Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 3

Departing Living World

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Dec 17, 2005 on Fuji TV

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  • dumb.

    Well, The Heroe's are Growing closer and closer and closer apart. The bad thing is, Yusuke's goin' back to Demon world. You heard him, He's leaving Living world. Poor Yusuke and gang. Well, bye bye. Wahh! *cries in corner* b b b b b b b b b b b.
  • It's so sad seeing the once formidable group of heroes growing farther and farther apart.

    After the three demons sent by Raizen tell Yusuke he has a week left to decide, Koroko is furious at how loosely he handled the idea of humans being food. She even tells him he's changing, which makes Yusuke go away with even more pondering. Kurama is then greeted with the presence of three messenger demons--it seems like these guys like to come in pairs of three--with a message from Yomi; one of the three demon kings. It seems he's interested in recruiting Kurama to his team once Raizen dies. Heia comes and tells him that he also encountered demon messengers--probably three of them--but from Muroka. Yomi is pushing for a peaceful demon world, while Muroka was always a tyrant. Heia leaves, but Kurama is shaky whether or not he should further trust Heia. Meanwhile, Yusuke finally gets back with Keiko. Though she's upset, and tells him that she doesn't want to be with him again. But Yusuke promises her he will find a way back, and even proposes.

    I honestly felt like crying near the end. It feels like lately, it's just a giant delivering of angst. First Yusuke is indecisive of his home, then Koroko makes him out to be a demon, and Keiko starts losing faith in him. This really was a magical episode, even though it was filled with some angst. It's rather hard to explain the level of feeling when watching this episode, but I just knew that whatever I was watching, this was a damn good episode. Well, if justifying why I thought this episode was magical was required, I'd say that this entire cast of characters that I've grown attatched to for so long, is changing for the worse. Then again, it wouldn't explain why I felt so good afterwards. Oh well, great episode, just watch it!
  • Yusuke must go back to demon world in order to defeat some more demons. Also Kurama and Heie got some news from the other two demons. Yusuke is saying goodbye to everybody, and nobody seems to be taking it all too well, especially Kayko.

    This is a very sad episode at the end, yet a little bittersweet. It's easily understandable why Kayko would be acting this way towards Yusuke, after all he is going to demon world for like 3 years. But then something amazing happens Yusuke proposes to Kayko. I'm not even sure if he's really serious or not, but at the end of the series I guess I'm wrong.
  • In this episode Yusuke plans to tell Kayko that he is going back to Demon world. It's so sad because if you watch this episode on dvd, you begin to realize that this will definetly be the last Yu Yu Hakusho saga.

    Very well done episode. Yu Yu Hakusho is a show based on violence. This episode isn't that violent unless you consider throwing a bottle against the wall with red stuff coming out violent. Well anyway this is a sad episode because if you are a fan of this show you realize that this will definetly be the last saga. When Yusuke tells Kayko to get married that was a nice scene. She ignored him and he told her that he loved her, and when he comes back he will get married. "When he comes back they will get married". This episode is probably one of my favorite episodes since the Sensui Saga ended. Definetly well done.