Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 16

A Reason to Fight

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Mar 18, 2006 on Fuji TV

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  • Yusuke and Yomi finally have their bout in the demon world tournement. But just as the fight starts Yusuke can't remember why he is fighting. But he hears a voice in his head that helps him to remember.

    This fight in this episode was one of my favorite Yusuke fight in the entire show. It may have been the best, but the reason why this was so cool is because Yusuke fights with his spirit energy again after, at least on screen, nver really used after gaining his demonic energy. Personally I found Yusuke using spirit energy cooler than him using demon energy. He remembers why he is fighting and begins to start fighting after getting pumbled by Yomi before. He starts firing off his spirit gun with his demon energy rather than spirit energy. But it doesn't appear to faze Yomi due to his barrier, but just as everyone thinks that Yusuke can't beat Yomi, Yomi is grazed by one of spirit gun's shots. Then after his is slowly grazed by more spirit guns when it is revealed that Yusuke is combining his spirit energy with his demon energy while he is shooting eventually his spirit energy completely overwhelms his demon energy and fires a huge spirit gun with pure spirit energy (whic is cooler than him using it with demon energy) and a huge explosion occurs. No one can see what happened, but both fighters appear again and round two starts.
  • One of the most exciting parts of the series.

    This episode of Yu Yu Hakusho has it all. Excitement, drama, power,and so much more. This is one of my favorite episodes in the series because it was just so good. Yomi against Yusuke, that was the match we have all been waiting for. Both Yusuke's and Yomi's moves were amazing in this episode, and were probably some of the most powerful ones in the series. I love this episode. It had so much action, it was what this whole series is about. Episodes like this made me love Yu Yu Hakusho. It was a good first part to the last major fight of Yu Yu Hakusho.
  • One word of advice; never get Yu Yu Hakusho episodes off of Limewire

    Several matches start at the same time as Yusuke's and Yomi's. Makuro is battling the underdog Natsumi, while two of Raizen's long time friends are doing the same in another arena. But all eyes are fixed on Yusuke and Yomi. Yusuke delivers a powerful punch to the face, but Yomi lets it connect. He then gets up and fires several attacks of his own, but Yusuke doesn't physically or mentally feel them. He asks himself why he's fighting. He had justfiable reasons against Sensui and Toguro, but not now. With a talk with Raizen, he gets motivated again. The two then start battling equally.

    I really didn't thoroughly understand the philosophy behind the conversation between Raizen and Yusuke in their inner monologue moment. Well I did understand it, I just didn't understand how Yusuke resolved it so easily. Other than that, I expected more from this fight. I guess it's just starting to heat up, but I expected it to start off like the fight against Sensui. Though an interesting twist is how Yusuke was able to mix his demon and spirit energy together to create a "mix ball".
  • Yusuke has been fighting all of his life.However at what cost? Why does he fight?He asks himself this tough question in the middle of his fight against Yomi. Not a good idea. When Yusuke picks up that motive it seems to make him stronger, but will it make

    Great episode. Yusuke is able to realize why he fights. Then his fight with Yomi is explosive. It's awesome especially when he turns back to Masaku Yusuke and goes crazy with his spirit gun. This episode is incredible and Yomi's fight with Yusuke is unimaginable. Yusuke starts to question his purpose for fighting, and begins to realize that Yomi is the toughest foe he has ever faced. However that makes no difference for Yusuke as long as he is able to put his feeling aside and beat Yomi. However that is a feat harder done then said. Can Yusuke over top one of the Former Demon world rulers?