Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 26


Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 13, 2003 on Fuji TV
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Episode Summary

Team Toguro easily wins the semifinals with minimal effort. Meanwhile, Genkai goes to confront the Younger Toguro, who is absent from the semis. The link between Genkai and Toguro is explored, and a fight is upcoming.

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  • Crescendo

    A beautiful final semi-final fight.

    This marks the beginning of the end and really gets into the backstory between Genkai and the Younger Toguro. It's a gorgeous story, if a classic one - or a cliched one. It's one of my favorites and the way it builds in its own quiet way makes for a glorious reveal. No one really sees it coming the first time and yet knows that it's the only explanation.

  • The destined battle between Genkai and Toguro. Plus the rest of Team Toguro shows their power.

    Team Toguro fought Team Garinga without the younger Toguro as he is out with Genkai. Karasu injects his energy into his opponents and then detonates it. Pui has a really big axe but he can swing it extremely fast, seems to have a lot of strength. The Elder Toguro can manipulate his body in any way that he wishes. He takes out the last three members with a 360 degree tentacle like attack. Genkai tells Kurama and Heie to watch the fight but only Kurama obeys. Heie is off training with his DotDF. Toguro and Genkai meet up in the forest. It is clear that they were once allies, Genaki could have killed him at one point, and Toguro was somehow granted eternal youth by the committee. As Toguro powers up Yusuke awakens and runs out to try and find Genkai. Genkai loads a Spirit Gun.....Karasu & Pui also stop Kurama in the hallway after the match and Karasu tells Kurama that he wishes to fight him.moreless
  • Genkai's last fight, well not much fight left in her......

    This episode is about Toguro fighting Genkai, and team Toguro demolishing team Gorenjya......

    The episode begins with Genkai telling Kuwabara to tell Yusuke not to follow her when he wakes up. Genkai goes to meet with Toguro. Clearly, this is going to be an uneven fight. Genkai does put in a few good moves though, but sadly, it isnt enough. Yusuke wakes up, and quickly runs to find her, knowing she's in danger. Will he make it in time?

    I like this episode. It's the last real fight we see from Genkai, and well, it leads up to some sad momments.... Overall, another great, but not spectacular.....moreless
  • As 4 team Toguro members slaughtered their opponents, an anxious Kurama watched with the crowd. He realizes that they are too strong to take on in his human form. The last member, younger Toguro is outside of the stadium along with a member of team Uramesmoreless

    I am only here to rant about Karasu's strange obssession with Kurama. In that part where Kurama, Karasu and Bui meet up somewhere in the halls of the stadium, Karasu shows the first signs of his liking of the redhead. In fact, he outwardly states that Kurama is his personal favorite. Kurama in turn is utterly afraid of him and I can't blame him. Karasu is one freaky psycho. And we know what happens when he touches someone; said someone goes *boom* byebye. Now, this is just my honest opinion; I really think that Karasu is REALLY smitten with the youko. I mean REALLY (oh, you know what i mean). No one has to agree or disagree with me on this but when you think about it...I don't know, it just seems that way...plus, Karasu did say something that sort of transmits something: "i know you fear what my touch can do to you, and yet maybe you also want to know it..." I don't know, but it sorta sounds like...moreless
  • Well, there's no annoying clowns in this one.

    Team Toguro begins their slaughter of a semi final match up. The first one pits the mysterious Karasu against some acid producing demon. Through a technique in which Karasu sends some of his spirit energy into his opponent's body, he slowly blows the pieces off of his opponent. The next match up is with Bui and some Cyclops guy. The Cyclops demon pulls out a huge sword behind his back. However, Bui summons an axe twice as big as him from elsewhere. The Cyclops easily gets sliced away. The final match up is against the elder Toguro brother against the final 3. However, Toguro, like his comrades, wins in a slaughter using his special ability to shift his body as he desires. Meanwhile, Toguro meets up with Genkai outside of the arena in the final chapter of their relationship.

    There's nothing else much to say about this episode besides saying I just want to frikkin watch the next. It pretty much displays how strong Team Toguro is and how nearly impossible it is for Team Urameshi to win. But Bui and Karasu are just so badass! The one thing that wins me over than anything in a shounen are the badass moments. The scene with Karasu, Bui and Kurama was cleverly plotted.moreless
Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Younger Toguro: You used to be so beautiful. I remember. There are faces a person looks at to feel at ease. For a while, you were mine.

    • Elder Toguro: Unfortunately for you, I'm well equipped for fighting the larger groups.

    • Genkai: I guess I'd better be off.
      Kuwabara: Wait a second. Where are you going now?
      Genkai: Tell Yusuke not to follow me.
      Kuwabara: Are you in trouble?
      Genkai: Kuwabara?
      Kuwabara: Ma'am?
      Genkai: You have a gentle heart. Use it.
      (Genkai opens the door and leaves)
      Kuwabara: What the heck? Hope this isn't a sign that people are going to act weird on me.

    • Genkai: Hmph, Eternal youth and power. I see the committee did a great job on your request.
      Younger Toguro: A decision you should have made too. You could still have your youth. It's most disturbing, looking at your face, this hag you've become.
      Genkai: The man that I had so much respect for has lowered himself to an ordinary thug. You think I like seeing you? Honestly I can't stand it!
      Younger Toguro: (chuckles) Fair enough, that is precisely why one of us has to go! Goodbye friend!
      Genkai: You sold your soul for a crappy fantasy. I should have killed you when I had the chance!

    • Karasu: (to Kurama) You should take more care of your hair you know, do you condition it? You should take care of your body...

    • Elder Toguro: If there's one thing I hate, it's cowards!

    • Genkai: So you're Kayko.
      Kayko: Yes?
      Genkai: Take care of Yusuke, he loves you.

    • Genkai: Kuwabara.
      Kuwabara: Huh?
      Genkai: No more losing, ok?

    • Yusuke: Genkai, do you realize what's going on? She gave all her power to me when she knew Toguro was gonna face her in the end. This whole time my stupid self thought it was all about between me and him. But there's a 50 year story behind it, and now she wants it closed. Am I giving it away? Well, I don't give a damn. My teacher's walking into a fight she can't win! And nothing is ever gonna be the same.

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