba land to help. Meanwhile, the hacker who set all this up is walking to his jet prepared to go to Kaiba land as well. Back at the duel, Yami Yugi draws the card he gave to Rick earlier, Heart of the Underdog. Using it, he is able to bring out the power of Rick's dragon deck and win the duel, causing the doors to open again. At about that time, Kaiba arrives and tells them where to register for the KC Grand Championship. That night, the gang goes to a hotel reception where all the other contestants are. There, they meet Leon again, and a duelist who seems to have a crush on Yugi named Vivian Wong. Also, the hacker arrives and introduces him to Kaiba as Zigfried Lloyd. Finally, all the contestants arrive and Roland announces their names to the crowd. Then he explains that whoever emerges as the winner of the tournament will gain the right to duel Yugi Muto for the title of the world's best duelist.moreless
  • Unwanted Guest (1)

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 1 - 8/27/05

    With Dartz finally defeated, Yugi and his friends are taking a well-deserved break. However, it doesn't last long, as everyone realizes that they have no way to get back to Domino. Luckily, Mokuba arrives to say that if they participate in Kaiba Corporation’s new tournament, they will get a free ride home. Yugi, Joey, and Rebecca each receive their formal invitations and Mokuba and Roland fly the gang to Kaiba Land. There, they enter the Kaiba Dome, where there is a huge dueling arena where duelists can challenge an expert duel computer. In the dome, Yugi and his friends meet Leon Wilson, a boy who has idolized Yugi since he won Duelist Kingdom, and Rick, a boy with an unbalanced deck consisting of mostly Dragon cards. Yugi gives him one of his Magic cards, and Rick decides to challenge the duel computer. But right when he does, a mysterious man hacks into Kaiba Corporation’s computer system and shuts and locks all the doors out of the main arena, and programs the duel computer to not open the doors unless someone defeats the duel computer. Rick has no chance to defeat the computer on its highest setting, so Yami steps in to duel, but can even the King of Games win with an unbalanced and weak deck?moreless
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 5 Intro



    Season 5 show opening.
  • Rise of the Great Beast (2)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 40 - 5/28/05

    Merged together with the Great Leviathan, Dartz attacks Yami Yugi. Yami Yugi realizes that he overcome the Beast with the power of his friends. Yami Yugi remembers everything that has happened, and manages to make the Great Leviathan disappear for good. Yami Yugi sees Dartz on the floor, and it becomes clear that Dartz was under the control of the Orichalcos. Chris and Ironheart appear to help Dartz, and they thank him for his help. As Yugi and the Pharaoh return to the real world and leave Dartz, Ironheart, and Chris, Joey and Kaiba arrive at the helicopter and everyone is forced to leave without Yugi. Meanwhile, Weevil, Rex, Alister, Valon, and Mai all wake up since their souls have returned to their bodies. Weevil and Rex are still determined to get their revenge on Yugi and Joey, Alister still wants to find his brother, and Mai sets off to prove herself as a true duelist so she can face Joey again. Meanwhile, Yugi and Yami Yugi awaken on the shore of an island. The Legendary Dragons and the Dark Magician Girl return to their own world. Joey and the others spot Yugi on the island and the helicopter sets down to meet him. After a reunion on the shore, everyone prepares to leave. Yugi remembers that Yami Yugi must now regain his memories, but knows that he will not be alone in his final quest.moreless
  • Rise of the Great Beast (1)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 39 - 5/28/05

    Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba begin their battle with the Great Leviathan, but their monsters' attacks have no effect. The monsters are destroyed, and the Leviathan proceeds to absorb the three into itself. However, before Yami Yugi is completely absorbed, he is able to call to all of the absorbed souls to lend him their power. With this, Yami Yugi is able to break them out, and then proceeds to revive the God Cards, Obelisk, Slifer, and Ra. He has them destroy the Great Beast, and as a result the lost souls are restored to their bodies. Joey and Kaiba then leave the area, but before Yugi can he is confronted by Dartz one final time. Yami Yugi realizes that he must finally extinguish the darkness in Dartz once and for all, or the terrible events that have occurred will happen again.moreless
  • A Duel with Dartz (6)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 38 - 5/21/05

    Yami Yugi uses Hermos's special ability to escape Dartz's attack. Then he has Critias and Hermos attack Divine Serpent at the same time, and with their respective special abilities, they are able to form a loop on Divine Serpent's head creating a power even more powerful than infinity. Yami Yugi then fuses the three knights together to form the Knight of Destiny. He attacks Divine Serpent, destroying it and winning the duel. Dartz is amazed that he lost, and refuses to believe it. A portal open behind him and he disappears into it. The three knights use a rip in the barrier between the two sides to call back the souls of Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey. After a touching reunion, Roland runs in to inform everyone of some bad news. Atlantis is rising from the ocean depths, creating a large tsunami with it. The tsunami will destroy the entire American east coast within one hour. Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey decide to go to Atlantis themselves and defeat Dartz once and for all, much to the dismay of everyone else. While walking through Dartz's lair, Yugi finds the Egyptian God Cards, though they have had all their power drained. The three of them eventually find the portal that Dartz escaped through and walk into it, transporting them to Atlantis. They find Dartz, who is sacrificing his own soul to fuel his beast. It works, and the Great Leviathan revives and rises from the ocean. On the head of the creature is Dartz, who has fused himself to it. Yami Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey prepare for an all-out onslaught by summoning their most powerful monsters, but they barely leave a scratch on the enormous beast. As all looks hopeless, an aurora appears in the sky...moreless
  • A Duel with Dartz (5)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 37 - 5/21/05

    As Dartz and Yami Yugi talk, Joey wakes up in the soul-prison world. He, Yugi, and Pegasus talk about the chances of Yami Yugi defeating Dartz, and Pegasus says that he can win with the card he gave him. The card has the power to break the seal on the Legendary Dragons and turn them human. Back at the duel, Dartz succeeds in breaking Yami Yugi's spirit. Dartz has 20,000 life points and three invincible monsters on his field. Dartz tries to convince Yami Yugi that he'll do much more for his friends by surrendering and going to where they are than attempting to draw the duel out longer. Yami Yugi prepares to surrender, but a teardrop hits the Millennium Puzzle and the Seal of Orichalcos closing in all around him is repelled. Dartz is confused, and Yami Yugi says that he was able to look into his heart and knows that all his friends are with him. He draws a card. It's the card Pegasus gave him, Legend of Heart. Using it, he summons the Legendary Dragons and transforms them into the Legendary Knights Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos, and they destroy all three levels of the Seal of Orichalcos. Dartz is shocked that the Seal was destroyed so easily. He attacks using Shunoros, but Yami Yugi activates Critias's special ability by bringing back a Trap Card, namely Mirror Force. Shunoros, Dexia, and Aristeros are destroyed, but another monster takes its place. By discarding all the cards in his hand and sacrificing all of his life points, he can summon the Divine Serpent with an attack force of infinity. He cannot lose the duel until Divine Serpent is destroyed. Dartz attacks and destroys Timaeus, sending Yami Yugi's life points to 0, but Yami Yugi activates Relay Soul, summoning Dark Magician Girl to the field. He cannot lose the duel until Dark Magician Girl is destroyed. Dartz plays Impact Revive, making Timaeus return to the field and giving himself a second Battle Phase. He attacks with Dark Magician Girl…moreless
  • A Duel with Dartz (4)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 36 - 5/14/05

    Because of Orichalcos Tritos, magic and trap cards won't affect Dartz's monsters. Yami Yugi's out of monsters, so Dartz uses his 4 Mirror Knights to attack him. But as Mirror Knight Pegasus attacks him, he calls out to him and tells him to play the card he gave him earlier. It's getting down to the wire, and Kaiba knows that if he can't think of something soon, he'll lose. With perfect timing, he draws and plays the Fang of Critias card. He combines it with Yami Yugi's Mirror Force and creates Mirror Force Dragon. He attacks Mirror Knight Pegasus and uses the energy reflected by Pegasus's shield to attack all 4 Mirror Knights thanks to Mirror Force Dragon's special ability, much to Yami Yugi' dismay. This means Orichalcos Kyutora is also destroyed, but not before absorbing the damage caused by the attack. But when Orichalcos Kyutora is destroyed, it is replaced by Orichalcos Shunoros, whose attack points are determined by the amount of damage it absorbs as Orichalcos Kyutora. It also gains two arms, Orichalcos Dexia and Orichalcos Aristeros, which act as Shunoros's sword and shield. Dartz forces Mirror Force Dragon to battle with Shunoros, thus wiping out Kaiba's remaining Life Points. The Seal takes Kaiba's soul and Dartz knocks Tea, Tristan, and Mokuba unconscious, leaving him alone with the Pharaoh. He tells him about his past and how when Dartz saw him 5000 years ago, he knew that he could use that soul to revive the Great Leviathan. He insists that Yami Yugi is evil and that he will pay for his crimes with his soul...moreless
  • A Duel with Dartz (3)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 35 - 5/14/05

    As the duel continues, Yami Yugi and Kaiba are shocked to see Yugi, Joey, Mai, and Pegasus as the Mirror Knights. While Kaiba refuses to let it affect him, Yami Yugi no longer has the will to attack. Kaiba attempts to destroy the Mirror Knights, but the knights' friendship gets in his way and defend each other. Dartz also summons Orichalcos Malevolence to cause trouble for Kaiba and Yami Yugi. Kaiba is angry that Yami Yugi won't do anything, but Yami Yugi can't bring himself to attack his friends. The duel is put on hold, however, when Rafael appears and attempts to get Dartz to stop. Dartz just laughs and explains to Rafael that he'll never get rid of his darkness. He tells everyone about how he got Rafael, Valon, and Alister to be his pawns. He posed as Gozaburo Kaiba and made Alister believe that it was Kaiba Corporation’s fault that his brother was gone. He framed Valon for his first ever crime. He used his powers to sink the ship that Rafael and his family were on the day he was separated from them. Rafael, enraged, tries to attack Dartz, but because of that, darkness re-enters his heart and the Seal of Orichalcos appears on his forehead again. The Seal takes his soul, but there's no time for Yami Yugi and Kaiba to react, because at that moment, Dartz activates the third Seal of Orichalcos, Orichalcos Tritos.moreless
  • A Duel with Dartz (2)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 34 - 5/7/05

    Before the duel continues, Dartz shows them what happened in ancient Atlantis. He explains how the Orichalcos appeared and corrupted the hearts of the humans and turned people into monsters, including his own wife, Iona. Dartz was shown the truth, however, when he encountered an Orichalcos stone and it explained everything to him and gave him the power of the Great Leviathan. His father, Ironheart, and daughter, Chris, tried to stop him by gaining the help of the monsters from the Dominion of the Beasts, but neither side was victorious. Dartz wants to finish the battle he began 10,000 years ago, and explains that due to his Orichalcos Kyutora's ability, his Life Points are safe from Yami Yugi and Kaiba's last attack. He then plays Orichalcos Deuteros, the second level of the Seal. As the duel progresses, things look dim for Yami Yugi and Kaiba, especially when Dartz plays his Mirror Knight Calling card which summons four Mirror Knights to the field. Kaiba destroys Mirror Knight Calling with his Ring of Destruction card, taking the armor off revealing them to be the souls of Yugi, Joey, Mai, and Pegasus. With Yami Yugi playing against the souls of his friends, will he be able to win?moreless
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