Yu Yu Hakusho

Fuji TV (ended 1995)




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Yusuke Urameshi, a school student at the age of fourteen, spends his days barely attending his classes, being scolded by his female friend, Keiko, and getting into fights with other students, mainly his rival, Kuwabara. Seeming to be like any other delinquent, it comes as a shock when Yusuke does something unexpected: shoving a little boy out of the way of an oncoming car, and dying in the process. While watching the events taking place at the scene of the accident, Yusuke realizes that he is now a ghost. As a result of his actions, he meets the Grim Reaper, a perky blue-haired girl who floats around on an oar! She introduces herself as Botan, and tells Yusuke that if he wishes to have a second chance at life, then he must meet with the ruler of the Spirit World. After seeing his wake, Yusuke decides to try living again, and goes with Botan. Upon coming to Spirit World, Yusuke meets with Koenma, a ruler with the body of a toddler! Koenma reveals himself to actually be the son of the ruler of the Spirit World, and gives Yusuke an ordeal; to care for and hatch a golden egg that can restore his life. If Yusuke's soul is of a good-hearted nature, then the creature that hatches will bring Yusuke back to life, but if Yusuke's soul is of an evil-hearted nature, then it will hatch and devour Yusuke's soul. Yusuke accepts this ordeal, and manages to inform Keiko to not cremate his body. Hoping that some good deeds will help the egg hatch for the better, Yusuke lends an unseen helping hand to Kuwabara. One day however, he sees someone suspicious running from his apartment, and notices that his home is on fire. Knowing that if his body is burnt to ashes he won't be able to come back to life, Yusuke panics. Botan goes to find Kuwabara, while Keiko hears about the fire, and goes to see what's happening. Upon seeing Yusuke's home engulfed in flames, Keiko dumps a bucket of water on herself, and rushes in to retrieve Yusuke's body, but soon she is surrounded by the fire. Yusuke learns that he can save Keiko by throwing the egg into the fire, but in the process he will lose his only way to come back to life. Despite the high cost, Yusuke throws the egg into the fire, saving Keiyo and his body. With him giving up his chance of coming back to life, Yusuke quickly becomes depressed, when suddenly Koenma appears, revealing that by choosing Keiko over restoring his life, Yusuke has earned the chance to come back to life. With the help of his friends, Yusuke is now alive again! Yusuke has returned to his life, but something unexpected happens. He learns that he can now see spirits and apparitions, and has obtained the power to use Spirit Energy to fight. Yusuke Urameshi has become a Spirit Detective, and must undertake missions to fight off any threats to the Human World. During these missions, Yusuke will encounter some fearsome enemies, as well as finding some treasured friends, growing up all the while. History Yu Yu Hakusho is based off of the manga, which was created by Yoshihiro Togashi, running from 1990-1994 and spanning 19 volumes. The show aired on the Fuji Network from October 10th, 1992 to January 7th, 1995 in Japan, and on Cartoon Network from February 23rd, 2002 to April 1st, 2006 in the United States. Show Titles Japanese: 幽☆遊☆白書 Alternate: Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files



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