Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Mar 25, 2006 on Fuji TV

Episode Recap

Yusuke struggles to continue his fight with Yomi and as his demon blood continues to flow through him, his demon engery also flows out, with no luck hitting Yomi due to his barrier. Yusuke fights within him to bring out his spiritual energy. And as he continues to fire spirit guns at Yomi, the spritual engery flows out, breaking his barrier and damaging Yomi. The two continue their fight, beating the crap out of each other until the others watching the fight realize that he can't beat Yomi.

But Yusuke continues to fight anyways. He begins to realize this and he wonders why he fights this time. All the other times, it's been for his job as spirit detective or to protect his friends, but this time he fights for himself, and he begins to remember all the people in his heart that make him who he is. As Yusuke does this, he begins to strengthen and unlock the power of his sacred energy.

The two then begin to fight again holding nothing back and in the end, the two put everything they have into one last hit. Yusuke falls to the ground, struggling to get up. On the tenth count, he gets up only to realize he is in a hospital bed; he lost the match and the only reason Yomi won was because he heard his son calling out to him. The tournament has ended, with Raizen's friend, Enki, the winner. As the new ruler of Demon World, he orders that no demon is allowed to go into human world and mess with the humans.

With the barrier of the two worlds lifted, Yusuke and Kurama prepare to leave for Human World. Now relieved from his job as spirit detective, Yusuke decides to remain at Demon World for a little while longer. Meanwhile, Koenma decides to package all of the footage from Yusuke's adventures as spirit detective, with his assistant Jorge as the narrator.

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