Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 2 Episode 5

Dragon of the Darkness Flame

Aired Unknown Apr 14, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Dragon of the Darkness Flame
The first round of the tournament is well underway. Now it seems that Team Rokuyukai's leader, Zeru, is ready to fight. Hiei decides to take this match, pitting fire against fire. Zeru starts by trying to scare Hiei, with a display of his power. Hiei just shrugs off the attacks, and gets ready to use his own ultimate technique, The Dragon of the Darkness Flame. How will this match end? What will the consequences of it be? And who is the new mysterious fighter from the Rokuyukai team?moreless

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  • Better than it's predecessor

    I gotta say, after the last episode I was hoping for something better, I was pleasantly satisfied. I've grown to like Hiei as a character, although Kuwabara still remains my favorite character (for now anyway). And the dub continues to please. I was in stitches I was laughing so much. This anime really can do comedy, action and drama all at once.
  • Enter the Dragon

    Hiei brings out the big guns in round one. Will it cost him later?

    The episode introduces Chu and Yusuke awakens to the smell of booze for his match. There's a bunch of light-hearted banter between Chu and Koto and Yusuke and just about everyone present because Chu's just that kind of character. Seriously - I think every series needs a character like Chu: ridiculous enough to cut the tension but still serious enough to progress the plot in a substantial manner. Chu and Yusuke are very similar and is the first person he finds at the tournament that he shares a bond with afterward.

    It's a great episode with hints of religion (check Zeru's last words). One of my favorites.moreless
  • Hiei's special move: The Dragon of Darkness Flame

    The third fight of the match begins. Hiei vs Zeru. Zeru seems to have the upper hand with his flame abilities and it even seems like he has defeated Hiei. But Hiei uses his Jagan Eye and is unharmed by the flames. Then he does the ultimate finishing move: The Dragon of Darkness Flame! That was such a strong move that it totally destroyed Zeru, leaving only the cinders of his remains. The next fight also begins: Yusuke vs Chu. That was exciting. The Dragon of Darkness Flame was the coolest move I've seen so far, and it's damage was extraordinary. However using this technique gave serious consequences to Hiei. Hopefully, the next fight will just be as interesting.moreless
  • Hiei battles zeru, and unleashes the dragon of the darkness flame.

    The third match of the first round of the dark tournament begins. After kurama defeated roto, it was hiei's turn to face zeru, a demon who can control fire. After zeru blasts hiei with a fire blast and it seems it is all over, hiei gets back up. It seems zeru is not the only one who controls fire, hiei prepares to unleash the dragon of the darkness flame. As the whole stadium crumbles by the power of the dragon, hiei unleashes his dragon at zeru. zeru is completely defeated by the dragon of the darkness flame, hiei has won.moreless
  • The birth of the Dragon...

    In this episode Hiei is fighting Zeru. This is a very interesting match up because both are masters of fire and are extremely powerful.

    The fight starts with Zeru trying to intimidate Hiei with showy displays of fire. This does little more then to annoy Hiei. After Zeru insults Hiei's Jagan Eye things really start to get interesting...Infuriated Hiei readies himself to use his most powerful technique. A technique that he does not have full control of, one that just might destroy Hiei as well.

    Hiei unleashes the powerful Dragon of the Darkness Flame on the unsuspecting Zeru. Once the flame has cleared nothing is left of Zeru expect a scorch mark on the ring. Unfortunately, the attack has affected Hiei as well; he can no longer use his right arm.

    A great episode and shows us Hiei's true power.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Toguro mentions how weak Yusuke's power was when he told him about the tournament "3 months ago", but when Toguro first tells Yusuke about the tournament, he said it was "2 months from today".

    • Zeru may have been able to prevent Hiei from using the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, if only he had attacked during the long time Hiei was talking, but he was too frozen with fear to do anything.

    • Near the beginning of the episode, if you look carefully in the crowd, you can see that a demon has the word "NoMAD" written on his head.

    • Chu is the true leader of team Rokuyukai, and the only reason he was picked to be the alternate fighter was because he lost a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    • First Time: This is the first time Hiei uses what perhaps is the most well-known technique in the series: The Dragon of the Darkness Flame.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Kuwabara: Well I learned from school seminars that drunk driving kills. Maybe drunk fighting is the same thing.

    • Koto: I am a walking rule book. My whole life is this tournament!

    • Hiei: (to Kuwabara) Don't worry, fool. We've entered into an alliance and I'm not the type to break it. Of course, after we win the tournament, I can't guarantee a thing.

    • Zeru: You've become so quiet now, too quiet to notice any more of my supposed flaws?
      Hiei: Actually, I'm bored.
      Zeru: Actually, you're dead!

    • Koto: (about Zeru's attack) Well, yes. That fight wasn't a long one, but when you have scorching moves like Zeru's, a little can go a long way.
      Hiei: Yes, so talented I'm reluctant to make the kill.
      Koto: (gasps) Oh my, Hiei survived! He's on his feet. He's smoldering!

    • Chu: I just want to set the record straight before we get this thing going. Basically I'm a really good person, and the only thing I stink at is paper,rock,scissors.

    • Yusuke: Hey all you stupid demons, I've been trying to sleep through your clever trash talk long enough, and I'm ready to kick some tail!

    • Kuwabara: Yeah, we're punching our way to the top. Hiei can beat anyone with that move. (repeats) Hiei can beat anyone with that move. Am I listening to myself? What if he decides to be a bad guy again? What if he decides to shoot us with the dragon!

    • Koenma: Goodness! That fight was so intense that I don't even remember eating my squid on a stick! Who's up for a second helping?

    • Hiei: You should have never insulted the Jagan Eye, because you see, in a way it has it's own mind and loathes disrespect. Resisting it is not something I would do.
      Koto: I feel like I'm supposed to stay, but in light of this little situation we have... Retreat!
      Hiei: Dragon... of... the Darkness Flame!

    • Koto: What's a girl got to do for new blood?

    • Zeru: Huh, what a weak thing. You can rest in hell!

    • Yusuke: I didn't come all this way to baby sit a drunk!

    • Yusuke: Waking up to the smell of booze... Reminds me of home.

    • (After Yusuke tells the demons off when he enters the ring)
      Keiko:Great way to make friends Yusuke.
      Shizuru: It's perfect! Tell 'em kid!

    • Hiei: I have the power to pull you into oblivion. I assume just my right arm will do.

  • NOTES (4)

    • In the manga, Chu severs the heads of his two teammates, but in the anime, the two teammates run into the corridor and get beaten up in the dark.

    • This episode originally aired in Japan on May 15th, 1993.

    • Japanese title: 未完の奥義・炎殺黒龍波
      Romaji title: Mikan no ougi - Ensatsu Kokuryūha
      Translated title: The Unfinished Secret Technique - Ensatsu Kokuryuha

    • The Japanese name of Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame is Jaô Ensatsu Kokuryuha, literally meaning Killing Wave of the Black Dragon.


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