Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 3 Episode 9

Caught in the Rain

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Oct 02, 2004 on Fuji TV

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  • Seaman attacks and demonstrates more of the unique abilities of the fighters following Sensui.

    Koenma informs Yusuke and Kuwabara that because the center of the tunnel rift was so deep underground (550m) that the tunnel was hard accurately predict and would be finished in a week instead of a month. They had only seen the top of the spherical rift and it's true diameter which was underground. Koenma tells them the entrace to the cave system is an opening called demon's door. Kuwabara tells them he can't go because he has tickets to go see a concert that he has been awaiting forever. Mr. Sensui sends four of the 7 out to find a capable psychic and to take out any of the good guys if they encounter them. After telling Genkai, Yusuke goes to the arcade, even though Genkai thinks he is worried about Kuwabara. Kurama confronts Koenma about the true identity of the leader of their foes. Kurama believes that Koenma knows but doesn't tell them because he is scared they can't defeat him. Seaman stalks Kuwabara to his concert and follows them after it's over. He captures one of Kuwabara's gang. He reveals that his power is combining his blood with water, the more blood the bigger the monster. He wants to kill the human race because he was tortured as a child by other kids. His monsters can't be destroyed caues they are water...
  • Kuwabara's tough battle.......

    Kuwabara radomly decides he has to go to a concert with his friends. That's not the main plot though. It's what happens after the concert that matters. Kuwabara goes face to face with Seaman....... Seaman has the ability to create a water monster and suffocate his victims. can Kuwabara escape?

    This episode wasnt really that great, but it had it's moments, and it does feature Kuwabara. So for all those Kuwabara fans out there, you should probably watch this episode. It's not really a bad episode, just not good as usual. Good episode, but not enough action for me anyway.
  • The beginning of Kuwabara's last major battle in Yu Yu Hakusho.

    Koenma reports to Yusuke that the tunnel is now expected to open up in a week rather than the three he reported before. This gets Yusuke all upset, and Kuwabara decides to head off into the Megallica concert. In the meeting place, everyone says they can't find Kurama. With Heia, Kuwabara and Kurama absent, Yusuke heads off to the arcade to cool his head. After Kuwabara's concert, they were ambushed by Seaman; one of the seven psychic's. He can create monsters using a combination of his blood and water, and how fortunate that it' raining. Kuwabara's friends were taken hostage, and Kuwabara himself can't use his powers to help them. He's crippled in this battle to save humanity.

    An average episode, and average to Yu Yu Hakusho is good since it's just so excellent. This is the point when the Urameshi group starts falling apart, and it builds up excitement and curiosity to see how the group will pull off a win without making it b.s. In this particular case, Kuwabara is crippled without his use of the spirit sword, and it's just so anticipating to see how he'll overcome his tasks. Oh yeah did I mention? This is the last major battle Kuwabara will participate in individually. Though he will fight later on, it just won't be as major.