Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Mar 25, 2006 on Fuji TV

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  • The final battle: yusuke vs. yomi, in the demon world tournament.

    This will always be a great episode to watch. The final battle of YYH takes place. Yusuke fights yomi in a great battle. The two almost seem equaly matched. Both yusuke and yomi then unleash there sacred energy. There the final confrontation takes place. Blow after blow, yusuke and yomi give it there all but only one can win. Then, as it seems both warriors are about to go down at the same time, yomis son yells at yomi, making yomi stand, and win the match. Yusuke has lost, but the important thing was that yusuke tried his best to win.
  • What ZalelsBackAgain Said "The Anime Could've Ended At This Point And I Would've Still Been Satisfied".

    What Zalels Back Again Said. "The Anime Could've Ended At This Point And I Would Have Been Still Been Satisfied". Well, This Is The Final Episode Before The End Of This Anime. I'm Depressed, So I'll Just Be Quiet And Eat My Dinner. Yomi Won, And The Anime's Almost Over. This Is A Good Episode In My Opinion.
  • Whoa. I never suspected who would end up winning the tournament in the end!!

    This episode was great. It was informative, understandable, and an awesome conclusion!!! It was the closure to the show, as the name implies. It could have easily been the last episode, I think, but I'm glad it wasn't. I can't wait to watch the next episode, the very last one, to hear about what ends up happening to all of them. But I digres...

    I was so shocked by who ended up winning. I didn't expect Yusuke to win, but...well, I shouldn't complain. I'm glad about the outcome of the tournament. I'm pleased and satisfied by it.

    I can't believe it's almost over, though. Now what am I going to watch?!! *lol*
  • Yu Yu Hakusho could have ended on this episode and I still would have been satisfied.

    One of the most anticipated matches in the tournament to determine Demon World's leader continues between Yusuke and Yomi. The two fight with all they got. With everyone that he cares for in mind, Yusuke unleashes a golden aura that is neither Demon or Spirit energy. Is it Sacred energy? No, Koenma confirms it to be something new...a third pillar energy source. Though despite that, Yomi still won. Yusuke woke up a week later with the tournament wrapped up. The big red demon that appeared in front of Raizen's grave ended up beating Makuro, and won the rest of the way. He only had one rule to follow; for the mischief in Human world to end. Koenma confirms Yusuke's firing from anymore Spirit Detective duties. Yusuke, before leaving to Human world, visits his great grandfather's grave. Yusuke is now just an ordinary boy.

    While the tournament didn't end in fashion, like the Dark Tournament, it was a very rewarding and satisfying episode. It did seem rather random that the big red horn demon won it, but somehow, it felt deserving. The scene with Raizen and Yusuke was pretty memorable as well. It was pretty funny how George, the blue horned demon that is always accompanying Koenma, is revealed as the narrator. While I did find it enjoyable, the abrupt ending to the tournament can't be ignored. Though the disappointment really is minimal. The Makuro vs. Yomi fight that was the most anticipated fight in the tournament, doesn't even happen!
  • Now this should've been the series finale! No disrespect to the actuale finale, but "Closure" has everything you want in a finale.

    Not only does "Closure" bring... well, closure, but it isn't one giant dialogue episode, like the next episode. This conclusion brings everything that any YYH fan would like-- action, drama, some references to romance.
    Action-wise, this episode provides a GREAT conclusion to the fight between Yusuke and Yomi. I especially like the count down sequence; you think that they're going to pull an anime-esque thing and have the guy stand up at nine, but they go one step further and do a double fake out on the viewer (but I won't spoil anything for you).
    Drama-wise, there's the whole sequence where Yusuke thinks about everyone he's fighting for and how this fight isn't like his previous ones where he was merely fighting for his job as spirit detective. There's also the slightest glimpse of some romance when Yusuke thinks of Keiko (as well as everyone else), which gives him more strength during his match.
    I especially liked the various Kuwabara voice-overs throughout the episode, since the series in general didn't give him much focus. These various little moments prove that humans have some significance. Another thing I liked, which I thought was hilarious was when Koenma gives an explanation to how we as viewers are able to watch the series in the first place!
    In conclusion, this ep has verything you want in a proper finale, whereas, the actual conclusion is more of a closure for shippers of the show.
  • The ending of the battle to end the series, Yusuke goes all out against Yomi, and for once, does so without the fate of anyone on his shoulders. A stunning finale to a stunning show.

    Yusuke has proven himself time and time again to be completely stupid. What he lacks in brains he more than makes up for in brawn...and at this point, experience. Yusuke finishes his fight with Yomi, the disturbingly strong ruler of one of the three territories. The one fight in the series where explosions and bright, orb shaped light are more common than fights in DBZ, this episode is by no means an episode to be missed. Though the ending may suprise you...it suprised me. I won't tell you who wins the tournament, but I will tell you that Yusuke inspires everyone around him.
  • Yusuke and Yomi conclude their fight and an amazing end to the demon world tournament in this episode. Yusuke and Yomi go all out, to decide who is the better fighter. However the winner of the demon world tournament is anyone\\\'s guess.

    Cool episode. If you don\\\'t like spoiler\\\'s then try not to read this review. Yusuke and Yomi continue their battle, with each of them pounding away at each other. Yomi fires an energy blast that sends Yusuke back. Yusuke retaliates and so on and so on. During the fight Yusuke realizes why he fights. He begins to understand that he fights to protect those who he care about. So Yusuke does a cool new attack as he powers up to golden energy and no it isn\\\'t super saiyan or Sensui\\\'s golden seal. Yusuke creates a brand new attack using two energy balls. Surprising Kurama, Hiei and the rest of the spectators. Yomi powers up and they begin one final set with both fighters punching each other hard square in the jaw. Finally we see an image of Yusuke falling in the green surrounding. He hears Koto counting to 10, he manages to get up. However he is in the hospital! Suddenly his old friend, Jin, Shishi, Toya, Rinku, Chu and Suzaku tell Yusuke that he lost to Yomi. Apparently Yusuke and Yomi were both about to fall to the ground unconscious, but Yomi hearing his son was able to stand up while Yusuke fell. We learn that Yusuke has been sleeping for a week and that the demon world tournament is over! The winner in Enki one of Raizen\\\'s friends. How ironic none of the main characters even won. We learn Mukuro lost giving it her all in her fight. We also learn Yomi lost the fight after Yusuke because he had used so much energy. Yusuke asks what happened to Yomi. Kurama tells him that Yomi left as soon as his lost and told him to tell Yusuke that he is peace with himself and that his fight with Yusuke was great. He also tells Kurama he\\\'ll train Shura to be stronger then Yusuke by the next tournament. So Enki wins the tournament and is the new demon ruler and decides that if any human comes to demon world by mistake they must immediately be sent back to human world. Before Yusuke leaves demon world, he goes up to Koenma and Botan and Koenma tells him is fired. There is a funny scene with George the Ogre doing the narration (so George was the narrator the whole time!) While Koenma yells at him to stop. The only akward thing was Botan talking about footage of Yusuke, and Koenma says they have enough. Yusuke says goodbye to Raizen, and says goodbye to Hokushen and heads back home.
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