Season 5 Episode 14

Sinister Secrets (3)


Full Episode: Sinister Secrets (3) (20:44)

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Yugi continues his duel with Leon, who is using the Golden Castle of Stromberg card that Zigfried gave to him. Leon wants to get rid of the card because its affects and how Zigfried was only helping him cheat. Yugi puts together a strategy to get rid of it by summoning Jack's Knight, Queen's Knight, and king's knight. Then he used a magic card that sacrificed all three monsters in order to summon Royal Card Knight. By discarding a monster, each of the first five levels, the knight can destroy every card on the field, but when the smoke clears it turns out the castle is also immune to monster special abilities as well. But then Yugi points out that because he only has one card in his deck, he can't discard half of his deck to keep the castle on the field, therefore, the castle is ruined. Leon doesn’t want to finish because he felt liked he cheated but Yugi convinces him to continue, and with one card left, Yugi summons Dark Magician and uses Diffusion Wave Motion to destroy all of Leon’s monsters and wipe out his life points. Yugi won the tournament and he hoped to see Leon again so they can duel fair. Afterwards, Yugi and his friends left by private plane to go back home where Yugi hopes to finally recover the pharaoh’s memories.moreless
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