Season 1 Episode 18

Arena of Lost Souls (2)


Full Episode: Arena of Lost Souls (2) (20:47)

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Things were looking bad for Joey. With three zombie cards, and Bonz adding all kinds over zombie power ups to them, Joey couldn't kill any of them without getting hurt himself. Meanwhile, Yugi and company were still searching for Joey. Bakura accidentally steps on a switch, which triggers an Indiana Jonesish boulder scene to ensue. A boulder chases them all to a dead end. After it runs down Bakura, Tristan tried punching it, and it just pops, revealing itself to be a balloon boulder with a speaker. It would appear that Pegasus wanted to scare someone, and he got all the screaming on tape. Back at the duel, to make things worse, Bonz sends out the Pumpkin King, which injects ectoplasm into the zombies to power them up even more. Joey gets his time wizard, but the spinner hits the skull, and all of Joey's monsters are killed. Now, Yugi finally finds Joey, and helps him out. It goes down to the wire, but Joey wins. Now Joey has 8 star chips. Bandit Keith, in a rage, steals all of Bonz's and his other henchmen's star chips, seals up the cave with a boulder, trapping Yugi and the gang inside, and heads for Pegasus's castle, as he now has 10 star chips.moreless
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