Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 4 Episode 14

Farewell, Kurama

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Fuji TV

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Kurama calling his mother, who is still in the Human World. He apologizes to her, saying he is sorry for being selfish, and that he cannot wait to see her in a couple of weeks. The next fight of the Demon World Tournament will between the fighters Kurama, former military chief of Lord Yomi, and Shigure, a former fighter under the rule of Mukuro. Shigure, who seems to have recovered from his fatal ordeal with Hiei, and Kurama silently make their way to the ring. When Kurama gets there, he is greeted by his old friend Yomi, who comments yet again on Kurama's complete control and his absolute and astounding strategies. Yomi also says not to hold back in his fight, and that he has learned a lot from Kurama over the years. Before the match, Yuda and Koto comment on what Shigure's job as Demon World's "doctor" entails; implanting and manipulating demons abilities and power to make them stronger. This makes Shigure a very powerful and devious foe.

The fight begins with Kurama summoning his Rose Whip, but when it comes in contact with Shigure's Ox-Bone Sword, it breaks. Shigure then takes his sword and throws it at Kurama, and with great skill and agility, Kurama dodges it. Unfortunately for Kurama, the sword acts like a boomerang, and continues to follow him. Kurama seems to be on the defensive now, narrowly dodging the sword each time, he tries to stop it with his whip, but the whip is cut into pieces. When Shigure stops moving, Kurama goes in to strike with his whip, but is stopped by Shigure's sword once again, and Kurama falls to the ground unbalanced. Shigure comments on Kurama's eyes, saying he can see a lot of feeling behind them. Kurama merely replies by saying it has nothing to do with him, and throws large amounts of razor sharp petals at Shigure at very high speeds. Shigure counters this by spinning his sword at extremely high speeds, and charging toward Kurama in a tornado-like explosion.

When the dust starts to clear, a large amount Demon energy starts coming out of Kurama, prompting the reemergence of the legendary, Yoko Kurama. At this, most people think the transformation was completely strategic, while Koenma wonders if Kurama even meant to transform at all. At the sight of Yoko's appearance, Shigure starts again on the offensive, continually throwing his sword at the fighter. Yoko Kurama, unlike his human form, has no trouble whatsoever dodging the attacks, and seems almost bored of the fight. During this time, Kurama recalls his plans he made when he was attacked in Spirit World. He planned on hiding in Human World in the body of a human baby, Suichi Minamono, until he could regain his Demon energy once again. But something changed his plans; he began to love his new mother, and grew to care for her very deeply, and would protect her from anything that he could. After this touching sentiment, Kurama vows never to transform into his demon side ever again.

Yoko transforms back into Kurama, and the fight continues. Shigure offers to operate on Kurama, after he realizes all of the internal struggles the fighter is going through. Kurama adamantly refuses, and says he doesn't need a butcher to help him fight. In his de-transformed state, Kurama is much weaker and is having trouble dodging Shigure's attacks. He is hit in the arm with Shigure's sword, and is badly injured. At seeing his friend losing, Hiei fruitlessly tells Kurama to attack at close range the next time Shigure throws his sword. However, Kurama starts to grow seeds of the Okunenju Root, a giant and powerful plant that he planted there long ago. He uses a great amount of energy, and the Okunenju Root grows to an enormous size, covering the entire field that they are fighting on. Kurama starts attacking using the root, but Shigure uses his sword to cut through the plant. Kurama finally wins, when he manipulates the Okunenju, so it stops Shigure and his blade by blocking it with strong branches in the center of the circular sword. Shigure admits defeat, saying that a true swordsman never loses twice. He flings himself off the staging area, and ends his life in his own way; the honorable way. Kurama is helped off of the fighting area by Yomi, and is met later by all of his friends, including Yusuke and Hiei. Kurama can celebrate, knowing that he has won another tough battle. Kurama has won more than just this battle though, he now has inner peace.