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Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 17

A Matter of Love and Death

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 30, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

A Matter of Love and Death
The round between Team Urameshi and Team Masho is almost over. Only one fight remains, Risho vs. Kuwabara. The fight has already started, and Kuwabara is being beat up pretty bad. Risho continues to hammer Kuwabara, and then starts to use his Shinobi mastery of earth. He creates advanced armor, and reigns more furious meteor attacks on the weak Kuwabara. With all his spirit energy exhausted, Kuwabara decideds to use a desperate measure, but someone is in the audience calling to him. Who is it? Will they give Kuwabara the strength to continue?moreless

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  • Ridiculous!

    Kuwabara fights don't usual keep my attention and the fight against Risho has always been my least favorite in the tournament, but it does have its charming points.

    The not-quite relationship between Sakyou and Shizuru continues, Yukina pushes Kuwabara to victory and we see a little out-of-the-ring action between Yusuke and Keiko, who haven't seen much of each other at all.

    It's a great character-building episode and an entertaining fight to prove Kuwbara's manliness.moreless
  • Kuwabara's manly stand...and a warrior of love?

    This must be one of Kuwabara's most epic and manly moment in the entire series. Due to the underhanded dealings made by Team Masho's manager, Yusuke's team is put in a tight situation. Despite his injuries, Kuwabara bravely steps in to save the day. Everyone is against this yet he ignores them and battles for the team's sake. The fight starts and he learns his spirit energy cannot be used due to its role in keeping the guy alive! Risho starts pummeling him and the others can only stare on in horror. Meanwhile, the girls meet up with Yukina who have issues making their way back into the stands. Kuwabara, never giving up, continues to rise and take Risho's hits. With Yusuke's fight with Suzaku in mind, Kuwabara starts to employ the same strategy Yusuke used in order to ensure his team's victory. The background music changes to its struggle with sadness theme, the one that plays when someone is in trouble, and he heroically catches Risho's charge, ready to kill both of them. Suddenly he starts thinking about Yukina, and finally spots her amongst the crowd. Invigorated by the sight of his love, he brushes Risho aside and runs off to flirt with her, his energy drastically increasing/improving. He finally sends Risho flying with his 'recharged' spirit sword. This episode is one of the times where it highlights Kuwabara's best characteristics of honor and his iron resolve. Definitely an emotional episode and one of the best out there.moreless
  • Kuwabara battles the ninja groups leader.

    Reesho beats up on Kuwabara for awhile but he won't stay down so Reesho reveals his special art, the ability to control earth. He surrounds himself in clay armor and uses his meteor attack twice but Kuwabara still keeps getting up. He intends to use his life energy as Yusuke did against Kuzaku (SB4) but then he sees Yukina (who has snuck into the stadium with the other girls) and after regaining some energy uses his Spirit Sword to slice down Reesho. Toguro kills Team Mosho's "owner". The temptress finally loses her grip on Heie and Genkai and they are released. Heie is calmed by the sight of his sister.moreless
  • Okay, so now Kuwabara is going to fight...

    Sadly, Yusuke was also disqualified after he defeated Jin. The Tournament Committee ruled that Koto waited too long before beginning the ten count and that the fight would end in a draw. So this leaves Risho to take the win for his team, unless someone from Team Urameshi can stand and fight...

    Knowing that his team is in trouble the very injured Kuwabara says that he will fight. It is obvious that he is in no condition to do so, but he says that he must do it. The fight is pretty one-sided, with Risho dominating his opponent with his mastery of earth. Fortunately, when Kuwabara sees his beloved Yukina he finds the strength to continue and beats Risho with one punch.

    This is a pretty good episode and it is nice to see that cheaters never win!moreless
  • Kuwabara, fighter of love?..............

    This episode is about Kuwabara's struggle to fight Risho......

    The episode begins with Kuwabara barely being able to walk into the ring. Risho starts beating down Kuwabara, but Kuwabara still manages to get up. Kuwabara's struggles continue, as Risho uses his armor of clay to make things even worse for him. Kuwabara decides to use his life energy to win the match, and right as Risho strikes, Kuwabara hears Yukinas' voice calling him. Suddenly, Kuwabara gains the upperhand, and wrecks Risho with his spirit sword. The episode ends with Kuwabara being healed by Yukina, and Yusuke talking to Keiko.

    This was a good episode overall, and really featured Kuwabara's bravery. As expected from YYH, another great episode.....moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the manga, Risho was defeated quicker which was after Kuwabara saw Yukina in the stands and Kuwabara did not need his Spirit Sword to take Risho down.

    • In the English version, it is mentioned that Toguro killed Tarukane with a flick of his wrist, when in fact, Toguro killed him by kicking his head off.

    • Edited: Toguro killing Team Masho's owner, Butajiri, is cut out in the edited version. Also, a scene near the end of the episode, where Yusuke touches Kayko's bottom, was cut out.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Kuwabara: Eat my energy!

    • Kuwabara: (to Risho) I guess you haven't checked the score for this round lately! (Risho grunts from being startled by Kuwabara) We have 4 wins and you have 2 and if I win my guys get to live! Urameshi and Kurama gave it everything they had, and I still have a way to bring it home for 'em!

    • Hiei: (to the masked fighter) If you have any noble plans to stop me, I suggest you write your will. I'm not leaving without war.

    • Yusuke: (puts his hand on Kuwabara's shoulder) Not too bad!
      Kuwabara: (is startled) Don't sneak up on me when I'm breathin' hard, okay!

    • (edited version)
      Yusuke: Since when did you fill in in all the right places?
      Kayko: Yusuke, you jerk!

      (uncut version)
      Yusuke: Is it just these pants or did you really get a nice ass?
      Keiko: Yusuke, you jerk!

    • Kuwabara: There's only one person who calls me by my first name!
      Yukina: We've been very worried Kazuma, are you okay?
      Kuwabara: (laughs) Yeah!
      Yusuke: I am never gonna understand that bastard.

    • Yusuke: (to Kuwabara) Don't just let that creep wail on you, show some friggin' balls!
      Kurama: We both know he's proven enough, it's a miracle he's even standing.

  • NOTES (2)