Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 32

Beneath Bui's Armor

Aired Unknown May 22, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Beneath Bui's Armor
The battle between Kurama and Karasu has come to an end, and an unexpected verdict is made. Soon, Hiei gets in the ring, eager to take on his opponent. Bui, a mysterious fighter, with an immense power hidden beneath his armor...

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  • Contains

    A lot of simple back and forth of much of the same attacks. We get to hear Bui speak for the first time and actually get to see him for the first time as well.

    The fight leaves much to be desired and there isn't much characterization. Except for revealing Bui and the fact Hiei seems to have remastered the Dragon, this episode doesn't do much at all for advancing the plot or anything of the like. Still fun to watch, though (I might be partial to Hiei).

    My opinions might be a bit biased, though... I've lost count of how many times I've seen this particular episode; I'm pretty sure it's in the 20s somewhere.moreless
  • With the committee at it's tricks again, Team Yurameshi is must give everything to win every battle they come across. Next up is Heie who must deal with the mysterious Pui and his hidden energy.moreless

    The "official" ruling is that because it took Kurama 10.28 seconds from the start of the count to unleash his plant & kill Karasu, he loses the match. The Elder Toguro tells Team Yurameshi that his wish is to kill all of their friends if they win. Yusuke shrugs it off and next is Heie vs. Pui. Heie can now control the human fist of the darkness flame with ease and destroys two of Pui's swords. So Pui removes his armor and reveals that it's intention is not to protect him but to protect others from his energy. It keeps his energy contained within him. He launches a seeking blast at Heie and Heie maneuvers to hit Pui with. It's a direct hit but Pui appears unharmed and says that his blast are only strong enough to kill his opponent and that it wasn't enough to even dent him. Heie decides to unlash the bindings and energy seal on his right arm and reveals the darkness energy contained within. He powers up with a streak of energy wrapped around his arm and the two fighters face off.moreless
  • Kurama wins...NOT!

    The fight between Kurama and Karasu has just ended, with Karasu dying. It seems that Kurama has won, however a slow motion replay of the match shows us that Kurama was down for more than 10 seconds and then killed Karasu, so before Karasu died the match was already over, so Kurama lost.

    Next up is Hiei and Bui. Bui is the big guy with the big armor with the big axe. However the big axe proves to be ineffective against Hiei because he is able to break it! Bui uses his secret powers by taking off his armor (which is supposed to conceal his power). Now he is much stronger than before, but Hiei has a trick of his own, he starts removing his bandages...

    That was a pretty good episode. It was surprising to see the result of the Karasu vs Kurama match, and the fact that Bui's armor is used to protect his opponents and not himself is also pretty cool. Next episode should have Hiei using the Dragon of Darkness Flame.moreless
  • Hiei prepares to face bui, and know the stakes have been raised.

    After kurama defeats karasu, it seems karasu was the one to win, but now karasu is dead. Now hiei must fight bui, within the second match of the final round of the dark tournament. It is a great battle, as hiei seems to have the upper hand. But not for long, as bui takes off his armor. It is then revealed, that when bui's armor comes off, his true power is unleashed. Now hiei is in grave danger, as bui now is winning. Hiei has no choice but to turn to his greatest technique, the dragon of the darkness flame.moreless
  • After Karasu is declared the winner due to a technicality, Hiei steps up to take on Bui. He dominates the beginning of the match with his speed. Once Bui removes his armor however, it appears he is much stronger. Hiei then begins to prepare the Dragon.moreless

    I was really fond of this episode. It was classic Hiei just taunting Bui while he dodged everything Bui threw at him (quite literally), or going right through it with the Fist of the Mortal Flame. It was also rather funny to listen to Yusuke and Kuwabara being completely clueless as usual then needing Kurama to sort out everything out for them. The Toguro Brothers and Sakyo added something with their usual evil talk or in some cases cryptic messages. It was interesting to see Bui begin to dominate the match once he had removed his armor and released his full power. Overall it was a exemplary episode and contained many of the things that make Yu Yu Hakusho so great.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Bui: (about removing his armor) There are two things you need to know, Hiei the swordsman. I was saving this for someone else, and this is the highest compliment I give.

    • Hiei: Your aim is as broad as your axe! Could you at least try to hit me next time?!

    • Yusuke: Hey, you with the big fish ears. I've got a bone to pick with you. How does a dead guy win?
      Juri: Hold it, I'd like it if you'd remove your hand!
      Yusuke: I'd like you to remove your head from your ass, but I don't see that happening anytime soon!

    • Bui: Most fighters wear armor to protect themselves from their opponent. But I'm the opposite. I actually wear this armor to protect my opponent from myself. You see, my powers are so great I can't control them on my own.

    • Kurama: No, that's... What I meant by 'contains' is that his armor keeps his power from escaping; definition #2. (to Yusuke)

    • Hiei: (to Bui) At least you are consistent. Consistently foolish if you think that axe will have any more effect than the last.

    • Hiei: I'm beginning to feel insulted.

    • Hiei: (to Bui) Try harder please, you're hardly worth my effort.

    • Hiei: (sarcastically) So that's your weapon. My, I can almost say I'm intimidated.

    • Sakyo: If I were a betting man, I'd wager Hiei starts resorting to his desperate measures soon.
      Toguro: If?
      Sakyo: Well I killed all of my betting partners.

    • Hiei: (to Bui) I may be a small target, but this is just sad.

    • Bui: (After getting hit by his own battle cross) I only put enough energy into my attacks as is necessary to defeat my opponents. That wasn't even enough to scratch me. Take that any way you want.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode first aired in Japan on November 20th, 1993.

    • On the video the timer speeds up a notch when it hits 7 seconds. Possibly on purpose.

    • Japanese title: 脅威! 鎧を外した武威
      Romaji title: Kyōi! Yoroi o hazushi ta Bui
      Translated title: Intimidation! Bui Removes His Armor

    • I noticed that Kurama's blood dissapears. When we see Kurama he isn't as bloody as he was in the previous episode (This is the uncut version just to clarify) Then a couple in the shadow of elder Toguro his battle out-fit had only a few splogis of blood


    • Koenma: "Why's there never a slingshot when you need it?" The junior lord of the underworld is looking at Hiei's (4'10") and Bui's (9') heights and comparing the situation to the Old Testament story of David and Goliath, where the man kills the giant with a slingshot.